Wednesday, 5 August 2015

No 11465, Wednesday 05 Aug 2015, Arden

1   Shrinks poor typists' chairs (13) PSYCHIATRISTS*
10 They are posted partly to review entertainment (5) OPERA [T<=]
11 Lady Doctor dives into water to get duck (9) SHELDRAKE {SHE}{L{DR}AKE}
12 Disgusted, one returns to hire a boy (9) NAUSEATED {NA<=}{USE}{A}{TED}
13 Descendant makes icons (5) SCION*
14 Study and choose to follow principles again (7) READOPT {READ}{OPT}
16 Losing sleep from personalised, frenzied attack (7) INROADS  peRsONAlISeD*
18 Don't let beau in — love lost, so ditch (7) CULVERT {CU{LoVER}T}
20 Mixing salt again, it goes with the dish (7) LASAGNA {SALt+AGAiN}*
22 Colourful narrative about a bone (5) ULNAR [T]
24 Following advances, hear from usurer (4,5) LOAN SHARK {LOAN S}{HARK}
26 One after one, mostly animal gelatin (9) ISINGLASS {1}{SINGLe}{ASS}
27 Auctioned off, not once — but do check (5) AUDIT  AUcTIoneD*
28 Balancing the crew during finishing of work (13) COMPLEMENTING {COMPLE{MEN}TING}

2   Capsule used by examining doctor (7) SPECULA*
3   Guardian taking time off from the first few pages of book (9) CHAPERONE {CHAPtER ONE}
4   Fashionistas form part of a bigger picture (5) INSET {IN SET}
5   Last night went through the factory — it was monotonous work (9) TREADMILL {n..hT}{READ}{MILL}
6   In short, two countries one flower (5) INDUS {IND}{US}
7   She was as royal as Tina Turner (7) TSARINA {R+AS+TINA}*
8   He is relatively new to the city (7,6) COUNTRY COUSIN [CD]
9   They're taken to courts — criminal sent in for crimes (6,7) TENNIS RACKETS {SENT+IN}* {RACKETS}
15 A little different — the thing inside will excite (9) TITILLATE {A+LITTLE}* around {IT}
17 Presentations not open to become immune (9) RESISTANT  pReSEnTATIoNS*
19 Skin pigmentation has advanced, I will leave (7) LENTIGO {LENT}{I}{GO}
21 Please increase admission to the valley (7) GLADDEN {GL{ADD}EN}
23 Erect upright stupas in the middle (3,2) RIG UP {upRIGht} {stUPas}
25 Passage for a Man, perhaps (5) AISLE {A}{ISLE}



  1. Smooth as ever. It's a delight to solve Arden.

  2. 22A Colourful narrative about a bone (5) ULNAR [T]

    What is the telescopic indicator? Is ABOUT on double duty?

    1. Similar query for Anind in 2D

    2. "Used" in 2d is doing double duty. Double duty's always iffy.

  3. Has Shrikanth turned a parrot?
    Just kidding.
    In another website too, a particular person's Comment always gets duplicated - every time.
    The blogger of the day in a gentle Comment wondered why that was happening.
    I am not sure if a remedy has been found to avoid duplication.
    I think it's all technology where somewhere some tweaking is needed.

    1. Yesterday his echo came after 10 hours!

    2. Even I am wondering about the same. Something's fishy with my phone browser I guess. :(

  4. Nice puzzle. Could complete this one! The ones that I couldn't annotate are NAUSEATED & CULVERT. Enjoyable solve. Thanks Arden. :-)))

  5. Minor point about plural usage:

    9 They're taken to courts — criminal sent in for crimes (6,7) TENNIS RACKETS {SENT+IN}* {RACKETS}

    "they" and "criminal" do not go together.

    1. out of those taken to court,criminal is sent in?

  6. 2D- I was trying to fit in 'Scapula' but could not.
    Put in tennis players, in stead of rackets and got stuck.
    Sheldrake is new to me. Learned it anew today.
    But enjoyed the puzzle overall.

  7. Lovely puzzle with smooth surfaces. I enjoyed solving it - thank you, Arden! My COD was 4d - the clue is seamless.

    I was struck by the use of deletion of letters - I counted at least six clues with this device, four of which have anagrams with deletions (16a, 20a, 27a, 17d).

    I had the same queries about 2d and 22a raised by others above.

    Thanks to DG for the blog!

  8. Couldnt post in the morning due to network problem here.
    Was stuck for a long time in sw corner..then got ISINGLASS & everything fell in place..
    Superb xword