Tuesday 8 November 2022

No 13705, Tuesday 08 Nov 2022, Incognito

Solution to 18A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Hear irritated bird (4) RHEA*
8   Oddly she lasted, without passing away (9) DEATHLESS*
10 take two more making a dozen (6) TWELVE (10+2)
11 Criminal gets bird having, for starters, unique device estimating height (8) ALTITUDE {AL}{TIT}{Un...e}{De...e}{Es...g}
12 Only two pieces of croissant can be eaten. Believable? (8) CREDIBLE {CRo...t}{EDIBLE}
14 Drones carrying Greek letter and chickpea preparation (6) HUMMUS {HUM{MU}S}
16 Nobleman on eastern ship lacking auditory organ (7) EARLESS {EARL}{E}{SS}
18 Good for pipe (7) ?R?D?C? (Addendum - PRODUCT {PRO}{DUCT} - See comments)
21 Market a bar travelling across South Africa (6) BAZAAR {A+BAR}* over {ZA}
23 Inspiration from a note by American (8) AFFLATUS {A}{F-FLAT}{US}
25 Predict toll free sailing (8) FORETELL*
27 Regular user of drug did act horribly (6) ADDICT*
29 Source of sugar, perhaps, put on hot cooking device for musical composer (9) BEETHOVEN {BEET}{H}{OVEN}
30 Attack and injure male endlessly around university (4) MAUL {MA{U}Le}

1   Author's appendage holding a meat preparation (8) SHAWARMA {SHAW}{ARM}{A}
 Fellow gets everything in season before winter in the US (4) FALL {F}{ALL}
3   Flying weaverbird drops wire softly, for example (6) ADVERB weAVERBirD*Definition by example
4   2 getting Arabian frying equipment initially to make some deep fried food (7) FALAFEL {FAL{Ar...n}{Fr...g}{Eq...t}L}
5   Not this actress Maggie, perhaps (8) THATCHER {THAT}{CHER}
6   Touched soft material (4) FELT [DD]
9   Religious man in Valsad hut (5) SADHU [T]
13 Worried old man giving away quarter for stuffed food (5) DOLMA {OLD+MAn}*
15 Press, for example, part of chrome dial (5) MEDIA [T]
17 Mistaken cheer behind supreme court accompanied with bit of yelling is high pitched (8) SCREECHY {CHEER}*<=>{SC} and {Ye...g}
19 Copper eats egg with sauce in the beginning... Twice... And gets North African dish popular in the Middle East (8) COUSCOUS {C{0}U}{Sa..e}{C{0}U}{Sa..e}
20 Endlessly bake, with some pieces of lard, vanilla dessert (7) BAKLAVA {BAKe}{LArd}{VAn...a}
22 Strangely Mao recruited bachelor boy to make nuclear device (1-4) A-BOMB {MAO+B+B}* (Addendum - {MAO+B}*{B} - See comments)
24 Show off apartment built around centre of Guna (6) FLAUNT {FLA{gUNa}T}
26 Sword held by obese peer (4) EPEE [T]
28 Wet wrinkled diploma without using oil (4) DAMP DiPloMA*

Reference List
Criminal = AL, Eastern = E, Ship = SS, South Africa = ZA, Hot = H, University = U, Fellow = F, Quarter = N(North), Supreme court = SC, Bachelor = B, Boy = B


  1. 18ac..PRODUCT.. PRO DUCT.. pro is for duct is tube... means good(s) ..product (s)

  2. Tomorrow I have an early morning flight to Ahmedabad as such I may not be able to post a completed blog, in which case I will post the clues and leave it for the commenters to solve like a Sunday special but limited to three answers per commenter. I will publish it at 6 AM and update it later at night.
    I may be irregular for the next 18 days as I will be going around Gujarat, Rajasthan then Mangalore and will be back on 26th.

    1. Great to know, Col! Have a pleasant and safe trip!

    2. Are you canvassing for candidates in the fray? Just kidding! Have an enjoyable and safe trip.

    3. Noted col. sir. Have a pleasant and safe journey.

    4. Happy Landings in our IAF's lingo.... Have a fruitful trip...

  3. Have a nice trip Col.
    22d (a(b)om*)(b), imu.

  4. Lots of food- 0f different verities- a few one comes across only in CW's!

    1. +1 The only place on earth where you can grab all delicacies, ignoring diet restrictions.

  5. Coloner sir, please do share a travel blog.we are interested

  6. Thanks everyone for solving. All the best for your trip, Deepak. Have a great time

  7. Eagerly await your travel-blog. Bon Voyage, Col !!

  8. Safe journey @Col Have a great time !