Wednesday 9 November 2022

No 13706, Wednesday 09 Nov 2022, Incognito

Had time at the airport so completed the CW before the flight took off.

Solution to 18D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Cut enlargement in digestive tract of bird (4) CROP [DD]
9   Ale is spilt in passageway (5) AISLE*
10 Sole part of London lyceum (4) ONLY [T]
11 Nudges and moves bowels (6) ELBOWS*
12 US tender rigged without a break (8) UNRESTED*
13 She is thrown out of revolving swivel chair in public uprising (5,3) CIVIL WAR {sWIVeL+ChAIR}*
15 Mix cola in container for lubricant (6) OILCAN*
17 Family group going around Rio displays musical instrument (7) CLARION {CLA{RIO}N}
19 Did silk spoil crash helmet? (4,3) SKID LID*
22 Note about feathered appendage producing sudden stab of pain (6) TWINGE {T{WING}E}
24 Shrines built around Cape show affluence (8) RICHNESS {RI{C}HNESS*}
26 Noel made mixed fruit drink (8) LEMONADE*
28 Lets in promotion materials around Massachusetts Institute of Technology (6) ADMITS {AD{MIT}S}
30 Kill copper and students (4) CULL {CU}{L}{L}
31 Lean girl's article (5) THING {THIN}{G}
32 Domesticate wild mate (4) TAME*

1   Spoken in Windsor alehouse (4) ORAL [T]
2   Traveller on ice, going around Post Office circle, is more eerie (8) SPOOKIER {S{PO}{O}KIER}
3   Watched after spooks returned in capital (6) WARSAW {SAW}<=>{RAW<=}
4   Wrongly say, "True creek" (7) ESTUARY*
5   Bakery production, including eggs, in annual journal (8) YEARBOOK {YEARB{00}K*}
6   Bit code, perhaps, with learner (6) MORSEL {MORSE}{L}
7   This uncle is confused in absence of number (4) CLUE UnCLE*
14 Horribly wail about new relative by marriage (2-3) IN-LAW {I{N}LAW*}
16 One girl? That's wrong! (5) AMISS {A}{MISS}
18 Excited to carve son's hams (8) O?E?A?T? (Addendum - OVERACTS - {TO+CARVE}*{S} See comments)
20 Explosive item is blasted behind Andy by mistake (8) DYNAMITE {ITEM}*<=>{ANDY*}
21 As sire can be bizarre... (7) ARSENIC*
23 Head's old one's refurbished (6) NOODLE*
25 Alter small coins (6) CHANGE [DD]
27 In absence of 21, wildly amuses birds (4) EMUS aMUSEs*
29 Thomas has English book (4) TOME {TOM}{E}

Reference List
Note = TE, Cape = C, Student = L, Girl = G, Learner = L, Number = N, New = N, English = E


  1. curiously waiting for special post..........Have a nice day.

    1. There is no special post as I completed the crossword

    2. As expected, since it is Incognito CW- a walk in the park.
      I am also thankful to Incognito for giving me enough time (after completion) for my morning walk.

    3. my crossword was a taught to me as a child of 9-y-o from my dad. I reacted as an actor. Ham is an obvious clue. I learned to solve a 8-y-o. I didn't lean this suave ways. Yet I manage to finish my grid.

    4. Of course, there are two ways of looking at it. One is to somehow solve the grid and the other is of course to analyse, parse and enjoy the wordplay. I think it is only a small step.

    5. @ Paddy sir. I used to solve Incognito's CW during lunch hour. Esp. today there are many anagrams which are too keen and interesting. Thank you Incognito and Col.sir

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  3. Thanks Col for updating this despite on the move. Have a good trip.

  4. 21D surprised no anno till now. (tocarves)*

  5. 18 D
    Let me attempt at the anno
    Hams = Actor who acts in an exaggerated way, ie overacts
    Now exited " To carve son's " To carve s,
    Annagrind = OVERACTS

  6. Hams and actor as a singular noun do not tally. Surprisingly (for me) I found on checking that ham is also a verb meaning to overact.
    Otherwissvyour anno is right.
    Anagrind is excited.

  7. 14:17 PKC - my dad, too, taught me CW when I was less than 10 year old. I still remember two clues from The Times of India cryptic CW.
    # Two cups of tea for Nehru? = CHACHA
    # He plans, she acts!! = NANDA , and one more
    # A prolonged engagement? = MEANDER

  8. 18D I have considered this way. - (OVERACT)*(S)
    to crave*; over 'S' Son=S
    unable to post in due time. but as usual Incognito's clues are excellent and interesting too. Have a gr8 day.