Wednesday 23 November 2022

No 13718, Wednesday 23 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Terribly bad effort, conceding bishop in exchange (5-3) TRADE-OFF {bAD+EFFORT}*
5   Cocktail, if iced is divine (6) DEIFIC*
10 Obsession with models introduced by excellent car manufacturer (7) BUGATTI {BUG}{A{TT}1}
11 Introduce upper-class woman at club briefly (5,2) USHER IN {U}{SHE}{RINg}
12 Crushed by asinine verdict? Not at all (5) NEVER [T]
13 Arouse a little in order to have sex (9) TITILLATE {A+LITTLE}* over {IT} Semi&lit
14 Oh, hoarder is excitedly keeping money in piles (12) HAEMORRHOIDS {OH+HOARDER+IS} over {M}
18 Reverend, I go crazy after drinking liquor - my job's on the line! (6,6) ENGINE DRIVER {REVEREND+I}* over {GIN}
21 Hurry up and dance (5,1,3) SHAKE A LEG [DD]
23 Back starting to pain in a spot (5) A?O?T (Addendum - ADOPT {A}{DO{Pain}T} - See comments))
24 Sister having trouble getting good power tool (4,3) NAIL GUN {N{AIL}{G}UN}
25 Pick up traveller smuggling ecstasy and cocaine (7) RECOVER {R{E}{C}OVER}
26 Female crushed by miserable review, in tears (6) DASHES {DA{SHE}S<=}
27 Greek hero in work about Ulysses craftily killing many (8) ODYSSEUS {DO<=}{UlYSSES}*

1   Container aboard boat for recreational activity on water (6) TUBING {TU{BIN}G}
2   Greek person, one essentially bearing gift (6) ARGIVE {A}{beaRing}{GIVE}
3   Put up with poor internet around area (9) ENTERTAIN {ENTERT{A}IN*}
4   Expose hustler involved in cheating? OK (4,2,8) FAIR TO MIDDLING {F{AIR}{TOM}IDDLING}
6   The sly rogue wants special type of alcohol (5) ETHYL {THE+sLY}*
7   Develop a detailed procedure to make preservative (8) FORMALIN {FORM}{A}{LINe}
8   Italian noble cheating with beauty in retreat (8) CONTESSA {CON}{ASSET<=}
9   Articulate fellow involved in spree getting embarrassed and clumsy (14) BUTTERFINGERED {B{UTTER}{F}INGE}{RED}
15 Chief priests in shire, assembled around dome (9) HIERARCHS {HIER{ARCH}S*}
16 Start to appreciate boy in family becoming mature (8) SEASONED {SE{Ap...e}{SON}ED}
17 Saint in Tunisia, wandering around middle of night (8) IGNATIUS {I{niGht}NATIUS*}
19 Legends touring posh Vatican art museum (6) LOUVRE {LO{U}{V}RE}
20 Seabird aboard steamship poops (6) STERNS {S{TERN}S}
22 Maiden dumped pathetic bore (5) EAGRE mEAGRE

Reference List
Bishop - B, Model = T, Upper-class = U, Sex = IT, Money = M, Good = G, Ecstasy = E, Cocaine = C, Many = L, Area = A, Special = S, Fellow = F, Posh = U, Vatican = V, Steamship = SS, Maiden = M


  1. Formalin- I could never think of it as a preservative. Our minds go towards jam etc., but then we have to remind ourselves that setting the CW!!

  2. Slightly tougher than yesterday?


  3. 23A. Back = ADOPT. P (first letter of "pain") inside A DOT = a spot

  4. Best Wishes for a very Happy Birthday and many many Happy returns of the Day Doc.

  5. Happy birthday, Dr..I could graduate from frustration to be able to solve majority of the clues, thou, our adrenaline pumps-)

  6. Dear Dr X
    Being a SEASONED setter, several of your clues ENTERTAIN and TITILLATE us. Happy returns and wish you a great year ahead! 💐

  7. Tougher one compared to yesterday's crossword. New words for me 4D and 22D. Many Happy Returns of The DAY - Dr.X.