Monday, 31 October 2016

No 11839, Monday 31 Oct 2016, Neyartha

1   Country squads welcome the journalist report (6,6) UNITED STATES {UNIT{ED} {STATE}S}
8   Criminal with the East German boards a luxury car in front of a speaker's platform (7) ROSTRAL {R{OST}R}{AL} Not sure if this definition is correct?
9   Quarrel with the champion after I replaced the article (6) BICKER B(-a+i)ICKER
11 Drink sent back before admitting Sir Ali disguised as a trapeze artist (9) AERIALIST {SIR+ALI}* in {TEA<=}
12 Characters with slim bodies in a Caribbean dance (5) LIMBO [T]

14 I'm missing a type of rock providing a lifestyle that might make one unfit (9) SEDENTARY SEDimANTARY
16 Shortly send back love with a Latin dating word (4) ANON Anno pending (Addendum - AN(+o)ON(-o) - See comments)
18 Initially, Mani's office menu offered a steamed dumpling (4) MOMO Acrostic
19 Took the initiative and went on the offensive with rusty daggers around the quarter (9) AGGRESSED {DAGGERS}* around {SE}
21 Left the Islamic State with the French to get durable fabric (5) LISLE {L}{IS}{LE}
22 It might break a camel's back (4,5) LAST STRAW [GK]
23 Translucent green gemstone's a highly electrified collection of nuclei and free electrons (6) PLASMA [DD]
25 Comes with records showing Switzerland going out of the way for the king (7) ARRIVES {AR(-ch+r)RIVES}
26 Bald Ed's manor gets a face-lift and becomes a traveller's joy (3,4,5) OLD MANS BEARD*

2   Rising star sheltering the troubled matadors with the French astrologer (11) NOSTRADAMUS {MATADORS}* in {SUN<=}
3   Areas where some North American turtles are rendered powerless (8) TERRAINS TERRApINS
4   Religious head from Bangladesh expelled Greek character following a lawyer to the French isle (5,4) DALAI LAMA {DA}{LA}{I} {LAMbdA}
5   Extract from address by Aditi betrays the Asian region (5) TIBET [T]
6   A faint one could complicate the umpire's job (6) TICKLE [GK]
7   Woman's outhouse is incomplete (3) SHE SHEd
8   Doctor releases captured doctor to again put together... (10) REASSEMBLE {MB} in {RELEASES}*
10 ...some noblemen to seize soft feathers for rituals in Sriharikota (10) COUNTDOWN {COUNT{DOWN}S}
13 Article found inside damaged samovar atop the Arkansas lake (11) MANASAROVAR {M{AN}ASAROV*}{AR}
15 Some Europeans laugh at going north with a ball to the captives after the Oriental's departure (9) YUGOSLAVS {GUY<=}{O}{SLAVeS}
17 After getting set up, mistakenly erase the squares meant to make mosaics (8) TESSERAE {STE<=}{ERASE*}
20 Familiar with a Russian unit of length, reportedly (6) VERSED (~ verst)
22 Watchdog breed from an Asian city (5) LHASA [DD]
24 Washroom in the auditor's place (3) LOO (~ lew ?) (Addendum - (~ lieu) - See comments)


  1. 8A:I think that the definition is "of a speaker's platform"

  2. Replies
    1. Right for 16A: Anno with o going back

  3. 24 Washroom in the auditor's place (3) LOO (~ lew ?) ~LIEU

    1. Never realised that 'lieu' is pronounced as loo. From thefreedic:

      loo (2) (lo͞o) and lieu: lieu (lo͞o)

    2. I was left wondering if I spent too much time there

  4. Raju has provided the Annotations in yesterdays post. Those interested may peruse

    1. The annos are as refreshing as Raju's comments and puzzles are.

    2. As refreshing as Vasant(spring?) ? Vasant ! Thanks

  5. A few good clues and as usual a lot of forced surfaces from Neyartha.

    1. Ajeesh, what is a forced surface?

    2. I mean clues which are OK but without much meaning in surface practically e.g.14,21,4,15

  6. Struggled to fit in 'Rostrum' and missed Dalai Lama (Bangladesh was misleading too)
    Old man's beard was new to me.

  7. 18A: The best Momos I had tasted was in uttarakhand (Nainital,khatgodam/Haldwani) daughter used to call them Tibetan koykatte

  8. Batting I did; bricks you have a right to throw !! I accept KRK's compliments with all humility !

  9. Today's Neyartha proves MB's comments on mine yesterday about getting the answers first and looking for annotations ! That's what I got today. After reading the clues , I did cold solving of most . Also proves Vasant's point that ( an I reckon Gridman will agree?) many a times , one doesn't remember how one built up a grid. GOK ! God only knows !

    Ajeesh: EEsh !!pole saana in my Kenyan language !

    1. There is nothing wrong in getting the answers first and then confirming it with the annotation. The problem lies when you get/guess an answer which you are unable to support with a valid annotation.

      I hope you get the point.

    2. Si, Senor,So long as the chicken and egg are together !