Wednesday, 16 July 2014

No 11138, Wednesday 16 Jul 2014, Incognito

Cartoonists under the influence of alcohol today!

1   Learned people have South Indian kings' money (8) SCHOLARS {S}{CHOLA}{Rs}
5   Key fight leads to conditional custody (6) ESCROW {ESC}{ROW}
10 Gangster with large amount to distribute (5) ALLOT {AL}{LOT}
11 Musical instrument before first fiddler (9) VIOLINIST {VIOLIN}{1ST}
12 Changes in shapes can be seen as changes of the moon (6) PHASES*
13 Tall thin person supports plants (8) BEANPOLE [DD]
15 Desperate to avoid tax and manufacture drug (5) SPEED DESPErate*
17 Styles of pronunciation conceal identity and give rise to mishaps (9) ACCIDENTS {ACC{ID}ENTS}
19 Famous IAF pilots were also mechanics (9) ENGINEERS [DD]
20 Gently strokes the ball back in the oldest tupik (5) PUTTS [<= T]
21 Supersede and use a horse beyond its strength (8) OVERRIDE [DD]
23 Elvis P. danced with this hipbone (6) PELVIS*
27 Prohibit girl or first Englishman in this Indian city (9) BANGALORE {BAN}{GAL}{OR}{E}
28 Copper had first seen cobalt in Peru (5) CUSCO {CU}{S}{CO}
29 Heard Bond's boss stops and makes corrections (6) EMENDS (~m){EM}{ENDS}
30 Ball is thrown, at first, with a catapult (8) BALLISTA {BALL}{IS}{Thrown}{A}

1   Marsh where swami gave up ego and started penitence (5) SWAMP {SWAMi}{P}
2   Dieter's breakfast got from crazy math: If 1-1=0, what do you get when you divide RHS by 2? (4,2,3) HALF AN EGG {0/2}
3   Learner leaves lethal arrangement to Turner (5) LATHE lETHAL*
4   A type of party with the right Roman address (4) RAVE {R}{AVE}
6   Thin sauce to swim in birthday suit (6,3) SKINNY DIP {SKINNY} {DIP}
7   Man leaving Horniman Circle found an animal (5) RHINO HORNIman*
8   Sees people summoned to a case (9) WITNESSES [DD]
9   Most letters in this sheet are in this (5,4) LOWER CASE [CD]
14 Listen! Girls fall down and overhear (9) EAVESDROP (~eves){EAVES}{DROP}
15 Notice Doppelganger's sight is under influence of alcohol (3,6) SEE DOUBLE {SEE} {DOUBLE}

                        Cartoon by Richard Lasrado

                                                   Cartoon by Rishi

16 Fund raising receipt found in Mount Snowdon or Cardigan (5,4) DONOR CARD [T]
18 Northern activists lost a bit of courage and became advocates of native societies (9) NATIVISTS {N}{AcTIVISTS}
22 Sesame Street character was an early computer (5) ERNIE [DD]
24 Do well by wrapping an eel around ninety (5) EXCEL {E{XC}EL}
25 Vibrating atom's hole (5) STOMA*
26 Second letter was seen when bishop came before expected time (4) BETA {B}{ETA}



  1. Does Doppelganger under the influence of alcohol see quadruples?

    I take strong objection to Incognito calling us as mechanics in 19 a ;-)

    1. 19A-Kishore (not Incognito) had referred to "Engineers' earlier.

    2. Yes, now I recollect. Thank you.

    3. Raghu, you are right. Today most engineers do not know a split-pin from a cotter-pin. It is the poor grease monkeys who do all the nuts and bolts jobs, not engineers.

    4. I speak from experience - we have two engineers in the family who will not be able to identify a bolt head size without trying at least 3 spanners

    5. Regarding yesterday's magic eye, I know precisely how it used to look. I mentioned aerials because you said something about curtains, so I thought you meant things that were usually tied around the room at lintel height.

    6. Kishore @ 9:39 regarding Nuts and Bolts reminds me of a joke :

      Q: What did the nut say to the bolt?
      A: Screw me.

    7. I am not sure if the nut knows itself.
      In the case of a nut and bolt, I think only the turn of the nut is involved.

    8. News from an Asylum

      "NUT, SCREWS and BOLTS"

  2. Done with 15A.
    Made a small mistake in writing 'of' in stead of 'an' in 2D. Wondering if the moon could be phobos (3D -Lathe did not suit though) Decided to wait for 8.30.
    Thank you Incognito. Enjoyed it.

    1. Did not realise it was an anagram!

  3. What was 'Escrow' supposed to lead us to? It goes to site and not to the meaning of the word.

    1. It was to go to Free Dictionary. Made a mistake while linking. Have change the link to wikipedia now

  4. 30A- Was fortunate to see the real one at Warwick castle in U.K.So solving made easy.

