Thursday, 31 July 2014

No.11151, Thursday 31 Jul 2014, Mac

Nice and breezy offering from Mac. Quite a few clues to savour particularly liked PREVIOUS, STRIPPER, UNETHICAL and RAMPANT. Rather high number of anagrams (11 full and partial) but I noticed that only when blogging and not solving. Which goes to show how good the surface stories were.

1   Processed analog state (6) ANGOLA [ANALOG]*
5   Prior/priest is outwardly religious (7) PREVIOUS [priest=REV inside religious=PIOUS]
9   His job may involve wear and tear? (8) STRIPPER [CD]
10 Communication from landlord (6) LETTER [DD]
11 Creator's in favour of drug use, strangely! (10) PROMETHEUS [in favour of=PRO + drug=METH + USE*]
12 Repeat part of the chorus (4) ECHO [T]
13 Sound arising from the crone (8) COHERENT [THE CRONE]*
16 Matter lacking extra perspective (6) STANCE [extra=sub STANCE]
17 Don't forget about missing part (6) MEMBER [about=re MEMBER]
19 Running short of time, Rodley rode away fearlessly (8) DARINGLY [DARtING + rodeLY]
21 Post-man, say (4) MAIL [~MALE]
22 Be debriefed, proceed, then nod off (2,8) GO COMMANDO [proceed=GO + ,=COMMA + NOD*] Nice def.
25 Funnily, to multiply, an amoeba has to do this! (6) DIVIDE [CD]

Cartoon by Bhargav

26 Leaves sailor and son at sea (8) ABANDONS [sailor=AB + AND + SON*]
27 Adulterated lunch a stewardess brought (8) UNCHASTE [T]
28 Buzzes gotten from essentially vintage hard drinks (6) THRUMS [vinTage + Hard + RUMS]

2   Recorder broadcast tenor (5) NOTER [TENOR]*
3   Drug (often pot) I used medically, at first (5) OPIUM [Acrostic]
4   He could be disarmed (7) AMPUTEE [CD]
5   Monitor, with radio emission sources switched, is ideal (7) PERFECT [monitor=PREFECT with Radio Emission switched]
6   Doctor listens and gets help (7) ENLISTS [LISTENS]*
7   For the most part, // at sea? (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN [DD]
8   A hint/clue misconstrued as unfair (9) UNETHICAL [A HINT CLUE]*
14 Musical turned into performance (9) OPERATION [OPERA + INTO*]
15 He bills me insanely for dress (9) EMBELLISH [HE BILLS ME]*
18 Go back and run to exit (7) REGRESS [Run + exit=EGRESS]
19 Cleared out, say (7) DECLARE [CLEARED]*
20 Unrestrained tirade about a politician (7) RAMPANT [tirade=RANT about A MP=politician]
23 Summer // snake (5) ADDER [DD]
24 Dug up material (5) DENIM [dug=MINED]<-


  1. Fully agree with Bhavan's opening comments.

  2. Off-track - but this might be of interest to at least a few of our friends in this forum.

    July 31 is the death anniversary of two of my favourite singers, Padma Shri Mohammed Rafi (December 24, 1924 - July 31, 1980) and James Travis Reeves (August 20, 1923 - July 31, 1964), better known to his fans just as Jim Reeves.

    Almost contemporaries, both of them died comparatively early in life. Jim died in an aircrash while Rafi sa'ab died of a heart attack.

    1. Two of my favourite singers.
      Rafi's song, most immensely liked by me is "Suhaani Raath Dhal Chuki" (Film Dulari 1949)
      Gentleman Jim's songs were mostly soft and soothing to ears. Exception being "BIMBO" a peppy number and I like this too.

    2. Jim Reeves happens to be my favourite singer too! Today is my father's death anniversary too!

    3. I can never forget these words sung by Jim Reeves:
      I love you for a hundred thousand reasons
      But most of all I love you 'cause you're you...

