Saturday, 12 November 2022

No 13709, Saturday 12 Nov 2022, Lightning

1   Day broke in a turmoil - you can escape in this (8) KEYBOARD*
5   Universal appeal wearing cloth inside out - it may have strings (6) GUITAR {U}{IT} in {RAG<=}
9   Oddly Sitar missing the top span is a great asset (8) STRENGTH {SiTaR}{{lENGTH}
10 Illegibly write on top of sheet at a slow pace (6) SCRAWL {Sh..t}{CRAWL}
12 Make certain right away to follow (5) ENSUE ENSUrE
13 Short agreement with one accountant - it is pleasing to the ears (9) HARMONICA {HARMONy}{1}{CA}
14 Maid essentially with regret cutting a third of long plume (6) AIGRET {mAId}{reGRET}
16 They may bring gifts to US state - it's amazing (7) MAGICAL {MAGI}{CAL}
19 Double mishap reveals flaw (7) BLEMISH [T]
21 At last we hear you are beside English brook (6) ENDURE {END}{(~you are)UR}{E}
23 Seabiscuit perhaps reaches Oregon in bad shape (9) RACEHORSE {REACHES+OR}*
25 Sharp item around a primarily open musical instrument (5) PIANO {PI{A}N}{Open}
26 A fellow mostly reluctant to stay on the surface (6) AFLOAT {A}{F}{LOATh}
27 Fine in IT building having no boundaries (8) INFINITE*
28 Maoist changed religion (6) TAOISM*
29 At home, filling red wine in tube of reed (8) CLARINET {CLAR{IN}ET}

1   Expression of affection shortened, satisfied with fate (6) KISMET {KISs}{MET}
2   Sorry hiker almost lost in English county (9) YORKSHIRE {SORRY+HIKEr}*
3   Lacking power strike cat (5) OUNCE pOUNCE
4   Traitor missing a trick - it can help move in one direction (7) RATCHET {RAT}{CHEaT}
6   Uncle with German dog at sea, freed of obstructions (9) UNCLOGGED {UNCLE+G+DOG}*
7   Primarily taking heavy and lavish Indian meal (5) THALI Acrostic Semi&lit
8   For the most part, old person is fit and sound (8) RELIABLE {RELIc}{ABLE}
11 Barrel of primarily dark liquor (4) DRUM {Dark}{RUM}
15 Criticize leaders at terminals for trains (9) RAILHEADS {RAIL}{HEADS}
17 Flower in vehicle at country (9) CARNATION {CAR}{NATION}
18 A massive animal letting out a cry is eccentric (8) ABERRANT {A}{BEaR}{RANT}
20 Dwell on one producing notes (4) HARP [DD]
21 Oriental sea bird by a lake is always present (7) ETERNAL {E}{TERN}{A}{L}
22 Saint following manner that is not pretentious (6) MODEST {ST}<=>{MODE}
24 Small room with ordinary instrument (5) CELLO {CELL}{O}
25 Earlier monastery was curtailed (5) PRIOR PRIORy

Reference List
Universal = U, Appeal = IT, Right = R, English = E, Fellow = F, At home = IN, Red wine = CLARET, Power = P, German = G, Lake = L, Ordinary = O


  1. Smooth flowing.
    Name of a racehorse is a bit difficult,though when I tried 'seabiscuit' on said racehorse.

    1. Man o' war, war admiral, hard tack, seabiscuit, pumpkin. Great family of winners.

    2. Oh! Really? I did not know that.

  2. 1.A- Would "You HAVE escape in this be better than can?

    1. Yes. "Can escape" gives the direction of thinking " a mean of escape" which normally goes with boat, spaceship etc., Probably, CW intends you to come back after exhausting these options.

  3. Music is tbe theme?
    We have Keyboard, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Clarinet, Cello, Harp, Drum.

    1. Yes, it was a musical morning event while solving today's crossword!!

    2. Nice crossword. Pleasing to the eye, ears & mind. 😊

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  5. Nice and smooth. A lovely theme too. Good solve in the rains at chennai we had thunder and lightning too!