  5. 30A-

    Read under 'Warwick Trebuchet'

  6. Leave aside Crossword, the Miscellaneous section in the online Hindu is blank today

  7. Unable to rank the DOUBLE cartoons, rather triple - ended in a tie!

  8. Nice toons and nice puzzle. Enjoyed both. Back to centum after a couple of days failure. Thank you Incognito. :-)))

    1. Thanks. You will like tomorrow's puzzle better, I think ...

  9. Great time - thank you, Incognito (and DG, and the cartoonists!).

    A thought and a question:
    - Re. PELVIS: Given that he was known as "Elvis the Pelvis" (something he is supposed to have disliked!), I think the clue would have worked without the "P." added. It would have changed from an anagram to a CD, of course!
    - Re. NATIVISTS: using "native societies" made it a giveaway. Would a synonym have worked here, or would it have diluted the definition?

    1. I too had a doubt about 'Nativists' before filling in since half the answer was given away. But the surface reading is very good ih the clue.

    2. Thanks, Abhay P.

      I used P. Since it was the first letter of his surname and the anagram of his name Elvis P. leads to his nickname. Btw, some of my friends here are not too keen on CDs.

      Getting a synonym for nativists did not yield happy results, so I went with this.

  10. Kishore, thx for a enjoyable crossie. Could complete it. Lots of clues evoked a smile.-)

    1. Kishore,
      your crossword always reminds me of KISS(Keep it simple and super) principle in computer programming.
      Just realized it is part of your name too.:)
      (super is more apt here)

    2. Thanks, Thiru. In my case the original " silly" fits too...

    3. I am reminded of an old ad which went something like "Lily! Don't be silly!"...

  11. :-)
    I always expect an unusual answer and i am not disappointed.

  12. Commenting on the hot dhoti hoity toity in the press, I am reminded of the rules in the Nairobi Club and affiliates in Mombasa and Eldoret, where such rules have been somewhat relaxed where one can only be admitted in the Dining area during evenings with a tie and a jacket. The receptionist in Mombasa was very resourceful as he used to keep spare pairs which could be borrowed and returned once one is through with the dinner evening. Every one is happy !

    The pics in the press today showing lawyers ( try pronouncing the punjabi way !) with shoti and black coats etc is sight to behold and a cartooninst's delight . How come none from here have attempted?

    It is a matter of decorum and discipline to conform to a dress code. Imagine the armed forces becoming non- conformists ! Here ion CBE, girls in colleges look so comely in their shalwar kameez and saris. Politicians can roll up their dhotis and fight and wait for another day. Again, seeing some of these dhoti clad riders in motor bikes, especially TVS with their knees and inners exposed is so vulgarly grotesque!

    In kenya too,there was a controversy relating to the wearing of those white wigs, declaiming it as a colonial hot-headedness ! Furs flew but the wigs continue !

  13. Raju,

    In any free society, the conflict between social conformity and individual liberty is permanent, unresolvable, and necessary. -Kathleen Norris, novelist and columnist (1880-1966) was a popular American

    You must have read this apt quote today in AWAD. Bang on target for your topic today.

  14. Rule 17A of the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Rules prescribes the dress for the authorised representative of the parties (other than a relative or regular employee of the assessee) appearing before the Tribunal. As per this rule, in the case of a male, a suit with a tie or buttoned up coat over a pant or National Dress; i.e. a long buttoned up coat or dhoti or churidar pyjama is prescribed. The colour of the coat shall preferably be black. In the case of a female, black coat over white or any other sober colour saree. However, if the authorised representative belongs to a profession like that of lawyers or Chartered Accountants and they have been prescribed a dress for appearing in the professional capacity before any Court. Tribunal or other such Authority, they may at their option appear in that dress in lieu of the dress mentioned above.

  15. The greatest scientists of all time were invited to a conference ...
    * Newton said he'd drop in.
    * Descartes said he'd think about it.
    * Ohm resisted the idea.
    * Boyle said he was under too much pressure.
    * Darwin said he'd wait to see what evolved.
    * Pierre and Marie Curie radiated enthusiasm.
    * Volta was electrified at the prospect
    * Pavlov positively drooled at the thought.
    * Ampere was worried he wasn't current.
    * Audobon said he'd have to wing it.
    * Edison thought it would be illuminating.
    * Einstein said it would be relatively easy to attend.
    * Archimedes was buoyant at the thought.
    * Dr Jekyll declined - he said he hadn't been feeling himself lately.
    * Morse said, "I'll be there on the dot. Can't stop now, must dash."
    * Gauss was asked to attend because of his magnetism.
    * Hertz said he planned to attend with greater frequency in the future.
    * Watt thought it would be a good way to let off steam.
    * Wilbur Wright accepted, provided he and Orville could get a flight.
    * Aryabhatt zeroed in.......

  16. Dhoti is mentioned. My father as an advocate regularly used to wear dhoti & black coat to courts, of course with a turban. But the dhoti used to be worn in the traditional style (pancha kacham) This was allowed even during the British rule. All these are for courts and Govt. offices. But when it comes to a private club who and by whom will a dress code will be enforced ? It sounds logical that it should be decided by the club committee and its officials. I don't think Govt. can intervene or impose. Those who adhere may attend and those who do not, may boycott. Am I right?

  17. My 7.59 is in response to Kishore's 7.50 on the subject.

  18. Talking about dress code, we at S&B meet also had dress code at Presidency's club, Chennai. No dhoti, no shirts without collar etc...

    1. Yes Ranga. All big clubs follow this.