Sunday 6 November 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3227, Sunday 06 Nov 2022

1   Right to hop a small distance in imperishable body part (5,6) NERVE ENDING {NE(+r)VE(-r) ENDING}
9   Rodent spotted in Birmingham's terrarium (7) HAMSTER [T]
10 Accept a fork-tailed songbird (7) SWALLOW [DD]
11 Religious leader's nearly bang on (5) RABBI RABBIt
12 Aren't emus, largely, surprisingly, able to do sums? (8) NUMERATE {ARENT+EMUs}*
14 Pursue legal cases in casual apparel (10) TRACKSUITS {TRACK}{SUITS}
15 At which time, novel about hotel gets rejected (4) WHEN {NE{H}W}<=
17 Get rid of unevenly shaved moustache (4) OUST mOUSTache
19 Sees bodily shape getting portly, shedding first of two tons (7,3) FIGURES OUT {FIGURE}{StOUT}
21 Farm animal breaking speed of light ... take off ... lift off! (8) SHEEPDOG {SPEED+Of+liGHt}*
23 All but last two of Italian children seeing cartoon (5) BAMBI BAMBIno
25 Rector and associate fiddle endlessly with pasta dish (7) RAVIOLI {R}{A}{VIOLIn}
26 Only half seasoned, bear with difficulty a gastropod (3,4) SEA SLUG {SEASoned}{LUG}
27 Charge one that may have a tab for extra glass (5,6) STORM WINDOW {STORM}{WINDOW}

1   Country pub abandoned, amphibian jumping about (7) NAMIBIA AMphIBIAN*
2   Once more considers the dilapidated skating venues seen around (8) RETHINKS {R{THE*}INKS}
3   Nobleman in Cockney cast (4) EARL (~'url)
4   In atrium: nuts, bananas, flower with edible leaves (10) NASTURTIUM*
5   The writer thinks highly of being furious (5) IRATE  {I}{RATE}
6   Gigantic old leviathan; in allegory, tempting hubris, primarily? (7) GOLIATH Acrostic &lit
7   Following drink, goes off with summer clothing (5,8) SHORT TROUSERS {SHORT}{TROUSERS}
8   Love to tuck into desserts such as honey bun and treacle (5,8) SWEET NOTHINGS {SWEET{NOTHING}S}
13 No end in turmoil brewing by car showroom? (10) AUDITORIUM {TURMOIl}*<=>{AUDI}
16 Piano, perhaps it includes D# and F# (according to Spooner) (8) KEYBOARD (~ b chord to keyboard)
18 Suspends items of furniture (7) SHELVES [DD]
20 'On Her Majesty's Service' on fronts of letters aligned with current regulation? (4,3) OHMS LAW {OHMS}{Le...s}{Al...d}{With}
22 Dance round trailer? (5) PROMO {PROM}{O}
24 Everyman's behind essentially nasty fizz (4) ASTI {I}<=>{nASTy}

Reference List
Right = R, Hotel = H, Rector = R, Associate = A, Pub = PH(Public house)

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    A Sunny Sunday holiday to all of you. Managed to attempt and solve a good number of clues this morning and waited till noon to ascertain where I had failed such as 4-D (though guessed it to be an anagram of ATRIUM + NUTS), 26-A, 27-A, 22-D & 24-D.
    Thanks to the grid compiler for letting me learn a new word today - NASTURTIUM (4-D).