Saturday 19 November 2022

No 13715, Saturday 19 Nov 2022, Afterdark

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Say, speaker's measure is inadequate concerning opposition leader (6) STEREO {STEp}{RE}{Op...n}
9   Sort of give ten takas primarily for the drawing (8) VIGNETTE {GIVE+TEN+Ta..s}*
10 Armed ships' crew replaced for a woman (3-2-3) MEN-OF-WAR {MEN}{FOR+A+W}*
11 Mother's away to invite Hindu leader, a tamer (6) MAHOUT {MA}{OUT} over {Hi..u}
12 Condition for returning assistance; accept English soldiers by end of August (8) DEMENTIA {D{E}{MEN}{a...sT}IA<=}
13 Didn't wish Newton? Bad reporter (6) NILLED {N}{ILL}{ED}
14 Can a king's enemy pitilessly appropriate nation's leaders and vessel (7) CAKEPAN Acrostic
17 Censure auditor having a cocktail & some enchiladas and a dish (7) PANCAKE {PAN}{CA}{cocK}{En...s}
20 Almost decides to heat and unfreeze (2-4) DE-ICED DECIDEs*
22 Attempt to follow a right individual with special skill (8) ARTISTRY {TRY}<=>{A}{RT}{I}{S}
25 Idiot of a Greek character with power; has treasure (6) MUPPET {MU}{P}{PET}
26 Surpass in workout classically (8)  OUTCLASS [T]
27 Re-ad medical officer's note again (4,4) ONCE-MORE {ON}{CE}{MO}{RE}
28 Reach old canopy (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}

1   Strangers kidnap canine and are returning with the rest (2,6) ET CETERA {ET}{C}{ET}{ARE<=}
2   Track has little opening leading into the wood (6) GROOVE {GRO{Op...g}VE}
3   Disappear with daughter taking comedian's bird (6) GODWIT {GO}{D}{WIT}
4   Set out to cycle on surface (7) ?V?R?A?  (Addendum - OVERLAY {LAY}<=>{OVER} - See comments)
5   Say, country's excellent in retort, has no thought for others (8) EGOMANIA {EG}{OMAN}A1<=}
6   Pharmaceutical formulation to relieve trauma related to the head (8) CEPHALIC PHarmaCEutICAL*
7   Adapt a leading Tamil song (6) ATTUNE {A}{Ta..l}{TUNE}
15 Encrypt epic with new hero sacrificing nothing strangely (8) ENCIPHER {EPIC+N+HERo}*
16 Hearing out and performing with two individuals (8) AUDITION {AND+OUT+I+I}*
18 Keen about buying flower and fuel... (8) KEROSENE {KE{ROSE}NE*}
19 ...gutted angry girlfriend outside on a break (7) LAYOVER {L{AngrY}OVER}
21 'Dancing Queen'? It primarily would relate to a horse (6) EQUINE {QUEEN+It}*
23 Laugh at losing weight in social media platform (6) TITTER TwITTER
24 Bow? Instrument only has small arc at the top in the front (6) SALUTE {LUTE}<=>{S}{Arc}

Reference List
Concerning = RE, Woman = W, English = E, Newton = N, Right = RT, Special = S, Power = P, Re = ON, AD = CE, Note = RE, Stranger = ET, Canine = C, Daughter = D, Excellent = A1, New = N, Individual = I, Weight = W, Small = S


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  2. 14A- cakepan/ 17A- Pan cake
    19D- Layover/ ????

    1. We had this play on Thursday too.

    2. Yes. Probably more visible today since it is in the middle of the grid.

  3. 4D. Overlay= surface.. Velo= to cycle.Ray unable to fit...hmm. set out is angrind

  4. Found it very challenging.. Thats that far i could go

    1. Benefits of cycling...It's not how or where but .....

    2. When to cycle is important.

  5. Ray= skate= glude smoothly velo= to cycle. Does it make any sense?

  6. Set out= Overlay=Def
    Cycle=over. Surface=Lay

    1. Oh, I thought it was:
      Set = Lay
      Out = Over (in the sense of extinguished)
      When cycled, Lay Over becomes Overlay = Surface (Definition)

    2. Looks more plausible

  7. I have chkd the synonyms of cycle in webster. Alas! No ever i came across " over"..May be i need to broadbase my search

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