Monday, 7 July 2014

No.11130, Monday 07 July 2014, Neyartha

Long ones like ARABIC NUMERAL and STREAMLINING very well handled by Neyartha. I can only say, कमाल है !

1 Cabin art depicting an animal with two humps (8) BACTRIAN (CABIN ART)*
5 Tory leader missing kneecap gets a rice dish (6) PAELLA (PAtELLA)
          Remembered Roger Squires' 'Two girls, one on each knee'
9 Prohibitionist embraces show returning to Arkansas with a one-humped animal (9) DROMEDARY (DEMO=show+AR, embraced by DRY)
11 Follow command (5) GRASP (2)
12 A Kabul native's sheepskin coats and sulphur traded for iodine by a ... (7) AFGHANI (AFGHANS-S+I) I thought a Kabul native was called an Afghan and Afghani is the currency
14 ... pedestrian in favour of the Saudi Arabian in-charge (7) PROSAIC (PRO SA IC)
15 Former partner shot back by sabotaging directionless mission for empire-building (12) EXPANSIONISM (EX SNAP< MIsSION*) How do we know it is an S and not an N that is to be dropped?
17 Eliminating excess mineral processing was part of the racket (12) STREAMLINING (MINERAL* in STING)
20 Made more fretful when US ignored complicated heuristic (7) ITCHIER (HEuRIsTIC)*
22 No charge for annotation made on the orange food dye (7) ANNATTO (ANNOTATion)*
23 Not satisfied with the gunmetal ingredients (5) UNMET (T)
24 Loose garland, indeed (9) LEISURELY (LEI SURELY)
26 Hint from the auditor's puzzle (6) ALLUDE (~ELUDE)
27 Division of existing state outside New York with a gangster's input (8) ANALYSIS (AS IS outside (AL in NY))

1 Ewe gave birth in the garden, moved up, and caused chaos (6) BEDLAM (LAMBED with BED moved up)
2 Gets logic fixed to determine what is most clayey (9) CLOGGIEST (GETS LOGIC)*
3 A catcher in the novel? (3) RYE (GK/CD, allusion to The_Catcher_in_the_Rye)
4 Unicameral organisation puts up pole inside with an Indian mathematical symbol (6,7) ARABIC NUMERAL (UNICAMERAL* with BAR< inside)
6 Of mixed ancestry, like, say, Boris Karloff (5-6) ANGLO INDIAN (definition by example)
7 Animal described in letters from Randall, a magician (5) LLAMA (T)
8 Animal with revolutionary headgear captured by Alabama (6) ALPACA (CAP< in ALA.)
10 Making more suitable for the young urban professional (13) YUPPIFICATION (E)
13 Rose admired in ... (11) APPRECIATED (2)
16 ... locations (reportedly around the bishop's seat) for tours (9) SIGHTSEES (~SITES around SEE)
18 Copper found in Vani's knitted wool (6) VICUNA (CU in VANI*)
19 Crop raised by agent going north for the coral reef residents (6) POLYPS (LOP<SPY<)
21 Is its back broken by the last straw? (5) CAMEL (CD)
25 Young woman with uniform for soldier helps pinpoint something on the web (1,1,1) U R L (GIRL with U substituted for GI)

Here's an account of the goings on at S&B6 at Chennai.
They seem to have had a corking (or should I say uncorking?!) good time ... Special thanks to Bhala for organising this one


  1. S&B report is up in the THCC FAmilies blog at the following link 6th S & B, Chennai

  2. The itchier reference reminds me of a reference which will, no doubt, be familiar to Richard. In earlier days, shared taxis plying between Mangalore and Bantwal used to be Ambassador cars and usually stuffed with 8+ adults. This cheek by jowl (or should I sat thigh by shin) existence was said to lead to a apocryphal situation where a person leg was scratched by one of his neighbours who felt itchy but identified the limb wrongly.


  3. I scratch your back & you scratch mine!

    1. Difficult proposition, with a distance over 300 km betwixt the two

  4. 5A- I remember CV once gave a list of clues for Patella- another favourite of setters. But this time it drops a letter.
    I noticed 'Patel-la' (maybe Los Angeles) which reminded me of a term I once heard in U.S.- Patel points ( meaning important geographical locations which you want to boast of having visited) But this may no longer be valid with a lot of computer morphing.

