Wednesday 30 November 2022

No 13724, Wednesday 30 Nov 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 8D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Almost succeed in relaxing old BCCI regulations (excluding one) (5,3,2,5) CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR {O+BCCI+REGULATiONS}*
10 Grates for pickles (7) SCRAPES [DD]
11 Attempt to adopt elderly Devdas, for one (7) TRAGEDY {TR{AGED}Y}
12 Erstwhile British PM's sick after assembly (9) CHURCHILL {ILL}<=>{CHURCH}
14 Recall I've read about organ (5) LIVER [T]
17 Legendary being secure like setters (7) PEGASUS {PEG}{AS}{US}
19 Spooner disqualified filthy place for champion (5,2) STAND BY (~ banned sty to stand by)
21 Back America and free country (5) SUDAN {US<=}{AND*}
23 Criminal in bar had drunk with liberal author (5,4) ROALD DAHL {RO{AL}D}{HAD*}{L}
25 Make enchilada without essentially flat spiny creature (7) ECHIDNA ENCHIlaDA*
27 Batter, reportedly first person behind model's husband! (7) EYELASH {(~i)EYE}{LAS(-t+h)H}
30 Less sensitive to go through cold and conservative lady's accountants, say (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHERS {NUMBER}{C}{RUN}{C}{HERS}

1   Winners run out of contests (4) ACES rACES
2   Gent keeping spectacles to fix (4) MOOR {M{OO}R}
3   Nags man softly blocking kisses (8) HENPECKS {HE}{N{P}ECKS}
4   Fresh milk used before finishing breakfast dish (6) MUESLI {MILk+USEd}*
5   Plants where spirits may reside? (8) INSTILLS {IN STILLS}
6   Son climbing above edges slowly to scribble (6) SCRAWL (+s)SCRAWL(-s)
7   Monster starts to open ghastly red eyes (4) OGRE Acrostic
8   Row in fine stream (4) ?R?Y (Addendum - FRAY  {F}{RAY} - See comments)
12 Heads of many monkeys (5) CAPES {C}{APES}
13 Pushed drug travelling around East (5) URGED {URG{E}D*}
15 Somewhat weak doves raising spirit (5) VODKA [T<=]
16 Currency including yen in den from South (5) RIYAL {RI{Y}AL<=}
18 Starting to shoot, crazy chap ran to village chieftain (8) SARPANCH {Sh..t}{CHAP+RAN}*
20 Public hearing (8) AUDIENCE [DD]
22 Agreed to take up study drinking rum (6) NODDED {N{ODD}ED<=}
24 Regularly deflect return serve at line (6) AVENUE {rEtUrN+sErVe+At}<=
25 Running between players for ages (4) EONS {E}{ON}{S}
26 Song that guy heard (4) HYMN (~him)
28 Fired fellow deleted sent message (4) AXED fAXED
29 Mass entertainer (4) HOST [DD]

Reference List
Old = O, Criminal = AL(Capone), Liberal = L, Model = T, Husband = H, Cold = C, Conservative = C, Run = R, Spectacles = OO, Softly = P, Son = S, Many = C, East = E, Yen = Y, Players = E,s(East and South in card game Bridge), Fellow = F 


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    1. Please restrict your answers to once a week, irrespective of whether your answer is right or wrong

  2. Fun grid.
    EYELASH gave a real aha moment!
    Also liked the 2 long across clues, INSTILLS, MUESLI, PEGASUS to name a few.
    Thanks Hypatia and Col.

  3. Had a good time. Thank you Hypatia.
    Churchill and cigar go together!

  4. EYELASH had me in a pickle,
    Strangely, TRAGEDY gave me a tickle!
    Almost there with CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR,
    But was comfortable with OGRE.
    No sweat with CHURCHILL!

    1. A minor TRAGEDY

      I fear of SCRAPES or even a FRAY, If I URGED the AUDIENCE this way
      To solve the clue and annotate them too
      Before I can bat an EYELASH, the ACES respond in a flash
      And if It ain't perfect, not complete or rash
      The HOST dismisses "CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR"

  5. 27.a.batter...demolish
    Can it be models+i+h*

  6. Teportedy first person indicates homoym- eye for I

  7. 8D FRAY (row) F (fine) RAY (stream)

  8. Excellent grid by Hypatia.. bit struggled with 9-AC, rest all done. TRAGEDY, SCRAPES,SUDAN & FRAY are my CoD.. Thanks and have a good day.

    1. Thank you Prasanna Rao. Well done on solving it almost fully. Thanks for sharing about the clues you liked.

  9. Lovely grid Hypatia. Got all including Spooner.
    My fav - TRAGEDY, PEGASUS.
    I loved the clues.
    Eyelash was another beauty.

    1. Thank you Gowri. Good to know you enjoyed the solve. See you again next month.