Tuesday, 4 August 2015

No 11464, Tuesday 04 Aug 2014, Arden

6   Girl's gone for weekend, fetch from border (5) BRINK {BRINg}{weeK} Wordplay seems mixed up
7   Give interest cover — it’s a liability (8) HANDICAP {HAND}{I}{CAP}
10 Prescribed medical course for soldiers, mostly (7) REGIMEN REGIMENt
11 Rule those protecting the earth, say (7) THEOREM {THE{ORE}M}
12 In-house production of 'Wicked' (7) HEINOUS*
13 Poached egg for the reckless fellow (7) HOTHEAD {HOT}{HEAD} This clashes with 9D (Correction - HOTSPUR {HOT}{SPUR} - See comments)
14 Is caught in wedlock losing child (11) MISCARRIAGE {M{IS}{C}ARRIAGE}
19 A follower of game said to be from Birmingham… (7) BRUMMIE {aB}{RUMMIE}(~rummy)
21 …before a Biblical character arrived at the legendary capital (7) CAMELOT {CAME}{LOT}
23 Ban finally revoked to grab me (7) EMBARGO [T<=]
25 Figure with ease, to restrict leakage from the other side (7) ELLIPSE {E{LLIPS<=}E}
26 Car plies used instrument (8) CALIPERS*
27 Agreed readily due to lurking fear (5) DREAD [T]

1   Go into religion — no American flag waving (8) JINGOISM {JaIN{GO}ISM}
2   With hands on hips a Korean will express displeasure endlessly (6) AKIMBO {A}{KIM}{BOo}
3   Arms shaken violently while on foot (6,4) SHANKS MARE*
4   Old fighter climbing, somewhat tangentially (4) GNAT [T<=]
5   Bit like promoting a local leader (6) ?A?R?E (Addendum - SATRAP {SA}{TRAP}<= - See comments)
6   Allotted place for a girl (6) BERTHA {BERTH}{A}
8   Criminal deceit before a drink (4,3) ICED TEA {ICED TE}*{A}
9   Sting ends, operations from Tehelka — for what? (5) SMART Tail Acrostic
13 He searched all over the place — bad luck (4,6) HARD CHEESE*
15 Warrior — one following a river in South America (7) SAMURAI {S{AMUR}A}{1}
16 New special edition not accepted initially, is overshadowed (8) ECLIPSED {SPECIaL}*{ED}
17 Live in a neighbouring monastery (5) ABBEY {A}{B{BE}Y}
18 Be there couple of hours before noon with daughter (6) ATTEND {AT}{TEN}{D}
20 To put it another way, thrash if cheerful (6) UPBEAT [CD] (Addendum - {UP}{BEAT} - See comments)
22 Boy goes through a month of sickness (6) MALADY {MA{LAD}Y}
24 Warning for ladies losing direction (4) OMEN wOMEN



  1. I took 13A as Hotspur .. Anno not clear though

  2. 13 Poached egg for the reckless fellow (7) HOTHEAD {HOT}{HEAD} This clashes with 9D

  3. Bit like promoting a local leader (6) ?A?R?E


  4. 13A Poached egg for the reckless fellow (7) {HOT}{SPUR}
    5D Bit like promoting a local leader (6) {SA}{TRAP}<-

  5. to Spur is to egg on - The freedictionary
    To stir to action or feeling:
    egg on, excite, foment, galvanize, goad, impel, incite, inflame, inspire, instigate, motivate, move, pique, prick, prod, prompt, propel, provoke, set off, stimulate, touch off, trigger, work up.

  6. 20 To put it another way, thrash if cheerful (6) UPBEAT [CD]

    I thought it is: BEAT UP and to put it another way UP BEAT.

  7. 25A- is 'Ease' meant to be E's? (two E's)

    1. Can't be so. The other side is used for reversing Spill

    2. Also , side is used for R, H .. E is generally direction or point

    3. Ease is a homophone of E in plural

    4. No homophone indicator? That is the reason for my doubt, though I had filled in.

    5. This has been used in the past and works ok, in my view

    6. Not unexpected, Suresh ;-)

  8. Found it tough going..last in was 3d despite all letter crossings & all letters available..
    Neverthless an njoyable solve

  9. Thanks to all for filling in the gaps. I'm not at home now. Will correct the main post after I get back.

  10. 4d reminded me of 3rd Sep 1965 (we are exactly a month short of 50 years from that day) when IAF Gnats encountered PAF sabres. The pilots on the Indian side were Johnny Greene, Trevor Keelor, Pat Pathania, Amarjit Sandhu, Brijpal Sikand, and Manna Murdeshwar amongst others ... The TpThen CoAS, now MIAF Arjan Singh, was recently seen Paying respects on the demise of APJAK

  11. Deepak, is that pic of the Gnat the one that used to be in Minsk Square?

  12. Nice one from Arden. Just missed two. 1Dn - had it as HINDUISM and that resulted in not getting 10Ac. Liked "promoting" in 5Dn clue as a reversal ind. Thanks Arden.

  13. I took 13A as Hotspur .. Anno not clear though

    1. Shrikanth, How come your 8:35 AM comment is getting repeated at 6:50 PM ??

    2. As always with Arden puzzles, starts slow, but picks up beautifully for me. Not convinced of 25A, though EASE for E E...