Thursday, 20 August 2015

No 11478, Thursday, 20 Aug 2015, The Phantom

1   Memorial built on path beside church (8) CENOTAPH {CE}{ON+PATH}*
5   Opera for example, without work returned to assimilate again (6) RESORB RESwORB <=
9   Spending capital, couple of queens splurge (8) SQUANDER {Sp...g}{QU}{AND}{ER}
10 Guard observed vehicles entering while going out (6) SCREEN {S{CaRs}EEN}  While=As?
12 Im a leader of Muslims (4) IMAM {I'M}{A}{Mu...s} &lit
13 The pays too irregular in this branch of medicine (10) OSTEOPATHY*
15 Rogue breaking old British rule in bull market (12) TROUBLEMAKER {O+B+RULE}* in {MARKET}*
18 Statement got from book (3,9) NEW TESTAMENT {STATEMENT}*
21 Part of speech that describes “the john” but not “John”? (6,4) COMMON NOUN [CD]
22 Couple has poise and character (4) PAIR {P}{AIR}
24 Ribald celebration for wedding (6) BRIDAL*
25 Bird finally finds insect behind garbage heap (8) PHEASANT {HEAP*}{findS}{ANT}
26 Without restrictions, free to shake a leg to entertain (6) REGALE {fREe}{A+LEG}*
27 Romanticism of that man doffing hat, escorting trendy ladies (8) IDEALISM {hI{LADIES*}M}

1   Fool hidden amongst spies is a plant (6) CASSIA {C{ASS}IA}
2   Confection from sugar’s uncovered (not wrapped) (6) NOUGAT {NO{sUGAr}T}
3   Somewhat hot in the shade (4) TINT [T]
4   Journalists perhaps raw, removed from newspaper? (5,7) PRESS CUTTING {PRESS} {CUTTING}
6   Bolt designed for auditor as part of watch mechanism (10) ESCAPEMENT {ESCAPE}{MENT}(~meant)
7   Pass through gate (8) OVERTAKE {OVER}{TAKE}
8   Decomposed body near cemetery (8) BONEYARD*
11 Losing very less time they mauled Tom brutally, not Frank (5-7) MEALY-MOUTHED {tHEY+MAULED+TOM}*
14 Easy-going men drop out from a fight (4-3-3) FREE-FOR-ALL {FREE}-{F{OR}-ALL}
16 Eatery to lay off staff without final notification? (5,3) SNACK BAR {S{n...oN}ACK} {BAR}
17 Going on a diet to lose pounds, gaining weight by this activity! (8) SWIMMING S{-l+w)WIMMING
19 Malaise contracted consuming sausage? (6) SALAMI MALAISe*
20 Acting Prime Minister quelled revolt by foreign troops (3,3) PRO TEM {P{RO<=} {TE<=}M}
23 Soldier preferred to leave battlement (4) PARA PARApet



  1. 10 Guard observed vehicles entering while going out (6) SCREEN {S{CaRs}EEN}
    Yes, both are synonyms

    1. Agreed, but is the deletion of a synonym acceptable

    2. I don't know. However, that's a point as both the fodder for inclusion and deletion are synonyms.

    3. But "while"made the surface so much would have spoilt the surface..worthwhile(!)

    4. I had thought of:

      10 Guard observed cars regularly coming in (6) SCREEN

      But then the clue became a bit more easy, so dropped it.

  2. Nice. Could mot anotate 5a. Did not connect Opera with a browser. Was looking for opera names.

  3. Lovely clues..last in was Salami..lovely salami(salute) to Mr. Walker

  4. Some very good clues. Boneyard is my COD. Please explain how bull (in the nonsense sense?), celebration, consuming etc are anag inds. Also can we use nounal anag inds on either side of fodder (assuming bull and celebration are nouns) ? 12 A - Shuchi has used the same clue to explain &lit clues :)

    1. Bull: Just like you thought.
      Celebration: merrymaking, jollification, revelry, festivity colloq. rave, rave-up, binge, spree
      Consume: drain, exhaust, use, squander, waste, fritter away formal deplete, dissipate, expend, spend

      I suppose 'bull' and 'celebration' can be placed at either end of the anag fodder

      IMAM: I initially had One msle's a leader of Muslims but did not like the surface and changed it. I had read about this &lit clue in Shuchi's blog but had forgotten about it. When I wrote the clue I felt it was familiar but could not palce it.

    2. Read male instead of msle in the IMAM line above and place instead of palce.

    3. What I meant is can we use nounal anagram inds before the fodder without a modifier like of , in , for etc ?
      For example * mixture fodder * is right ? It should be mixture of fodder or mixture in fodder no?
      The discussion on nounal anagram ind post fodder is done and dusted though :-)