Saturday 26 November 2022

No 13721, Saturday 26 Nov 2022, Bruno

1   Beliefs of Native American tribe's detractors lacking contents (6) CREEDS {CREE}{De...rS}
4   Put ring on love, love-bird! (6) HOOPOO {HOOP}{0}{0}
8   One that runs away from love keen to hide beginnings of emotional reawakening (7)  AVOIDER {AV{0}ID}{Em...l}{Re...g}
9   Second player knocked out of knockout rounds gets rewards (7) PAYOFFS PlAYOFFS
11 Online article's truly with spirit (10) ETHEREALLY {E}{THE}{REALLY}
12 Resounding ego controlling Republican monster? (4) OGRE {OG{R}E*}
13 Spa building separated from hospital made of stone (5) LITHO HOspITaL*
14 Hereditary unit regressing in group that's breaking promise (8) RENEGING {R{GENE<=}ING}
16 Obscure name: "Le'Dainian" framed and decorated (8) ENAMELED [T]
18 Injuries on end of skullcap displayed by homeless people (5)  BUMPS {BUM{s...aP}S}
20 Fish's tailfin hiding in rock (4) DACE  DAnCE
21 UN rationed supply for labour organization (5,5) TRADE UNION*
23 Wound up twin chasing action regularly for entertainment (7) CINEMAS {SAME<=}<=>{aCtIoN}
24 Country collapsing into sea (7) ESTONIA*
25 Talk of unknown matter lacking mass (6) YATTER {Y}{mATTER}
26 A stiff back (6) ASTERN {A}{STERN}

1   Animal's surprisingly active after chopping head off (5) CIVET aCTIVE*
2   Famous poem in entire extract (7) EMINENT [T]
3   Stop the Spanish digging into earth for fossil fuel (6,3) DIESEL OIL {DIE}{S{EL}OIL}
5   Company sent off travelling voyager with egg (5) OVARY VOYAgeR*
6   Continue to give priest and rector tea - nothing's lost (7) PROLONG {P}{R}{OoLONG}
7   Gifts of iron bands (9) OFFERINGS {OF}{FE}{RINGS}
10 Red Scot's from American South (9) FLORIDIAN {FLORID}{IAN}
13 Being straight? In reality - it's strange (9) LINEARITY*
15 Royalty? No thanks... (9) NOBLESSES {NO}{BLESSES} 
17 Actress sat with me - and we got drunk (3,4) MAE WEST {SAT+ME+WE}*
19 A nervous handler starts visiting spy at a portal to the underworld? (7) MANHOLE {M{A}{Ne...s}{Ha...r}OLE}
21 One dodged abuse for business (5) TRADE TiRADE
22 Working with interest at functioning plant (5) ONION {ON}{I}{ON}

Reference List
Online = E, Republican = R, Mass = M, The in Spanish = EL, Company = GE, Priest = P, Rector = R


  1. Met Richard Lasrado in Mangalore. See the post in the THCC families blog at the following link.

    1. +ton for the mangalore S&B. Anyday in Jan!

    2. Thought of suggesting but wondered if you will have the time. Have been in touch with him for the past couple of months (thanks to Vasant)
      +1 for Prasad's suggestion.

  2. Liked red scot, no thanks!
    On the contrary loved the offerings
    Though the spa didn't have to be built
    Bumps anyway to the setter
    Except for the trade and trade union on the same plate!

  3. Congrats to the ixl finalists.