  3. That's a good one from Me!

  4. 3D Drug (often pot) I used medically, at first (5) OPIUM [Acrostic]

    Non-medically speaking, it would be a risky proposition to take it as &Lit. ...;-)

  5. Replies
    1. ...and pulled the rug from under Bh's feet?

  6. To cut a long story short, it was Me! at his best.

  7. It is said that a good deed beckons another- a good CW brings out the best of Me! (not me)

  8. Agree with Bhavan about excellent surface stories. Most enjoyable.

  9. Me! wore a different cap today morning!! Loved it!

  10. Me! goes on the air while CG is busy dividing. He seems to have got the answer right- dividing or adding,whichever.

    Peter , a STRIPPER of ANGOLA in the PREVIOUS birth was reborn a woman.
    Jane was a professor of English. She liked poetry. She was a fan of Shelley and every year
    whether found in the syllabus or not, she would teach PROMATHEUS UNBOUND!
    As a responsible MEMBER of the society and a highly educated person, her thinking
    Was COHERENT and so was her STANCE. She hated anything that was UNCHASTE.
    Many among her students did ECHO her thoughts and outlook.
    One day,

    She received an anonymous LETTER in the MAIL about the loud THRUMS from the guitar
    during late evenings in the local club and the dances which were DARINGLY going on without let.
    This has to stop she thought , without any DIVIDE.

    Jane ABANDONS her post and gets herself a security guard.
    “GO COMMANDO” she shouts and follows him along with some of her students to the club.

    The subject matter is pending in the court since last six years.

    1. CGB, you reminded me of The Reincarnation of Peter Proud ! It was remade in Hindi as Karz and, imo, spoilt the ending ... People who have seen both the movies will understand what I am referring to. "No, Marsha, no ....."

    2. I vaguely remembered the movie name and typed the heading thinking that a few would recognize the movie. But with you, I know that I can get the answer within ten seconds if I were to ask you which was the one hundred and eighth movie which you saw, when and where? !!

    3. Sorry, CGB, to disappoint you, but I can't ...

  12. Elegant surfaces, accessible clueing, witty wordplay (STRIPPER, OPIUM, ENLISTS were my favourites) - thank you for a delicious confection, Mac!

    Agree fully with Bhavan's comments. Thanks to Bhavan and to the cartoonists too!

  13. Haste makes waste! I filled 24Dn as MINED and as a result, failed to get 22Ac and 28Ac. :(

  14. Denim's are sometimes reversible!

    1. Paddy: Denim pants are wear and tear. Some modern guys even the new ones, they tear and wear !!

  15. Very interesting.we need not have to break our heads. Clues are like clear stream.9a - liked the punch.22a- I haven't come across the usage .Still I could make it thanks to suggestive clues.23d- very nice indeed.A well-rounded cw from Mac. Thanks

  16. Refreshingly different and entertaining. Liked the way the definitions were so well couched and concealed, as well as the CDs. Lot of chuckles. No extraneous stuff either. The one niggle I may have is reg 5a: though easily solved, I still can't figure out how the wordplay leads to REV inside PIOUS

    1. Priest is outwardly religious = Religious on the outside

    2. don't feel that the syntax works that way; I think this would have worked perfectly if the 'is' had been dropped

    3. Nice puzzle from Mac with short and clear surfaces.

      I agree with Bhala here and feel he's raised a very valid point..

      "Priest is outwardly religious" gives the sense of REV = PIOUS on the outside

      If if was "Priest religious outwardly" it could be taken as REV + PIOUS on the outside.

  17. Nothing new to add regarding the quality apart from saying that so much drug use, strippers and unchaste members going commando may not sit well with the Government!

    Throughly enjoyable offering!

  18. Enjoyed it, Mac.

    WRT 22a, if the clubs permit dhotis, I hope they ban going commando with it ...


    Is GO COMMANDO an army expression? Does it mean to be debriefed? Never heard of it !

    1. Raju, pl click on the underlined link given at the end of clue 22 Across.

    2. Thanks MB: Blush Blush !! grrr ! Groin gross gross !!

    3. The reverse act of 22 across could be found in an AD appearing in Page 3 in today's Chennai edition of The Hindu.

    4. CG,
      Pl. refer it to as Ad. AD led me to Afterdark!

  20. One more specialty in 22A- a punctuation mark (comma) forms part of wordplay.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I had completely missed it while solving: with a couple of crossings and the enu, I sort of arrived at the answer, then took a moment to enjoy the cryptic definition, filled in the answer and moved on without giving another thought to it. And even here, I simply scrolled past without noticing the anno.

  21. Smooth, enjoyable puzzle from Mac. Really liked the way comma was clued in 22A.