Monday, 14 July 2014

No 11136, Monday 14 Jul 2014, Arden

Another engrossing offering from Arden to end this round.

1   For many soldiers on board, it's time to train horses (8) DRESSAGE {D}{RE}{SS}{AGE}
5   Run second type (6) SPRINT {S}{PRINT}
10 Just a month before, in London (7) MAYFAIR {MAY}{FAIR}
11 Portugal — a country which has mostly fish (7) PIRANHA {P}{IRAN}{HAs}
12 Gathers courage for an internal search (5) SCOUR [T]
13 Elevated director, a sincere sort (9) INCREASED {D+A+SINCERE}*
14 Musicians find boy wrong on one note (12) PHILHARMONIC {PHIL}{HARM}{ON}{1}{C}
18 Charlie sent out last, may be by the recruiters (6,6) TALENT SCOUTS {C+SENT+OUT+LAST}*
21 Two groups harbour a doubt over some lab equipment (4,5) TEST TUBES {TES}{T {TUB}{ES} <=
23 Throw the fellow on the way (5) HEAVE {HE}{AVE}
24 Pick up about the plant (7) HEATHER {HEA{THE}R}
25 Hide behind the painting, Mac (7) OILSKIN {OIL}{SKIN}
26 Easy to catch hold of one minding the child (6) SITTER [DD]
27 Place beneath supports, so it doesn't move (5,3) STAYS PUT {STAYS} {PUT}

1   Mother would want to know the material (6) DAMASK {DAM}{ASK}
2   An earlier form of a wordnote my composition (6) ETYMON*
3   Mostly trawling around Uruguay for marine creature (3,6) SEA URCHIN {SEA {U}RCHINg}
4   Comic cat's gotten sedate — one of 9's greats (8,6) GARFIELD SOBERS {GARFIELD} {SOBERS} {GARFIELD {SOBER}'S} - See comments
6   Money back? Take it apart (5) PARSE {P}{ARSE}
7   The union is, in general, over charging (8) IONISING [T]
8   We can't cry without one (4,4) TEAR DUCT [GK]
9   For example, cricket fans find it intoxicating (9,5) SPECTATOR SPORT {SPECTATOR S}{PORT}
15 A game of Golf's fit for drama (5,4) MATCH PLAY {MATCH} {PLAY}
16 One would be extremely amused to be left in them (8) STITCHES [CD]
17 Form and function, someone like 4, say (5,3) CLASS ACT {CLASS} {ACT}
19 Raise a card at the university (4,2) JACK UP {JACK} {UP}
20 Greek character's into fuel as an oil producer (6) PEANUT {PEA{NU}T}
22 You have a point to titter (2-3) TE-HEE {T{E}-HEE] I always thought it was TEE-HEE


  1. Our regular cartoonist is under the weather today. Get well soon.

  2. I thought it was this way:

    4 Comic cat's gotten sedate — one of 9's greats (8,6) GARFIELD SOBERS {GARFIELD (SOBER)'S}

  3. 27 Place beneath supports, so it doesn't move (5,3) STAYS PUT {STAYS} {PUT}

    Works better in a down clue.

  4. Arden is never strict about this.

  5. Found the going a little tough today with a few gaps. Loved to see Sobers in action- in the CW and the photo. I always thought that he was THE greatest, mainly due to his all round ability including wicket keeping at times. He did everything that could be done on the cricket field and well too.
    Get well soon Kishore. Hope to see your cartoon tomorrow- irrespective of the weather!

  6. 7 The union is, in general, over charging (8) IONISING [T]

    Is 'over' a telescope ind?

    1. Raghu, pl look for 'over' in the last column of this URL :

  7. Hope Kishore would weather the (h)ailstorm and come out on top tomorrow!

  8. Hi Me! A poser from me. :)

    Whom did you drop at home? ..The one minding the child or the one posing for you?!

    1. Crosswordish interpretation of a sitter?! Good one. Took me a while.Should I say a good catch?

    2. Paddy, as you know, it is a.k.a. LADDU

  9. Hi all, thanks for your wishes. i should be fine by Thursday, i think

  10. Nothing very serious ... Just shot myself in the foot ...

    1. figuratively or literally?

    2. Perhaps a shot in the arm would see him through.

    3. Great idea, MB :-). An eye for an eye, a shot for a shot.

      I see the confusion ... My sentence was incomplete ... With a watergun ... I possess no weapon deadlier than a vitriolic pen ...

