Sunday, 20 July 2014

No 2800, Sunday 20 Jul 2014

1   Depressed facing autumn in America, and heavy rain (8) DOWNFALL {DOWN}{FALL}
5   First aid received by soldiers (6) MAIDEN {M{AID}EN}
9   Secret meeting about chapter in a novel badly written (8) CONCLAVE {C}{ON{C}LAVE*}
10 Bound to spoil alcoholic drink (6) MARGIN {MAR}{GIN}
11 Hanger-on given refuge by church (5) LEECH {LEE}{CH}
12 In which to deposit odd things, a few wife left out (5,4) NIGHT SAFE {THINGS+A+FEw}*
14 Masseurs may mix socially (3,9) RUB SHOULDERS [C&DD]
18 A cut he showed off out on Wensleydale river - classy gear (5,7) HAUTE COUTURE {HAUTE C*}{OUT}{URE}
21 Missile is fired in front of stand - a big brute (5,4) POLAR BEAR {POLARis} {BEAR}
23 Bishop elected to start game (5) BINGO {B}{IN}{GO}
24 Close to Edinburgh, soldier's after a good Scottish dish (6) HAGGIS {edinburgH}{A}{G}{GI'S}
25 Top of the bill set off on vessel (4,4) STAR TURN {STAR T}{URN}
26 Wizard dramatist and author of children's books (6) POTTER [MD]
27 Place for fruit, old variety, extremely ruddy (8) ORANGERY {O}{RANGE}{RuddY}

1   Tame code broken, broken by the Italian (6) DOCILE {CODE*}{LE}
2   Victor, film director (6) WINNER [DD]
3   Rather good hand from capacity crowd (4,5) FULL HOUSE [DD]
4   Explorer from Scottish town close to shore (11) LIVINGSTONE {LIVINGSTON}{shorE} I presume? ;-)
6   A fraction to one side (5) APART {A}{PART}
7   Shabby magistrate, a Communist (3-5) DOG-EARED {DOG-E}{A}{RED} My COD
8   Around noon, son seen playing in folly (8) NONSENSE {NO{N}SENSE*}
13 Worthiest novel written in Greek? I may get a little credit (11) GHOSTWRITER {G{WORTHIEST*}R}
15 Poet getting praise in speech by king taking place (4,5) LORD BYRON (~laud){LORD} {BY}{R}{ON}
16 Cut slice of meat quickly (4,4) CHOP CHOP {CHOP} {CHOP} Once again I'm reminded of  the movie 'The Passage'. Don't watch the video below if you are squeamish.

17 Insult about a French port? (8) SUNLIGHT {S{UN}LIGHT} Never heard of this port. Had to cheat for this
19 One name certain to give cover (6) INSURE {1}{N}{SURE}
20 Premium for naval ship . . . (6) BOUNTY [DD]
22 . . . put up - extra is excusable, partly (5) RAISE [T]


  1. MB should be happy to face GB !!


    1. Wish it wouldn't be a 'tall order' to face him!

  2. I read about "Dog-E" in Wiki. But still unable to connect a magistrate.
    Have a Go!- MB,GB,BG.

  3. A doge is "formerly the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa".
    See 'doge' in any dict.

  4. DOGE: The elected chief magistrate of the former republics of Venice and Genoa.