Monday 7 November 2022

No 13704, Monday 07 Nov 2022, Arden

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Opportunity for half of those watching the game (8) PROSPECT {PRO}{SPECTators}
5   Go with arms, transport coming (6) ORGASM {GO+ARMS}*
10 Cashier will insult girl (7) DISMISS {DIS}{MISS}
11 Systematic plan to keep a soldier among other soldiers (7) REGIMEN {RE}{GI}{MEN}
12 Bit of war enacted in the battle ground (5) ARENA [T]
13 Stoned to death — after drink I'd embraced my girlfriend (9) LAPIDATED {LAP}{I{DATE}D}
14 Airlines gone — gone off to get these fighting men (12) LEGIONNAIRES*
18 Earlier Carol received it, I am arranging in order of importance (12) PRIORITISING {PRIOR}{SING} over {IT}{I}
21 Assure without resolving what a union member would wear (9) TROUSSEAU {ASSURE+OUT}*
23 Hog success, splitting two points (5) SWINE {S}{WIN}{E}
24 Watchdog half in a frenzy over a language (7) GUARANI {GUARdian}{IN+A}*
25 Predicament over cover of a Jane Austen novel (7) DILEMMA {LID<=}{EMMA}
26 Lay — lay half in a wrap-around cloth (6) SARONG {S{AR}ONG} Anno for AR pending (Addendum - {A{ARia}ONG} - See comments)
27 Simple, in fact starts when you enter Yale (4-4) DEWY-EYED {DE{When}{You}{En..r}{Yale}ED}

1   Chapman's essentially idle, poppering outside (6) PEDLAR {PE{{iDLe)AR}
2   Removed only old, getting tense (6) OUSTED {O}{US{T}ED}
3   Ship exclusive for the Queen (9) PRIVATEER {PRIVATE}{ER}
4   Move on board before taking wings, it's very unrealistic to hope (6,2,3,3) CASTLE IN THE AIR {CASTLE}{IN THE AIR}
6   Very cold, fellow goes hard (5) RIGID fRIGID
7   A right age for winding (8) ARMATURE {A}{R}{MATURE}
8   Agree, one gets maximum coverage as a singer (8) MONODIST {MO{NOD}{1}ST}
9   Comes down carrying one package to surrender (4,4,6) DROP ONES BUNDLE {DROP{ONE}S}{BUNDLE}
15 Placing relatives over a friend? It's a fair game (4,5) AUNT SALLY {AUNTS}{ALLY}
16 Emergency power sources step in during eclipses (8) UPSTAGES {UP{STAGE}S}
17 Juvenile invites a Greek character-a bull headed monster (8) MINOTAUR {MINO{TAU}R}
19 Student at the centre is one month behind, it's a concern (6) DISMAY {stuDent}{IS}{MAY}
20 Signal gunners detained outside (6) ?E?A?D (Addendum - HERALD {HE{RA}LD} - See comments)
22 Well chosen country (5) SPAIN {SPA}{IN}

Reference List
Insult = DIS, Soldiers = RE, GI, MEN, Points = S,E, Only = O, Tense = T, Queen = ER, Fellow = F, Right = R, Emergency Power source = UPS, Gunners = RA(Royal Artillery), Well = SPA


  1. 26 A - Looks like AR is from (-w)RA(-p)<=

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Satyen, I meant 'lay' as a musical term for a song or an aria. 'Lay half in' was intended to be 'ar (half of aria)' in 'song'. I suppose the surface needs bit of a tweak.

    2. Ah ok. Thank you Arden Sir.

    3. I thought of Aria when I saw 'ar', but did not have the confidence after seeing Doc's parsing.

  3. 20D. Herald= signal . Gunners= RA( Royal Artillery) Detained= Held. It isa container indicator too.

  4. 16D- It has to be Emergency Power Source only- no plural needed, am I right? (in the clue)

    1. Paddy, emergency power sources can be written as UPS- uninterrupted power supply which can come from many sources. Another aspect to look at is the agreement between the verb and the subject. If you use the singular 'source' then the clue has to read 'Emergency power source steps in'. Again 'steps' equates with 'stages' and not the singular 'stage'.

    2. Got it. Thank you Arden. I missed surface reading.

  5. On the tougher side today. My progress was poor.

  6. Outside means to both the left and right sides of RA.He( left side)( Ra)LD( rt side

  7. Right. You had needlessly confused it by talking about container indicator. No need for it when you have outside or you can call that so.