Monday, 31 August 2015

No 11487, Monday 31 Aug 2015, Gridman

1   Rise! Soar excitedly for rows of beads (8) ROSARIES*
6   Reckless in collision without a bit of care or caution (4) RASH cRASH
9   Utter reconstruction around royal tower (6) TURRET {TUR{R}ET*}
10 Thin — to a certain degree (7) ANGULAR [CD]
13 Completely impressed by making a point at crease (9) AWESTRUCK {A}{WEST}{RUCK}
14 Violent behaviour of a Gulag group (5) AGGRO [T]
15 They are used to fashion models (4) KITS [CD]
16 Gone to the bathroom, Puducherry leader is kept informed (2,3,4) IN THE LOOP {IN THE LOO}{Pu...y}
19 No way? A girl denied right squirms with a bit of sentimentality (9) NOSTALGIA {NO}{ST}{A}{GIrL*}{A}
21 Nothing but a pond (4) MERE [DD]
24 Took a tumble with a jolly good bloke (5) FELLA {FELL}{A}
25 Tired? Was that man, with daughter, away from home? (6-3) WASHED-OUT {WAS}{HE}{D}-{OUT}
26 Dazed American general leans back among coterie (7) REELING {R{EEL<=}ING}
27 Get old boy's volunteers home (6) OBTAIN {OB}{TA}{IN}
28 Is in possession of papa's door fastener (4) HASP {HAS}{Papa}
29 Indeed fellows get model mad (8) DEMENTED {DE{MEN}{T}ED}

2   Nothing the French loaded in boat is rich (7) OPULENT {O}{PU{LE}NT}
3   Ma upright about one taking a heavenly drink? (6) AMRITA {AM<=}{R{1}T}{A}
4   Turning, Di found comic coming in uninvited (9) INTRUDING*
5   Make catty remarks on Poles' boat (5) SNARK {S}{N}{ARK}
7   Fast! Almost claim run out! (7) ALLEGRO {ALLEGe}{R}{O}
8   Then only Prof. broke cornucopia (4,2,6) HORN OF PLENTY*
11 Marks stages (6) GRADES [DD]
12 Sees how it goes both ways (4,3,5) BACK AND FORTH [CD]
17 To change, I got off train at second half of platform (9) TRANSFORM {TRAiN}{S}{platFORM}
18 Japanese mat the industrialist gets with a note (6) TATAMI {TATA}{MI}
20 Son states having bagged fifty trophies (7) SALVERS {S}{A{L}VERS}
22 Brought me back to books I have found stirring (7) EMOTIVE {EM<=}{OT}{I'VE}
23 The sort of track that leaves you knocked off? (6) BEATEN [DD]
25 Conducted a bit of witch-hunt with the old (5) WAGED {Wi..h}{AGED}



  1. News from the IXL Chief Patron posted on the Facebook page of IXL Players

    Dear IXLer

    Here's the news you were waiting for. The third edition of Indian Crossword League (IXL) is gearing up for the launch. We have decided to have the launch tentatively on September 27, a Sunday, in Kolkata. The tentative date for the Grand Finale is December 20, again a Sunday. The registration will begin on September 1.

    The broad format of the contest will remain as it has been for the past two years. The only change, we hope you will relish this, is that it is going to be bigger, and so, tougher. To engage the bright Indian diaspora, we are planning New York and Toronto legs of this unique contest. The winners from both cities will get a direct entry to the Grand Finale. However, we will slightly tweak the norms for the two cities. Instead of online rounds, there will be a one-time one-hour offline written test. A formal announcement will be made soon.

    For the past two years, we have travelled together on the road hardly trodden and found that it leads to mental succour seldom realised. We solicit your company on another such adventure. It's also a rare opportunity to bond with the like-minded.

    So, mark the two dates in your appointment diary in bold and be part of an incredible fun.

    Chief Patron
    B-55 Buddha Colony

  2. Finished the crossword in full and before 8.30 AM. My first time ever. Feeling quite happy. Thanks Gridman.

  3. Great news! Is bigger the better?
    Almost completed on time, almost being both for time and SW corner. Filled in 'Back & front' for 12 D and that messed up 26&28 A. So near yet so far.

  4. Had hastily downloaded another grid(from my collection) & was in trouble with 16a & 19a..but the wp was so clear in both the cases that I could correct the grid!
    Enjoyable fare

  5. Samosas today!
    Very enjoyable one - thanks, Gridman.

  6. very enjoyable xword gridman... liked 16a a lot :) a total hoot