Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No 11150, Wednesday 30 Jul 2014, Exa

Enjoyable surface reading in most clues from Exa today. 

1   Stopping place to bust into parking surreptitiously (10) BREAKPOINT {BREAK}{INTO+P*}
7   ‘Absent’ primarily means this (4) AWAY {A}{WAY} &lit
9   Stock racing event? (8) STAMPEDE [CD]
10 A dance number incorporates slow song (6) BALLAD {BALL}{A}{D} How does A get into the middle? 'Dance number incorporates a slow song' would have been better.
11 Chortle let out reading novel cover (6) CLOTHE CHOrTLE*
12 It could indicate the centre for sorbet we enjoy drinking (7) BETWEEN [T]
14 Area of theatre where support gets a makeover (9) BACKSTAGE {BACK}{GETS+A*}
16 Can constant turning make fabric? (4) KNIT {K}{NIT}<=
18 Nerds right away circulating tips (4) ENDS NErDS*
                                               Cartoon by Bhargav
19 Tragic recession spanning England with time? Take note — it's harmful (9) CIGARETTE {CIGAR{E}T<=}{T}{E}
22 Beer? Oddly a large can reduced stability (7) BALANCE {BeEr+A+L+CAN}*
24 Bright red wine's cold for son (6) CHERRY (-s+c)CHERRY
27 Help midget to get over depression (6) DIMPLE [T<=]
28 Man interrupted on a date and suspended (8) OVERHEAD {OVER}{HE}{A}{D}
29 In the middle of morning, I get down (4) AMID {AM}{I}{D}
30 Unability to buy pets; I’m sick sadly (10) SKEPTICISM*

2   Later returned; I had to get back at one (9) RETALIATE {LATER<=}{I}{ATE}
3   Allow mind to work in partner's absence at lodges (5) ADMIT {A{MInD*}T}
4   Judge training outside court for position of power (7) PREFECT {P{REF}E}{CT}
5   Time travelling object (4) ITEM*
6   Models fit in capsule (6) TABLET {T{ABLE}T}
7   Bread provided regularly? (9) ALLOWANCE [DD]
8   A puzzle to dazzle (5) AMAZE {A}{MAZE}
13 A silver brought back home another time (5) AGAIN {A}{AG<=}{IN}
15 Editor put out cocktail ad in couple of pages before getting abducted (9) KIDNAPPED {K}{IN+AD*}{PP}{ED}
17 Rituals to dancing lessons (9) TUTORIALS*
20 Very old worker drinks nice rum (7) ANCIENT {AN{NICE*}T}
21 Fool around conservative church for entry (6) ACCESS {A{C}{CE}SS}
23 A blend served up with egg in principle (5) AXIOM {A}{XI{O}M<=}
25 Set of principles from the trips to Italy and Cuba (5) ETHIC {THE*}{I}{C}
26 Sound character written up in French books (4) NOTE {N{OT}E<=} (Addendum - {TO}{NE}<= - See comments by Exa)



  1. Probably since the clue for 29 A starts with IN, maybe Axa preferred UNABILITY over INABILITY for 30 A ?

  2. Nice one from Exa.

    Re: 2 D. Surface doesn't seem OK grammatically?
    In 22 D how is reduced an anagrind?

    1. Reduced in the sense of chem reaction?

  3. I ATE <- Expected Time of Arrival 1 o'clock?

  4. 10A- Does 'Exa' mean 'incorporate' as anind?

  5. Nice one Exa, very good clues here - AWAY, KNIT, TUTORIALS, ANCIENT to name a few.

    10 A dance number incorporates slow song (6) BALLAD {BALL}{A}{D} How does A get into the middle? 'Dance number incorporates a slow song' would have been better.

    If you imagine a comma after A the cryptic instruction is accurate. A, B+C incorporates to give B(A)C

    1. Even otherwise D for "number" is too far-fetched.

      Thought AWAY was simple and nice. Wonderful clue!

  6. I had doubts about 30A clue, too. Is unability correct?
    Very enjoyable CW, thanks Exa!

  7. The Director, tensed up, smoking a filter CIGARETTE, was busy in the BACKSTAGE.
    All loose ENDS had to be KNIT.
    How will they CLOTHE the backdrops?
    Then he thought that there should also be something AWAY from the normal.
    Maybe a BALLAD BETWEEN the scenes?
    That could BALANCE the time it took to change for the actors.
    Then he remembered the super singer show he had just seen on TV.
    The backdrop will have a CHERRY tree.
    DIMPLE and her friends would appear on the scene.
    AMID SKEPTICISM she would try to pluck some fruits OVERHEAD.
    There will be a BREAKPOINT. Someone from above would throw some
    real fruits!
    And then what happens?
    Nothing but a STAMPEDE to get the fruits!!

  8. Why lesser posts to day? Too much Biryani and sevvaiyya at the Iftaar parties?
    CGB: I like your using the words of the crossie in spinning yarns. Keep it up? I also welcome other bloggers to essay their poetic talent.

    good compiling by EXA. . BREAKPOINT made the point. NOTE is cleverly conceived but with a
    ?O?E , a bit ambiguous to discern and pick the correct Note.
    This is what makes the THCC unique !

  9. Great clues, AWAY and DIMPLE being my favourite. Minor grouse with 'It's harmful' as definition for Cigarette. Also, not a fan of anagram fodder being scattered as in 22. Otherwise a very nice puzzle.

  10. In KIDNAPPED, if put out is the anagrind, then the 'cocktail' is between the anagrind and the fodder. Unless of course the K was intended as part of the fodder, in which case, it is covered in my previous comment.

  11. Very enjoyable puzzle by EXA

  12. 26D, How does OT enter EN reversed?

    1. Well, that was my first take ! Now the 'tone' 'sounds' (s)well :)

  13. Nice CW from Exa. Couldn't get 12A BETWEEN. I was looking for a 'drink'! In spite of a few blanks at the top, I did enjoy solving this puzzle. Thanks, Exa.

  14. Nice puzzle quite enjoyable.but still 'unability'a fly in the ointment. Overall a thorough entertainer.Thanks Exa.