Monday, 17 August 2015

No 11475, Monday 17 Aug 2015, Sunnet

All cards on the bridge deck!

1   Pumps planet's hydrogen to the top (6) HEARTS (+h)HEART(-h)S
4   Wind to break malfunctioning stopper (3,5) AIR BRAKE {AIR} {BREAK}*
10 Picked up every trick that became a big hit (5,4) GRAND SLAM {GRAND} {SLAM}
11 Nitrogen is compressed and expanded here (5) NORTH [C&DD]
12 Suck up to a vacuous dandy (5) TOADY {TO}{A}{DandY}
13 City Union enters vehicle insurance (9) VANCOUVER {VAN}{CO{U}VER}
14 It is hard in the end. I am on defibrillator (7) DIAMOND [T]
16 Direction to behead animal (4) EAST bEAST
19 Maybe America's water has Sulphur (4) WEST {WE{S}T} Where is the definition? See comments
21 Polish opponents go after penalties (7) FINESSE {FINES}{SE}
24 Reuse and appreciate article put out by mutual fund house (9) REUTILIZE {REa{UTI}LIZE}
25 Dig esplanade that lacks style (5) SPADE eSPlanADE
26 Errors can be dug out by this process (5) DEBUG* &lit
27 Unique dual queen combination in the U.S. (9) UNEQUALED*
28 Continental trip on a rupee (8) EUROPEAN*
29 Cover daily's party (6) CHADOR {CHA{DO}R}

1   Big change around a climax (4,4) HIGH TIDE {HIGH} {TIDE<=}
2   Thickening agent is a fish again (4-4) AGAR-AGAR {A}{GAR}-{A}{GAR}
3   Struck 12 now (5) TODAY  {12=TOADY}*
5   Big message on civility (7) IMMENSE {IM}{MENSE}
6   Poet is perhaps Kingsley's sweetheart 'n heir (3,6) BEN JONSON {BEN} {JO}{'N}{SON}
7   I have to chase a bishop to succeed (6) ARRIVE {A}{RR}{I'VE}
8   Urge Rex to push out Bob from old entertainer (6) EXHORT {EX}{HO(-s+r)T}
9   Kept taking some lozenges and worked very hard (6) SLAVED {S{Lo...s}AVED}
15 Liberal and upcoming Italian composer is speaking candidly (7,2) OPENING UP {OPEN}{ING UP<=}
17 Attacked a ship that's distressed (8) ASSAILED {A}{SS}{AILED}
18 Back of French guitar (8) DEFENDER {DE}{FENDER} Fender is a brand name
20 State tour to Uran is curtailed (7) TRIPURA {TRIP}{URAn}
21 Hint of an antenna (6) FEELER [DD]
22 Tailors big red tie (6) BRIDGE*
23 Masseur is right next to the clumsy person scratching his head (6) RUBBER {R}{lUBBER}
25 A point for developing nations (5) SOUTH [DD]



  1. 19 Maybe America's water has Sulphur (4) WEST {WE{S}T} Where is the definition?

    May - Mae West

    1. I took Maybe America to be the defn.

  2. DEFENDER is also a bridge term

  3. Thanks for an entertaining game Sunnet!

  4. Found going tough today.

    27 Unique dual queen combination in the U.S. (9) UNEQUALED*

    Def is at both ends?

    1. Not exactly. Definition is Unique but it has been clarified later that the spelling is American

    2. Def is 'unique as it is in the US"

  5. So, four cardsharps in all, Colonel, counting The Areden-t bridgeman?

  6. The latest Hindi crossword is up on Crossword Unclued, folks. Please have a go ...

  7. Thanks for the feedback folks

    A couple of changes could not go in today as I had sent them in very late.

    24D. Reuse and appreciate American article put out by mutual fund house (9)
    27D. America's unique dual queen combination (9)

    For 27D I believe the published one works, but the one that didn't make it to print, improves it

    For 19A: Maybe America's water has Sulphur (4) Maybe America=Defn, 's = is= connector, Water=Wet, has =C/c Ind, Sulphur=S

    1. for 24D no need of 'American', as Chambers doesn't make a distinction between 's' and 'z' in realise.

    2. But without that, multiple answers are possible ( Realise & Realize)

    3. Both answers would be correct.

      The Nitrogen clue was very nice.

    4. Needed to push the answer to Realize to complete the pangram

  8. Superb deal.Loved the clues.Smooth surfaces..thoroughly njoyable
    Was stuck in the SE corner for a long time until unequaled clicked

  9. 19A - Should Kishore comment on this, it MAE not go in WASTE...

  10. Excellent, Ramesh - enjoyed it thoroughly. My COD was 11, although it took some time to register!

    Thank you for the puzzle, and to DG for the blog.

  11. Deepak, a typo in the answer of 1a. Thís, incidentally is the only one of the four suits given in the plural

  12. Was invited by Kushagra Singh of Crypticsingh to hand over the prizes for the Banaglore round of the CBSE Cryptic Crossword Competition which was held at DPS South Bangalore. Due to the infamous Bangalore traffic I took 2 hours to reach DPS from my house. Many other schools also couldn't attend as they too were stuck in the traffic jams and finally only three schools participated out of 13 who were to attend. Presidency School South from Bilekahalli took the first place followed by DPS South and AECS Magnolia School. Shall put up some snaps in the THCC Families blog when I get them.

    A little birdie also told me that IXL 2015 is likely to be launched in Mid Sep.

  13. A solver has pointed out something that I did not intend or notice. All the four players are seated in their right quadrants