Friday, 4 July 2014

No.11128, Friday 04 July 2014, Gridman

It is raining cats and dogs, but we have friends like Gridman to keep us company. Something is fishy?  Yes, unfortunately the part about the rains is untrue...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to our friends in the US of A. Be careful with your fireworks. National Safety Agency might be watching you.

1 No farmer would be poorer with this produce (4,4) CASH CROP (CD)
          I understand the best cash crops are mint and money plant

Cartoon by Rishi
5 Divine friend backing small pet (6) LAPDOG (GOD PAL)<
         That's what some cougars look for
10 Understood backward man's put back in the hospital (7) READMIT (READ TIM<)
11 Spear, say, used in endless attack (7) ASSEGAI (EG in ASSAIL)
12 Shot in the back? (6) SPINAL (CD)
         Some of you might remember the epidural back number that CV gave us at IXL
13 Place for the unredeemed? (8) PAWN SHOP (CD)
         Hocked items remain in limbo till redeemed or put under the hammer
Cartoon by Rishi

Never thought 'uncle' could inspire two cartoonists!

15 Touching relative? (4) NEAR (2)
          But not necessarily 'dear', especially if they are touching ...
16 Tolerated couple entertaining circle — had a chance of getting a prize (5,2,3) STOOD TO WIN (STOOD O in TWIN)
18 No easy work for one undergoing RI (4,6) HARD LABOUR (CD,DD)
20 Has topless dresses (4) OWNS (gOWNS)
          25D, for example
23 Material one blew initially in confusion (8) TANGIBLE (1 B in TANGLE)
24 See rot set in a kind of system (6) STEREO (SEE ROT)*
26 Fish around British island — that's life! (7) BIOMASS (BASS around Isle Of Man)
27 It is hired for a flying trip (3,4) AIR TAXI (CD)
28 He gets serious — street to be changed to road (6) EARNER (EARNEST-ST+R)
29 Sister rather pushy stone-roller in Greek mythology (8) SISYPHUS (SIS PUSHY*)
           And that was one of the Rolling Stones If this was clued in as an anagram of 'His pussy', (cat, of course, before anyone makes a Freudian analysis), we would have one more cat for the rains

1 What dummy puts down in a Christie novel (5,2,3,5) CARDS ON THE TABLE (2)
2 Master caught in disgrace with leading accuser's perseverance (7) STAMINA (M in STAIN A)
3 Spooner's explosive feline in fighting (6) COMBAT (Spoonerism of BOMb, as pronounced, CAT)
          Of course in Hindi movies it is pronounced as 'bum'
4 So a thug spews out an expletive (4) OATH (T)
           That is what our legislators and witnesses start out with
6 Give one approval for crushing a Stetson (6,2) ASSENT TO (A STETSON)*
7 Canine promotional event follows. In what manner? (7) DOGSHOW (DOGS HOW)
           And what a dogshow!- two dogs share a head in the square numbered 7
8 Do you catch these tales or do they catch you? (8,7) GRIPPING STORIES (CD,DD)
            You grab the book and the story grabs your attention, for example 1d
9 Conversation princess leaves to get feline directory (9) CATALOGUE (CAT replaces DI in DIALOGUE)
14 Support shaky baltis I place no end (9) STABILISE (BALTIS* I SEt)
17 Best learner going through Puducherry, say, with one friend (8) ULTIMATE (L in UT 1 MATE)
 Cartoon by Bhargav
19 Prominent person's pronounced animosity (7) RANCOUR (~RANKER)
21 Does one on this fight all the way? (7) WARPATH (CD, WAR PATH)
22 Royal in den that's built for durability (6) STURDY (R in STUDY)
25 Wear off Indian woman changing direction (4) SARI (S replaces N in NARI)


  1. No cash! Only cats and dogs cropping up here and there!!

  2. Kishore's opening remarks about 4th of July- a new name for an old Acronym. After all safety is security!

  3. As of now TH on line displays yesterday's page- not just the CW but the whole page! SOME improvement.

  4. Paddy @ 9:19 If you wonder how to get the cash, the keys to the safe are tied to the MM of 25 down. At last!!

    Mundanai Muddichchu

    1. Gridman started with cash and you are ending with it- but that is supposed to be small change, not the big fish!

    2. Who is to untie the knot?

  5. Why worry about rain? Here we have it!

    This isn’t the story of Miss Malaprop
    Who wanted to raise a CASH CROP!

    We now have THE CARDS ON THE TABLE,
    The GRIPPING STORIES no longer fable;

    The fact is that the woman in blue SARI,
    Which had a golden Zari,
    Was being followed by STURDY Mari,
    Who had an eye on the bag which she did carry;

    Reason being she was near the PAWN SHOP,
    Our Mari went for a hop,
    And this his action ULTIMATE,
    To his motive was most appropriate.

    What happened then needs no CATALOGUE,
    Let me deliver my epilogue;

    She had earned her wealth through HARD LABOUR,
    To her help there came a friendly neighbor,

    How she STOOD TO WIN,
    Was because of the din,
    And the bark of the Dog,
    Which went the whole hog.

    So you see the NEAR and dear,
    We needn’t fear,
    They are assets TANGIBLE,
    Most of the time affable;

    Let us all give our ASSENT TO,
    Friendship’s bonhomie and benefits thereto.

    And those among you who a STEREO OWNS,
    Need make no bones,
    Play this CD and be an EARNER,
    Making women on the roads more sterner.

  7. Nice one CG. Must have taken a while making it.Topic not only of today's CW but world in general.

  8. Thanks to setter, blogger, and cartoonists - good work from all!

    CGB(@11:47):There is a term in Marathi for someone who can come up with a poem at short notice - "sheeghrakavi" (literally, "rapid poet"). Given how soon your rhyme has come out after the crossword appeared, I guess you qualify for the title!

  9. I liked Me's Laugh a la Kishore's.

    Re Abhay's note above, in Tamil 'seekkiram' means 'fast!'. Similar to 'sheeghra' above.

  10. Captain says: While our air-craft is taxiing our hostess will air a joke on air. Meanwhile prepare yourself and tighten your seat belts.

  11. Abhay 1:33 pm - There are shaayars and poets who are inspired by you-know-what. They are called Seagram-kavis.

    1. Fifteen men on at dead man's chest ...

  12. 3d appesara in today's DH at 1d as
    Encounter a doctor in a coat (6)

  13. Yes. After seeing the Sea they may go thus:
    Main shaayar to nahin
    Main shaayar to nahin, magar ae haseen
    Jab se dekha maine tujhko
    Mujhko shaayari aa gayi

  14. My sister Anuradha Rao will accompany me, we are from Chennai, both are vegetarians