Saturday 12 November 2022

No 13709, Saturday 12 Nov 2022, Lightning

1   Day broke in a turmoil - you can escape in this (8) KEYBOARD*
5   Universal appeal wearing cloth inside out - it may have strings (6) GUITAR {U}{IT} in {RAG<=}
9   Oddly Sitar missing the top span is a great asset (8) STRENGTH {SiTaR}{{lENGTH}
10 Illegibly write on top of sheet at a slow pace (6) SCRAWL {Sh..t}{CRAWL}
12 Make certain right away to follow (5) ENSUE ENSUrE
13 Short agreement with one accountant - it is pleasing to the ears (9) HARMONICA {HARMONy}{1}{CA}
14 Maid essentially with regret cutting a third of long plume (6) AIGRET {mAId}{reGRET}
16 They may bring gifts to US state - it's amazing (7) MAGICAL {MAGI}{CAL}
19 Double mishap reveals flaw (7) BLEMISH [T]
21 At last we hear you are beside English brook (6) ENDURE {END}{(~you are)UR}{E}
23 Seabiscuit perhaps reaches Oregon in bad shape (9) RACEHORSE {REACHES+OR}*
25 Sharp item around a primarily open musical instrument (5) PIANO {PI{A}N}{Open}
26 A fellow mostly reluctant to stay on the surface (6) AFLOAT {A}{F}{LOATh}
27 Fine in IT building having no boundaries (8) INFINITE*
28 Maoist changed religion (6) TAOISM*
29 At home, filling red wine in tube of reed (8) CLARINET {CLAR{IN}ET}

1   Expression of affection shortened, satisfied with fate (6) KISMET {KISs}{MET}
2   Sorry hiker almost lost in English county (9) YORKSHIRE {SORRY+HIKEr}*
3   Lacking power strike cat (5) OUNCE pOUNCE
4   Traitor missing a trick - it can help move in one direction (7) RATCHET {RAT}{CHEaT}
6   Uncle with German dog at sea, freed of obstructions (9) UNCLOGGED {UNCLE+G+DOG}*
7   Primarily taking heavy and lavish Indian meal (5) THALI Acrostic Semi&lit
8   For the most part, old person is fit and sound (8) RELIABLE {RELIc}{ABLE}
11 Barrel of primarily dark liquor (4) DRUM {Dark}{RUM}
15 Criticize leaders at terminals for trains (9) RAILHEADS {RAIL}{HEADS}
17 Flower in vehicle at country (9) CARNATION {CAR}{NATION}
18 A massive animal letting out a cry is eccentric (8) ABERRANT {A}{BEaR}{RANT}
20 Dwell on one producing notes (4) HARP [DD]
21 Oriental sea bird by a lake is always present (7) ETERNAL {E}{TERN}{A}{L}
22 Saint following manner that is not pretentious (6) MODEST {ST}<=>{MODE}
24 Small room with ordinary instrument (5) CELLO {CELL}{O}
25 Earlier monastery was curtailed (5) PRIOR PRIORy

Reference List
Universal = U, Appeal = IT, Right = R, English = E, Fellow = F, At home = IN, Red wine = CLARET, Power = P, German = G, Lake = L, Ordinary = O


  1. Smooth flowing.
    Name of a racehorse is a bit difficult,though when I tried 'seabiscuit' on said racehorse.

    1. Man o' war, war admiral, hard tack, seabiscuit, pumpkin. Great family of winners.

    2. Oh! Really? I did not know that.

  2. 1.A- Would "You HAVE escape in this be better than can?

  3. Music is tbe theme?
    We have Keyboard, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Clarinet, Cello, Harp, Drum.

    1. Yes, it was a musical morning event while solving today's crossword!!

    2. Nice crossword. Pleasing to the eye, ears & mind. 😊

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    (i) The puzzles can be solved on the screen, (ii) checked for correctness of solutions - individual letters / full word for any clue, and (iii) alphabets in any cell, and full word solutions can be revealed for specific clues.

  5. Nice and smooth. A lovely theme too. Good solve in the rains at chennai we had thunder and lightning too!