Thursday, 10 July 2014

No 11133, Thursday 10 Jul 2014, Arden

A 5A crossword from Arden to start off.

1   Old? Throw outside by moving a muscle (7) FLEXING {FL{EX}ING}
5   Vehicle overburdened with fruit — splendid! (7) SUBLIME {SUB<=}{LIME}
9    A lady in black, interestingly starts with an excuse (5) ALIBI [Acrostic]
10 A philosopher and a teacher rear a child — extremely laudable (9) ARISTOTLE {A}{RIS<=}{TOT}{LaudablE}
11 Bachelor organised meet with guys do as you please (2, 2, 5) BE MY GUEST {B}{E MY GUEST*}
12 Measure only between sides and register (5) ENROL {EN}{R}{O}{L}
13 Doubts over doubt expressed (4) STUB <=
15 Fish centre just below Scotland (8) ALBACORE {ALBA}{CORE}
18 Do allow for good reputation, take no time to recognise officially (8) ACCREDIT {AC{CREDIt}T}
19 President will do what's agreed upon. (4) PACT {P}{ACT}
22 Pliable machinery, one goes for another one (5) LITHE L(-a+i}ITHE
24 Quiet inmate in the white house (9) PRESIDENT {P}{RESIDENT}
26 Idea erupts surprisingly, no point to deny (9) REPUDIATE {IDEA+ERUPTs}*
27 Do not allow animal to clutch the cat's tail (5) DETER {DE{caT}ER}
28 Child overexcited with new badge (7) CHEVRON {CH}{OVER*}{N}
29 Ruin of the French city of yore (7) DESTROY {DES}{TROY}

1   French cooking gets bachelor in heat (6) FLAMBE {FLAM{B}E}
2   Imagine time moving at speed of light — it's hard to understand (9) ENIGMATIC {IMAGINE+T}*{C}
3   Watching but not missing the bonus (5) ICING notICING
4   Finding bodies here is serious, for the police (9) GRAVEYARD {GRAVE}{YARD}
5   Move workers (5) SHIFT [DD]
6   Goldilocks however put up maintaining secrecy regularly (9) BUTTERCUP {BUT}{T{sEcReCy}UP<=}
7   Trainee loses direction in Bury (5) INTER INTERn
8   Uniformly done the day before, only the ring went missing (6) EVENLY {EVE}{oNLY}
14 Ban external trade for a local worker (9) BARTENDER {BAR}{TENDER}
16 Drink will run out finally (6,3) BITTER END {BITTER}{END}Bitters is the drink
17 Escort her straight to a US city (9) ROCHESTER*
20 A shepherd is extremely careful with the boy (6) CLERIC {CarefuL}{ERIC}
21 Dump over the yard floor (6) STOREY {STORE}{Y}
23 Tent featuring a Middle Eastern sword (5) TEPEE {easTern}{EPEE}
24 Pledge to protect the Queen, or may be a King (5) PRAWN {P{R}AWN}
25 Flower found in dusty plains (5) INDUS [T]



  1. No comments due to football hangover?

    1. Or is it the Budget?

    2. You mean pre budget blues- bitter end?

    3. Hoping to get some IT relief in the Budget

    4. Looks like you will be relieved!!

    5. To complete paddy's 9:35
      Looks like you will be relieved!!

      .. of your money as usual

  2. Tough going. Only 50% :(

    BTW the Anno for 12Ac Measure only between sides and register (5) ENROL {EN}{R}{O}{L} needs minor alteration pl. Think it is {EN}{R{O}L}

    1. MB, I would have put it that way if RL was a word

    2. RL are my initials, pls ....;-)

    3. Initially you may be correct, but not finally.

    4. As always, you have the final word, Paddy...

  3. For those of you who do not get the print edition and have no access to the blank CW I suggest you go to Mrs PP's Hub (link to 'The HUB' is available under 'Links' on the left hand side panel of this page) I normally post the blank clues there by 6:30 or so. You can also participate there by registering and putting in four answers

  4. Tough going here too. Just crossed the halfway mark and being clueless(?) decided to update myself. Missed watching the penalties!

  5. I was taking 40 winks.Sorry, I was deeply contemplating ...

  6. In today's ET 5590

    14a Thinker tries a lot of new formulation (9)

  7. Another beaut in above

    Put me back in a box to burn (7)

  8. Put // me back // in a box // to burn (7) CR{EM<-}ATE

  9. Thank you for a good time, Arden! I did this in two halves on a flight from Chennai to Chandigarh. The second half (NW and SE quadrants) went a little slower than the first half. Some great clues here - CREMATE, DETER, ICING, SHIFT, BITTER END...

  10. False capitalisation in 7D, no capitalisation in 24A. :(