Thursday, 10 November 2022

No 13707, Thursday 10 Nov 2022, Incognito

Solution to 22D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Cat-call from home-owner (4) MEOW [T]
9   Change trains when moving, carrying that thing with round bearing (10) TRANSITION {TRAINS}* over {IT} plus{O} and {N}
10 Chemical part of chalk alight (6) ALKALI [T]
11 Ran exotic cruise carrying rector and daughter (8) SCURRIED {SCU{R}IE}{D}
12 Men leaving Westminster renovation for scamsters (8)  TWISTERS WESTmInSTeR*
14 Very happy journalist is covering deceased (6) ELATED {E{LATE}D}
16 Worried, a dame left Magdalene in narrow valley (4) GLEN maGdaLENe
17 Dark thing is blown up (5) NIGHT*
18 Remove coal from criminal Al Capone's nucha (4) NAPE {al+cAPoNE}*
19 Accepts, "Girl is wearing winding saree" (6) AGREES {A{G}REES*}
21 Climbed a steepled church initially and finished (8) ASCENDED {A}{St...d}{Ch...h}{ENDED}
23 Enacts in accordance with documents that need to be filled up (8) PERFORMS {PER}{FORMS}
26 Before model wrongly bares heart (6) BREAST {T}<=>{BARES*}
27 Victor, in Seattle, wanders displaying airs (10) VENTILATES {V}{IN+SEATTLE*}
28 Commercial establishment's head office gets piano (4) SHOP {'S}{HO}{P}

1   Shout, "Wolf runs away guardedly at first, showing sign of disease" (6,4) YELLOW FLAG {YELL}{WOLF*}{Away}{Gu...y}
2   Administers oath to fold new saris (6,2) SWEARS IN*
3   Dress excited stripteaser in absence of press (6) ATTIRE  sTRIpTEAser
4   Fish having low sound? (4) BASS [DD]
5   Cooked up ten clues fit for consumption (8) ESCULENT*
6   Bird in South Africa gets chest bones (6) STERNA {S{TERN}A}
7   Commanding officer and setter arrive (4) COME {CO}{ME}
13 With beginners, symbol in Greek means addition (5) SIGMA Semi&lit
15 Once, print media rejected most popular announcement (10) EXPRESSION {EX}{PRESS}{NO 1<=}
17 Diseased tonsils cover middle of pharynx and holes used for breathing (8) NOSTRILS {NOST{phaRnyx}ILS*}
18 Number over South, East, North and South-East? That's gibberish! (8) NONSENSE {N}{ON}{S}{E}{N}{S}{E}
20 Girlish English females tee off (6) EFFETE {E}{FF}{TEE*}
22 Little animal is initially trained by Picasso, for example (6) C?B?S
24 First: Female's right for eternity (4) EVER {EVE}{R}
25 Piece of land mentioned in TANSI tender (4) SITE [T]

Reference List
Bearing = N(North), Rector = R, Daughter = D, Journalist = ED, Girl = G, Model = T, Victor = V, Head Office = HO, Piano = P, South Africa = SA, Commanding Officer = CO, Once = EX, Over = ON, English = E, Female = F, Right = R


  1. Replies
    1. yes,Col. (in a hurry?) left out one N.

    2. No point posting only answer. Pleae read the note above.
      It is left open for Newbie who wants to learn the way. Not just get the answer. Answer is available for free on THC website.

    3. True. The very purpose of trying to solve the cryptic crossword is to develop the skill for cracking the annotation from the (Wordplay given in clue) which will lead to solution. Of course, identifying the "solution" from any given clue is the first step of learning to understand the "definition " of the clue which leads to solution.

    4. Hint: ever heard of company-men indicating enemy position! At your 5'

    5. @sree_sree. - what a hint!!!!! gr8 sir.

  2. Lots of deletions today- yesterday it was anagrams. By design?

    1. yes sir, I solved in 30 min. sir, design will often change.

  3. 22D. Picasso was a CUBIST. Little animal = CUB, plus IS (as given in the clue) and T
    (Initially trained)

  4. Thanq dear Mr. Kishore Rao for an interesting grid. Yes, I could not solve 18-A (that caught me off guard despite deleting COAL from Al Capone's) and also 20-D since I was stranded on the golf links ogling at those English dames until 12 noon, on accessing this blog slot!!!