Sunday, 13 July 2014

No 2799, Sunday 13 Jul 2014

1   Attack daily, say, from the rear (6) CHARGE {CHAR}{GE<=}
4   Mammal having little power or balance (8) PORPOISE {P}{OR}{POISE}
9   Hope for high praise (6) ASPIRE*
10 A Parisian doesn't like to poach? (8) ASPIRATE {AS}{PIRATE}
11 Person's expression of mild annoyance (3,2,1,3) SON OF A GUN [GK]
13 Free, toilets at end of esplanade (5) LOOSE {LOOS}{E}
14 When goat follows horse, perhaps (7,3,4) CHINESE NEW YEAR [GK]
17 Things in here are bound to be borrowed (7,7) LENDING LIBRARY [C&DD]
21 Vessel from China or Taiwan (5) AORTA [T]
22 Batting team dismissed, comprehensively (6,3) INSIDE OUT {IN SIDE} {OUT}
24 Water, alas, made impure (5,3) ADAMS ALE*
25 Certainly not name of listener (2,4) NO FEAR {N}{O F}{EAR}
26 Open University about to make a proposal (8) OVERTURE {OVERT}{U}{RE}
27 A new member returned, a woman (6) ANGELA {A}{N}{GEL<=}{A}

1   Outstanding performer, in form, to play (5,3) CLASS ACT {CLASS} {ACT}
2   Almost done in, lying beneath a tree (5) ASPEN {A}{SPENt}
3   Animal's mistake crossing one river (7) GIRAFFE {G{1}{R}AFFE}
5   Actor, Sellers, won Oscar? Unlikely (5,6) ORSON WELLES {SELLERS+WON+O}*
6   Quiet passageway leading to yard in Scottish town (7) PAISLEY {P}{AISLE}{Y}
7   Maria, not a fickle lover (9) INAMORATA*
8   Sounds like I allowed for a small opening (6) EYELET (~I let)
12 Bandleader in valley around noon to meet factory owner (5,6) GLENN MILLER {GLE{N}N} {MILLER}

15 Drunkard at home with it, a beer, possibly (9) INEBRIATE {IN}{IT+A+BEER}*
16 Panic this year in resort (8) HYSTERIA*
18 Absolutely boring group (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}
19 Retire for the night in base, lying on soft feathers (3,4) BED DOWN {BED} {DOWN}
20 Tried hotel in the past, after seeing small advertisement (3,1,2) HAD A GO {H}{AD} {A GO}
23 Corpulent old boy represented at the centre (5) OBESE {OB}{reprESEnted}


  1. Liked AORTA and ADAM'S ALE.

  2. Replies
    1. The boss could be busy with the Jawa Yezdi Rally today. Unless he has made an arrangement to have the special - if there is any in stock - posted with someone else, we may have to do without it. :(

      But I am sure there will be good news for us.

  3. Lending library was good too. I filled in 'Bowled out' for 22A and got into trouble.
    Let us hope Kishore is on the job of posting the SS.

  4. As forecast, DG has uploaded the puzzle that CV had made for the Chennai S&B meet as this Sunday's special

  5. Got 24A thanks to Kishore posting the link to the discussion of elisions at Crossword Unclued. :)

    1. yesterday's comment section.