Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2855), Sunday 23 Aug 2015

1   Employees receiving nod resolved deadlock (5-3) STAND-OFF {STA{ND-O*}FF}
5   Bullet ends in target under tree (6) TRACER {t...eT}{u..eR}{ACER}
9   Clubs in chains (5) IRONS [DD]
10 Company managed decline, losing large frequency (9) INCIDENCE {INC}{DEClINE*}
12 One dispute, a perfect example, beset by hollow scorn (13) DISPARAGEMENT {D{1}{SPAR}{A}{GEM}ENT}
15 Case about skill with clear, good English (9) CARTRIDGE {C}{ART}{RID}{G}{E}
16 Fish paste trader carries (5) TETRA [T]
17 Plain across middle of plateau (5) OVERT {OVER}{plaTeau}
19 Search clothing when that is most uncomfortable (9) QUEASIEST {QUE{AS}{IE}ST}
21 Tax in store, price that's bad for part of nation's economy (7,6) PRIVATE SECTOR {VAT} in {STORE+PRICE}
23 Profound corruption of real theft (9) HEARTFELT*
24 Crumbs soldier provided for dog (5) CORGI {COR}{GI}
26 Walk out on wasteland (6) DESERT [DD]
27 Innocent yen to follow river put into action (4-4) DEWY-EYED {DE{WY-E}{Y}ED}

1   Propagandist distorted drop in cost (4,6) SPIN DOCTOR*
2   Fuss caused by commercial, then nothing (3) ADO {AD}{O}
3   Beginning to doubt psychic power, express loss of hope (7) DESPAIR {Doubt}{E.S.P.}{AIR}
4   Figure after fashion defending country honestly (4,3,6) FAIR AND SQUARE {FA{IR AN}D} {SQUARE}
6   Beef, say, about broadcast made ahead of time (3,4) RED MEAT {RE}{D MEA*}{T}
7   Part from emperor endlessly breaking agreement (11) CONSTITUENT {CONS{TITUs}ENT}
8   Feel dizzy and look unpleasantly upset (4) REEL <=
11 Solution mostly found in bond with man offering drink (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE {C{REME Dy}E MENT}{HE} I love this liqueur as well as Irish Cream.
13 Conceal pressure on places in film scripts (11) SCREENPLAYS {SCREEN}{P}{LAYS}
14 Architect crazy about singular style at home (10) MASTERMIND {MA{S}{TERM}{IN}D} Term and Style?
18 Swindler's wits exercised on odd parts of theory (7) TWISTER {WITS*}{ThEoRy}
20 Slight cut in region of atmosphere (7) SKETCHY {SK{ETCH}Y}
22 Drop building in garden? (4) SHED [DD]
25 Beam up in shiny armour (3) RAY [T<=]



  1. Enjoyed this article in The Sunday Magazine of The Hindu 36 to 300

    1. Very nice read, Sir. Enjoyed it... sort of... "Food for thought"

  2. Re your query on term/style
    If we take either word as a verb, we may see the equivalence. Don't know if it works as nouns.
    The sage termed the man's behaviour obsequious.
    The man styled the sage's behaviour as haughty.