Thursday, 13 August 2015

No 11472, Thursday 13 Aug 2015, Lightning

8   Like one area of a continent (4) ASIA {AS}{1}{A}
9   Similarity of remodelled panic rooms (10) COMPARISON*
10 Top performer getting pay hike with commendation (6) PRAISE {Pe...r}{RAISE}
11 Pair of sprouts clipped right away (8) GEMINATE GErMINATE (Correction - GErMINATEs - See comments)
12 Line of tyres can be changed (8) ANCESTRY*
14 Secret royal staff tailing head of Australia (6) ARCANE {Au...a}{R}{CANE}
16 Leave out old American university (4) OMIT {O}{MIT}
17 Lead technician to study footprint (5) TREAD {Te...n}{READ}
18 Taunt soldier to remain (4) GIBE {GI}{BE}
19 Not entirely sincere worker (6) TRUANT {TRUe}{ANT} &lit
21 Disassociate from French pair (8) DECOUPLE {DE}{COUPLE}
23 Hard strike breaking rotating lens into fragments (8) SHRAPNEL {S{H}{RAP}NEL*}
26 About to work out course of action (6) RESORT {RE}{SORT}
27 Coherent dance recital at university (10) ARTICULATE {RECITAL+AT+U}*
28 Endlessly flummoxed by puzzle (4) MAZE aMAZEd

1   New moon, star observer, essentially (10) ASTRONOMER {MOON+STAR}*{obsERver} &lit
2   Obvious, detailed declaration (8) MANIFEST MANIFESTo
3   Penny following a chapter’s emphasis (6) ACCENT {A}{C}{CENT}
4   Conceited with second cup (4) SMUG {S}{MUG}
5   Collect soil for a place to raise crops (8) FARMLAND {FARM}{LAND}
6   For the most part, select short, delightful excursion (6) PICNIC {PICk}{NICe}
7   Opening in the side of a ship for loading wine (4) PORT [DD] [MD] See comments
13 Relinquish crop (5) YIELD [DD]
15 Honourable student moved by value of prestigious award (5,5) NOBEL PRIZE {NOBE(-l)E(+l)L) {PRIZE}
17 Metal from unfinished ocean liner used meaningfully to begin with (8) TITANIUM {TITANIc}{Used}{Me...y}
18 Terrible rogues let loose by heartless magistrate (8) GRUESOME {ROGUES}*{Ma...tE}
20 Mushroom and a bulb left out (6) AGARIC {A}{GARlIC}
22 Worry about purl thread’s border on rug (6) CARPET {CAR{Purl}E}{Th...d}
24 Losing opener, cutting instrument (4) HARP sHARP
25 Thin list (4) LEAN [DD]



  1. Enjoyable one as usual from Lightning..The & Lits were my CODs...

  2. 11 Pair of sprouts clipped right away (8) GEMINATE GErMINATE

    I felt anno was GE(r)MINATE(s)

  3. Standing in for MB today.
    Col. 1D New is an anagrind so N should not be in pink
    Back to regular programming
    Missed the samosa :( Had 24d as Horn ( from Shorn. Didn't spend that extra moment to reflect that cut can lead to shorn but not cutting)

    1. Ramesh @ : Thank you! Was off to weekly vegetable market and then held up with cricket match!! :)

  4. 7 Opening in the side of a ship for loading wine (4) PORT [DD]

    IT is TD or MD as PORT - Opening, Side of a ship, Wine

  5. Loggin in late because of cricket match. Nice one from Lightning. Missed just two. Filled in 23ac as SHARPNEL instead of SHRAPNEL and that resulted in not getting 20Dn AGARIC. On the whole an enjoyable solve. Thank you Lightning. :)