Thursday 24 November 2022

No 13719, Thursday 24 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Where one might play footsie secretly (5,3,5) UNDER THE TABLE [C&DD]
8   Cleric in church eating piece of cake (5) CINCH [T]
9   Worrying in bar about physical assault (7-2) BEATING-UP {B{EATING}UP<=}
11 Friend lives with single model inside small house (10) MAISONETTE {MA{IS}{ONE}{T}TE}
12 Stop wasting time and bowl over (4) STUN STUNt
14 Drunkard turned very very loud - put away (4,3) TOSS OFF {SOT<=}{SO}{FF}
16 Greek character involved in abominable crime is a quack (7) EMPIRIC {EM{PI}RIC*}
17 More annoyed as rogue irritates, crossing limits (7) RATTIER iRRITATEs
19 Holler about revolutionary physical training for athletic event (4,3) SHOT PUT {SHO{PT<=}UT}
21 Frail guy eating round hybrid fruit (4) UGLI [T<=]
22 Notes girl cuddling gangster after drink (10) MARGINALIA {MAR{GIN}{AL}IA}
25 Welcome a boy into chamber and enjoy oneself enormously (4,1,4) HAVE A BALL {H{AVE}{A}{B}ALL}
26 Lie back, start to observe fine digital publication (1-4) E-BOOK {BE<=}{Ob...e}{OK}
27 Exaggerate with wild promises? Have to win election primarily (13) OVEREMPHASISE {PROMISES+HAVE]* over {El...n}

2   Fools made noise, expressing obscenities at entrance outside bar (7) NINNIES {NoISE}* over {INN}
3   Elaborate on the rationale relating to study of cultures (10) ETHNOLOGIC {ON+THE}*{LOGIC}
4   Son avoids fast food (5) T?B?E (Addendum - TABLE sTABLE - See comments)
5   Accuracy of former player, sacrificing rook for knight (9) EXACTNESS {EX}{ACT(-r+n)NESS}
6   Chief is avoiding drinks in retreat? I very much doubt it! (2,2) AS IF [T<=]
7   The girl's exercising to get thinner (7) LIGHTER*
8   Achieve heavenly body, hot and rugged (4,7) COME THROUGH {COMET}{H}{ROUGH}
10 Captain's reckless plan causing episode of intense anxiety (5,6) PANIC ATTACK {CAPTAIN*}{TACK} 
13 Motive in a leak about officials (10) APPOINTEES {POINT} in {A}{SEEP<=}
15 Warning given by gun-wielding gangster (4,5) FIRE ALARM  {FIRE{AL}ARM}
18 Brief report on oral exam coming up in Middle Eastern city (3,4) TEL AVIV {TELl}{VIVA<=}
20 Revolting indiscretion involving immoral ones found in bedroom (7) PILLOWS {PIL{LOW}S<=}
23 Pull up champion in ravine (5) GULCH {LUG<=}{CH}
24 Couple split up over a little argument (4) PAIR {RI{Ar...t}P<=}

Reference List
Model = T, Time = T, Very loud = FF, Physical training = PT, Gangster = AL, Boy = B, Son = S, Rook = R, Knight = N, Hot = H, Champion = CH


  1. Dr.X at his easiest best.
    Loved the gun wielding gangstaer.

  2. 14A- Very very loud.
    Very= So
    Very loud= FF. Very nicely put. Had problem on parsing until I saw the blog.

  3. I was interpreting 19A as SH__|OUT and ended up botching up 13D and 20D too :-(