Friday, 21 August 2015

No 11479, Friday 21 Aug 2015, Afterdark

The Bulls, The Bears and The Farm

9   Speculate release; advocate's good to go (7) VENTURE adVENTURE Not sure if Anno is correct (Addendum - {VENT}{URgE} - See comments)
10 Accountant gets depression on LA's backing and money (7) CAPITAL {CA}{A PIT}{AL<=}
11 In nutshell, without hydrogen supply, there's something that has nothing (4,3) NULL SET {NUTShELL}*
12 Stone building gets excellent returns in a country (7) ESTONIA {STONE*}{A1<=}
13 Collection work withdrawn, tour arrangement goes haywire without money, trip curtailed at both ends (9) POTPOURRI {PO<=}{T{P}OUR}{tRIp} Tour looks fine to me!
15 When closet is half-broken, it reveals money (5) ASSET {AS}{cloSET}
16 Admission depends on institute name, top score/mark in GRE written earlier (7) INGRESS {I}{N}{GRE}{Sc..e}{S} Anno not clear. Second S from Mark?
19 At the heart of Vellore, Mani constructed a road made of layers (7) LAMINAR {velLore}{MANI*}{A}{R}
20 Cancels and keeps away, when leader is absent (5) VOIDS aVOIDS
21 Rule before Supreme Court bar having a point (9) PRESCRIBE {PRE}{SC}{RIB}{E}
25 Some separate having a top life (7) SEVERAL {SEVER}{A}{Life}
26 Dumps damaged, unsold article (7) UNLOADS {UNSOLD+A}*
28 Produce eggs from high value lots essentially (7) OVULATE {VALUE+lOTs}*
29 Marketing grant disbursed, including many inaugural incentives (7) TRADING {TRA{D}{In...s}NG*}

1   Decorated venue at Parliament square (4,2) EVEN UP {EVEN U}*{P}
2   A trap to collect necklace essentially and another ornament (6) ANKLET {A}{N{necKLace}ET}
3   Acquires vehicle without money at last (4) BUYS {BU{m..eY}S}
4   One who owes Robert was beheaded, mutilated but dead earlier (6) DEBTOR {D}{rOBERT*}
5   Pain at broken nail pertains to sunflower, say (8) ACHENIAL {ACHE}{NAIL*}
6   CEO's death in photochemical reaction related to the eye (10) OPHTHALMIC PHOTocHeMICAL*
7   Selection of Best and Sinclair for substitutes (6,2) STANDS IN [T]
8   Plant store in disarray outside field (8) OLEASTER {O{LEA}STER*}
14 Cover no more, drapes are spoiled (10) OVERSPREAD {OVER}{DRAPES*}
16 One who puts money in scrap iron receives grant (8) INVESTOR {IN{VEST}OR*}
17 Releasing rogue is very shameful (8) GRIEVOUS {ROGUE+IS+V}*
18 Vendor is flexible, has interest in relationship primarily (8) SUPPLIER {SUPPL{I}E}{Re...p}
22 Quite upset with youth leader yielding ownership interest (6) EQUITY {QUITE*}{Yo..h}
23 Indian Communist leaders welcome Stalin's basic style of slanting to the right (6) ITALIC {In...n}{sTALIn}{Co...t}
24 Nose ring crafted without gold has standard (6) ENSIGN {NoSE+rING}*
27 Say, a horse or cow, changing sides to advance (4) LOAN (-r+l)LOAN


  1. 9Ac venture- vent(release) + urge-g

  2. 16A:Thought S is the mark of european electrical safety standard..

  3. I thought only Bangaloreans are preparing for elections, where are the others?

  4. Liked the link tothe chicken and pigs. I have played all four roles at some point of time.

  5. But managed to escape the slaughter.

  6. Net failure since yesterday morning. Restored this evening only.

    Nice one from Afterdark. Enjoyed solving all but one i.e. 8Dn OLEASTER.