  5. The S & B six,
    Was a great fix;

    This was indeed awaited eagerly,
    Everything went about LEISURELY,

    Though the meeting had no special URL,
    Participants stood tall like the CAMEL,

    Some among them thus far UNMET,
    But soon became friends you bet!

    Bhala, who organized and initiated,
    Is, from us all very much APPRECIATED.

  6. Hi all. Just back from the airport after putting my daughter on Hyderabad flight.

    Kishore and Paddy, you seem to have started from scratch to pull each other's legs or pull each other down. ;-)

    The Chennai rendezvous was a superb event, I am told. A few mentioned that Shuchi, Kishore and I should have been there. It feels nice to be mentioned in higher circles. ;-) Bhala, Col, CV and everyone involved, not to forget Gita from the US, deserves a big pat on the back.

    The Hindu report, although crisp and short, was quite quick.

  7. Itches are scratched immediately, you know.

    1. But sometimes scratches become itchs!!

    2. Itching to know more: scratching till itch is no more

    3. But what we always expect from you Kishore is: SOME MORE

    4. Thayir makes more MORE! All it need is to be watered.
      There is a Tamil poem which says water takes 3 forms- the first as a rain bearing cloud and the second as rain and the 3rd as more- neer more. DS may like to elaborate.

    5. Padmanabhan/CV sir, Please translate into English for the benefit of all bloggers

      Kaar endru per padaiththaai

      கார் என்று பேர் படைத்தாய் ககனத்துரும்போது
      நீர் என்று பேர் படைத்தாய் நெடுந்தரையில் வீழ்ந்ததன் பின்
      வார் சடை மென்கூந்தல் பால் ஆய்சியர்கை வந்ததன் பின்
      மோர் என்று பேர் படைத்தாய் முப்பேரும் பெற்றாயே

      காளமேகப் புலவர் ஒரு நாள் மோர் விற்கும் பெண்ணிடம் இருந்து மோர் வாங்கி அருந்தினார். அந்த மோர் மிகவும் தண்ணீர் கலந்ததாக இருந்தது. அதையே சிலேடை என்னும் இரட்டுற மொழிதலில் நீரானது அந்தப் பெண்மணியின் கை பட்டு மோர் ஆனதாகப் பாடுவதுபோல் மேற்கண்ட பாடலில் குறை கூறியுள்ளார்.

    6. Thank you DS. Exactly the poem I was looking for, but could not find. Thank you. Difficult to translate, but I will try.

      Looks like I have already given the gist of it. anyway...

      Whwn you were in the sky you were named a cloud,
      When you fall on the Earth you were called water,
      When you reached the hands of "Aaicier" (those ladies who sell buttermilk- it used to be done in olden days and I have seen a few of them in my childhood) you got named as MORE,
      Thus you have got 3 names!

    7. In that case, Yeh dil maange MORE...

    8. ...Yeh dil maange MORE குழம்பு !

  8. CV can probably improve on my translation while enjoying the poem. It was in the form of a complaint about the waterd down version that was being sold in the name of buttermilk.

  9. Now for the famous palindrome in Tamil: MO-RU PO-RU-MO?
    (Is the Moru (buttermilk) enough?)

    Regarding Kalamegam's poetry, it is a very good example of Satire in Tamil poetry.
    For those who may be more interested in it:

  10. The shoe and the broom:

  11. Paddy @ 9:59 "Itches are scratched immediately, you know"

    Reminds me of a Chinese Proverb : Pain is easier to endure than an itch.

  12. 25 Young woman with uniform for soldier helps pinpoint something on the web (1,1,1) U R L (GIRL with U substituted for GI)

    For the benefit of people like me -- U R L stands for :::

    The uniform resource locator, abbreviated as URL (also known as web address, particularly when used with HTTP), is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to a resource. In most web browsers, the URL of a web page is displayed on top inside an address bar. An example of a typical URL would be "". A URL is technically a type of uniform resource identifier (URI), but in many technical documents and verbal discussions, URL is often used as a synonym for URI, and this is not considered a problem.[1] URLs are commonly used for web pages (http), but can also be used for file transfer (ftp), email (mailto) and many other applications (see URI scheme for list). SOURCE : WIKI

  13. Thank you MB. I am one of the "People like me'!

  14. Sudarshan Rao and Anuradha Rao please send me your e-mail ID immediately to enable me to send you mail regarding the transfer of your share of expenditure to Bhala.

  15. Given today's theme and the setter's professional background, I almost expected to see a reference to Perl somewhere. :D