Thursday, 17 November 2022

No 13713, Thursday 17 Nov 2022, Afterdark

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Done with a group of actors. They are dull (8) OVERCAST {OVER}|{CAST}
5   Disorganised tour peacekeepers participating is to terminate (3,3) RUN OUT {R{UN}OUT*}
9   Line at temple entrance upset boy; to get cooler takes a sip of Kool-Aid (8) TAILBACK {Te...e}{AIL}{B}{AC}{Ko...d}
10 Chilling account, totally exciting narration at the start of series, perhaps (6) CATENA Acrostic
11 Devices to remap areas around mountain (8) AERATORS {AERA{TOR}S*}
12 Jewellery at branch rented (6) ARMLET {ARM}{LET}
14 Wife or son? Cooler one will get an admirer (10) WORSHIPPER {W}{OR}{S}{HIPPER}
18 Time demands when there is no time? Does away with (10) ERADICATES {ERA}{DICtATES}
22 Indian from Nagaland border area at Virginia with sweetheart (6) NAVAJO {Na...d}{A}{VA}{JO}
23 One boards taxi to procure flour in Delhi to make bread (8) CIABATTA {C{1}AB}{ATTA}
24 Account concerning the dead... (6) RELATE {RE}{LATE}
25 ...almost enough, put in the moon by a foreigner (8) ?I?I?I?O (Addendum FILIPINO {FILl}{I{PIN}O} - See comments)
26 Pass away? Go (6) OUTRUN {OUT}{RUN}
27 Fighter's roar after gaining energy; he is shifting (8) EMIGRANT {MIG}{RANT}<=>{E}

1   Budget is finished, take deposit (6) OUTLAY {OUT}{LAY}
2   I am back with police officer. It's concerning the expat (6) EMIGRE {ME<=}{IG}{RE}
3   Measure copper parts (6) CUBITS {CU}{BITS}
4   I, with two men, disengage from extraordinary melodramatics of priests. (10) SACERDOTAL {mELODRAmATiCS}*
6   Daring fraud, I with a new leader unravelled (8) UNAFRAID {FRAUD+I+A+New}*
7   Six deliveries, round first slip and covers (8) OVERLAPS {OVER}{LAP}{Slip}
8   Vehicles of thespians; Tesla right? It's written in the front (8) TRACTORS {ACTORS}<=}{T}{R}
13 Self control of a sect is magic, sacrificing silver; extraordinary (10) ASCETICISM {A+SECT+IS+MagIC}*
15 Managed to return to party after getting sign of painter (8) LEONARDO {RAN<=}{DO}<=>{LEO}
16 New valet lives (not lives) with a small seal (8) VALVELET {VALET+LiVEs}*
17 From the beginning Jack is under Japan's intense training, studying ultimate martial arts (8) JIUJITSU Acrostic
19 Being unwell, boy inside is weakening (6)  EBBING {EB{B}ING*}
20 Ancient Greek region is a dry, primarily inhabitable cold area (6) ATTICA {A}{TT}{In...e}{C}{A}
21 Game starting late? Exposed plan (3,3) LAY OUT {pLAY}{OUT}

Reference List
Peacekeepers = UN, Boy = B, Cooler = AC, Mountain = TOR, Wife = W, Son = S, Time = T, Area = A, Virginia = VA, Sweetheart = JO, Concerning = RE, Fighter = MIG, Energy = E, Men = M, Tesla = T, Right = R, Party = DO, Dry = TT 


  1. Why no one us trying. Blog looks desolate

    1. 25A - FILIPINO
      Definition: Foreigner
      Almost enough = FIL l̶
      Put = Pin
      Moon = Io (a moon of Jupiter)
      Anno becomes: {FIL l̶} {I {PIN} O}

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  2. Unusually late entry by me since I was orherwise engaged. A few rare words made it difficult.
    Filipino was a good solve.

  3. Two new words for me today..4d and 23a. 1 down and 21 down solutions are interchanged.

  4. Was very difficult for me today

  5. A very interesting observation:
    The ANSWERS contain
    RUN OUT & OUTRUN (5a&26a)
    OUTLAY & LAY OUT (1d&21d)