Thursday 3 November 2022

No 13701, Thursday 03 Nov 2022, Arden

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

6   One wearing cotton occasionally described in a few lines (5) CANTO {C{AN}oTtOn}
7   A flower placed inside — that's capital (8) ADELAIDE {A}{DE{LAID}E}
10 Gas for glass, say (7) PROPANE {PRO}{PANE}
11 He gets all the money from opening in shelter (7) LEGATEE {LE{GATE}E}
12 Fast to get a doctor — that's brilliant (7) LAMBENT {L{A}{MB}ENT}
13 Perhaps a ship carries half load of Mercurous chloride (7) CALOMEL {CA{LOad}MEL}
14 The right to be heard and to sustain cold treatment (5,6) LOCUS STANDI*
19 Country song about soldiers (7) ARMENIA {AR{MEN}IA}
21 Rejected seed is ruin (7) NEMESIS {SEMEN<=}{IS}
23 Often gardens are enclosed carrying a warning in fencing (2,5) EN GARDE [T]
25 "Royal Emblems" — a first class beer from the Orient (7) REGALIA {A1}{LAGER}<=
26 Marine creature gets back support on even nonissues (8) PORPOISE {PROP<=}{nOnIsSuEs}
27 Covered and we got intertwined (5) AWNED*

1   Report everything, detailed but nothing official (8) INFORMAL {INFORM}{ALl}
2   Seek first authentic copy outside (6) FORAGE {FOR{Au...c}GE}
3   Shifting bases, collecting a rent for part of Arctic ocean (7,3) BARENTS SEA {B{A}{RENT}S SEA*}
4   Can have a little bit of meat (4) VEAL [T]
5   Set duty in the morning at the inner sanctuary (6) ADYTUM {A{DUTY*}M}
6   Drink up — entering a hot place (6) CUPOLA {C{UP}OLA}
8   African comes up with record breaking ones (7) ANGOLAN {AN}{LOG<=}{AN}
9   Instrument in half the film (5) CELLO CELLOphane
13 About 10 sign under such curves (10) CATENARIES {CA}{TEN}{ARIES}
15 May fall under a spell (7) CANTRIP {CAN}{TRIP}
16 Tense behind the bar, stealing single is cheeky (8) INSOLENT {T}<=>{INN} over {SOLE}
17 Part of Switzerland in bottom left? On the contrary it's top left (5) ?A?E? (Addendum - BASEL {BASE}{L} - See comments)
18 Greenland perhaps is not Green (6) ISLAND {IS}{greenLAND}
20 Felt around midnight can leave, fly later? (6) MAGGOT {MA{niGht}{GO}T}
22 Hungarian army managed to get silver (6) MAGYAR {M{AG}YAR*}
24 Long story, part of the picture (4) EPIC [T]

Reference List
First class = A1, About = CA, Tense = T, Left = L


  1. 17d Bottom BASE top Left part of Switzerland BASEL

  2. Glad to know you liked the puzzle. I also realized that it's my 500th puzzle for The Hindu. How time flies!

    1. Congratulations Arden Sir! We wish to see many more milestones from you

    2. Wow! 500 is a big milestone worth celebrating. ON to 1000!!!

    3. +4
      Hearty congratulations. one of the significant milestone. Also a nice coincidence that your 500th gird on Friday's specials. Spl. thanks to Col.sir for Friday special.

  3. Panel on the left says it. Pity none of us noticed it earlier.

  4. Just Gridman at 658 is ahead of you. Best Wishes to reach this milestone soon. It would be a proud moment indeed.

  5. Thank you all for your kind wishes. According to my CC file this is puzzle no. 502 for The Hindu.

  6. I never thought about that angle KKR. ON the whole, an excellent clue. Best of the 500th!

  7. An excellent puzzle as usual from Arden! Several aha moments for me. Looking forward to many more.