Tuesday, 22 November 2022

No 13717, Tuesday 22 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Spirited woman has beaten up beau involved in fling (13) SWASHBUCKLING {S{W}{HAS*}{BUCK}LING}
8   Main intellectual firing amateur (5) BRINY BRaINY
9   Begins with skit, super funny (7,2) STRIKES UP
11 How runs might be scored on the legside to get out of trouble? (3,3,4) OFF THE HOOK [DD]
12 Disreputable person about to smuggle ecstasy in dock (4) PIER {R{E}IP<=}
14 Temptress in food shop at the French hotel (7) DELILAH {DELI}{LA}{H}
16 Great moves to trap rebellious gangster on the run (2,5) AT LARGE {AT{AL<=}RGE*}
17 Excellent study about heroin and dope (7) AIRHEAD {A1}{R{H}EAD}
19 One turning out champion after end of race (7) EVICTOR {VICTOR}<=>{racE}
21 Surmounts difficulty on retirement (4) TOPS<=
22 Whiskey consumed on top of rum! Smashed beyond doubt (10) WATERTIGHT {W}{ATE}{Rum}{TIGHT}
25 Wild boyfriend hosting drunken spree (9) DESPERATE {D{SPREE*}ATE}
26 One who makes an estimate of carbon released from mouth of volcano (5) RATER cRATER
27 Seeing patient (13) UNDERSTANDING [DD]

2   Wife with bad flu in distress, getting plaintive (7) WAILFUL {W}{AI{FLU*}L}
3   Sell cheesy crackers in island nation (10) SEYCHELLES*
4   Silly talk about conservative Dutch painter (5) BOSCH {BOS{C}H}
5   Men reviewed work in case relating to large company (9) C?R?O?A?E (Addendum - CORPORATE - {C{OR}{OP<=}RATE} See comments)
6   Enjoy procession for new king (4) LIKE LI(-n+k)KE
7   Partners having a row, getting more spiteful (7) NASTIER {N}{A}{S}{TIER}
8   Televised street performers in ground (11) BROADCASTED {B{ROAD}{CAST}ED}
10 Proper planning to catch alien rogue, one who has committed a crime (11) PERPETRATOR {PERP{ET}{RAT}OR*}
13 Secluded by onset of Covid-19, son lazed around (10) CLOISTERED {Co..d}{LOI{S}TERED}
15 Retreats from hard course of action, constrained by feelings (9) HIDEAWAYS {H}{IDEA{WAY}S}
18 Persuades guy to go astray (5,2) ROPES IN {ROPE}{SIN}
20 Tying the knot? Yes, lost and tense (7) TIGHTEN {TyING+THE}*
23 Swelling in back of knee troubled dame (5) EDEMA {kneE}{DAME*}
24 Fearsome terrorist crossing boundary (4) METE [T]

Reference List
Woman = W, Beau = BUCK, Amateur = A, Ecstasy = E, Hotel = H, Gangster = AL, Heroin = H, Whiskey = W, Carbon = C, Wife = W, Conservative = C, New =N, King = K, Partners = N,S, Alien = ET, Son = S, Hard = H, Yes = Y


  1. 5D CORPORATE(LARGE COMPANY) OR (men) OP(work) in CRATE(case)

  2. 5D small correction
    Other ranks are men,
    Reviewed work will give po
    Case is Crate
    Hence, c(or+po)rate
    With regards,

  3. Surprisingly, I could race through today. Thank you Dr X.

  4. Even I raced through. Only 23 mins. Double checked the setter.
    Thanx Doc. My cod - SWASHBUCKLING

  5. Replies
    1. Def- enjoy, Procession- LINE, King- k, new- n, k in place of n- LIKE