Sunday, 2 August 2015

No 2852, Sunday 02 Aug 2015

1   Practical stuff cancelled by law (6-2-4) MATTER-OF-FACT {MATTER}-{OF-F}{ACT}
9   Slip one amended in letter (7) EPSILON*
10 Hear about old disaster (7) TRAGEDY {TR{AGED}Y}
11 Be nostalgic about small beginnings of some colossal enterprise (9) REMINISCE {RE}{MINI}{Some}{Co...l}{En...e}
12 Drum with robotic uses (5) THROB [T]
13 United in funny old game (4) LUDO {L{U}DO*}
14 Variation of heat and cold in test affected (10) THEATRICAL {HEAT*}{TRI{C}AL}
17 Messy machines, retaining approval, puff endlessly (5-5) CHAIN-SMOKE {CHAIN-SM{OK}E*}
18 Slight advance around noon (4) SNUB {S{N}UB}
21 Confused amateur's opening with seconds in meal (2,3) AT SEA {Am...r}{T-{S}EA}
23 Revolted in end, madly seizing gold throne? (9) NAUSEATED {N{AU}{SEAT}ED*}
24 Mostly happy with move into south-western city (7) GLASGOW {GLAd}{S{GO}W}
25 Candidate's source in revolutionary period (7) NOMINEE {NO{MINE}E<=}
26 Drink ordered by dry rancher (6,6) CHERRY BRANDY*

1   Purveyors of news, as dilemmas developed, losing line (4,5) MASS MEDIA {AS+DIlEMMAS}*
2   Thanks given for skill (6) TALENT {TA}{LENT}
3   Writer has eagle on rock encapsulating the dynasty (6,9) ERNEST HEMINGWAY {ERNE}{S{T HE}{MING}WAY}
4   Set aside wild bunch, broken at end of movie? Right (2,3,4,6) ON THE BACK BURNER {ON THE BACK BURN}*{m..iE}{R}
5   Praise prison reformer taking coffee inside (8) FLATTERY {F{LATTE}RY}
6   Open vault (5) CLEAR [DD]
7   Fuel's particular job, releasing energy (6) PETROL {PET}{ROLe}
8   Mostly excited, having time off, receiving book token (6) SYMBOL {MOStLY}* around B
15 Devotion in company with saint in French city (9) CONSTANCY {CO}{N{ST}ANCY}
16 Stop annoyance and compromise (8) ENDANGER {END}{ANGER}
17 Care order (6) CHARGE [DD]
19 Begin to develop secure financial plan (6) BUDGET {BUD}{GET}
20 Pests in mood outside room (6) VERMIN {VE{RM}IN}
22 Residue after street collection (5) STASH {ST}{ASH}



  1. Special at 10:30 by Raju Umamaheswar

  2. Relatively easy crossword today!

  3. Looking for a meaning of sub to mean advance

    1. Sub (v) (Subbed, subbing) : (Brit) Lend or advance a sum.
      Sub(n) (Brit) An advance or loan against expected income.
      From OED.

    2. The above info to be taken as one of the meanings of 'sub'

    3. A CA found it difficult to account for the advance :-)

  4. Be prepared for some head scratching at 10:30!!