      I have this penchant for getting soaked to the skin whenever I am at home and it rains. I have done this for several decades without any problem, for the rain itself does not carry any cold virus. This time I fell sick. The virus must be from some other source ...

    4. All in fun :) Get well soon, Kishore.

  11. Thank God it was a long shot...

  12. Paddy and Richard: No hard feelings over yesterday's Special comments --No prizes for the answers . It was all a case of time element playing dirty ! Again, the Col's absence away from here didn't help. I always wait for the last few clues to be cracked as we are not in any race !

    Kishore: Nothing serious I suppose. Get well soon. Shot yourself in the foot? I thought you tooned with your mind and hands ? The blog somehow seems incomplete without your toons ! ( Incidentally, my mother used to quote a saying for my truancy from school: ulcers in the mouth and hence can't milk the cow ! Have I put your foot into my mouth?

  13. I am glad it is sorted out,Raju.

  14. I have just returned from a trip to Kalkotta,
    where I attended a wedding in the family and my
    wife went down the memory lanes and bylanes. Her
    neighbours recognised her after 35+ years and she
    spoke with them in Bengali and Gujarati.

    I might want to write some impressions of the City
    of Joy but that must wait.

    Decades ago marriages took place within narrow
    confines of the village or broad limits of the
    town. Now with our children going to far-off
    places and meeting people and falling in love or
    just making a marriage proposal (so both can stay
    abroad) wedding events are held in far-flung
    cities. While many relations attended weddings in
    the past decades, nowadays not all brothers and
    sisters are able to make it. Weddings have thin

    * * *

    Col, wrote: MILESTONES will give you the distance
    and not the way to get to your destination.


    The col. is a frequent traveller by road and I
    respect his comment.

    However, I should like to think that milestones
    could also indicate the way - at least they may
    inform you that you have taken a wrong turn.

    Let's say you're travelling to CBE. You have seen
    Salem and Erode. Then you weren't too careful and
    took a wrong turn somewhere. After some distance
    you see a milestone that shows TIRUNELVELI xxx, if
    you know your geography you will stop and make

    I do agree that the clue could have been written
    more precisely but I wanted to assure myself that
    I had not erred.

    1. Signposting in India is so poor that at every junction or turning one has to stop and ask for directions, specially if you are passing through a town or city, which is further compounded by having the signposts in the local languages only. I remember when I drove to Munnar from Bangalore, while passing through Tiruppur I had to stop and ask at each turn within town and finally after reaching Munnar itself we got lost in there due to lack of signposting.

    2. Once when travelling from Ankleshwar to Baroda to catch a flight, i was sitting in the back seat of the taxi. I happened to look back and saw a sign which said 6 kms to airport in the direction we had come from. I asked the driver to turn back and ultimately found that the sign was correct.

    3. As for sign posts, In Coimbatore, while driving within the town, one can find directions to go to OOTY< TRICHY< PALNI< MADURAI< PALGHAT etc when one is just wanting to reach Avarampalayam ! The best sign posts are therefore the locals who, when enquired will always be so very kind and obliging to answer : STRAIT, after the Membalam !. Invariably they are always right and one's best bet !

      Driving on the highway to Kerala, one can find so many villages and shopping centers. How do those roads claim to be highways?

      Of course, of one has access to the modern gadget called Ammani amma or Julia, one will only add on to the voice over for directions, apart from one's spouse ! In my case, I'm the one ! No way ! driving one up a street with confusion worse confounded . No wonder, Kishore had to turn back !

  15. Kishore, get well soon.
    Enjoyed 10A most of all - brilliant clue!

    1. Thanks, Ma'am. Have you tried the Hindi cryptic crossword which Shuchi and I hosted at Crossword Unclued a few months back?

  16. Speaker 1: I dropped a sitter today.

    Speaker 2: Where? At her home?

    Those are the words in the published cartoon.

    Extending the dialogue...

    Speaker 1: Yes, right in the bed.Don't ask any more questions.

    Any similar attempt may be done (only what Speaker 1 said) but it must not be crude.
    Only sophisticated answers are welcome.

    1. Speaker 1: Yes, coming right from the park, I left her in her home

      and the baby too.

    2. Speaker 1: No. In the gully, you nitwit!

  17. Hello THCC, How can I access the Hindu crosswords on my Android mobile for solving. Earlier, I used an application callled 'THCrossword' by Cherokee, available on the Google playstore. Pl. help.

    1. I've been waiting for this issue to get resolved so I may continue using the iPhone App. Been gone for days now :-(