Wednesday, 12 August 2015

No 11471, Wednesday 12 Aug 2015, Skuldugger

Mini legal theme?

5   Cry of pain from beast half-wiped out in painful prurient practice (6) SCREAM {S{CREAture}M}
6   Lorenzo extremely overcome by sullen grief (6) DOLOUR {DO{Lo...zO}UR}
9   Warning: Schrodinger's creature has a very sensitive tail (6) CAVEAT {CA{A}{V}{s...vE}T}
10 Small warship's clipped rope carefully examined (8) CORVETTE {CORd}{VETTEd}
11 Joseph edges away, goes West for Mexican moolah (4) PESO jOSEPh<=
12 Dishevelled lord sacked for rebellious coif (10) DREADLOCKS*
13 Wayward sons pretend to be defendants in lawsuit (11) RESPONDENTS*
18 Naked sprint around queen's bunk (10) BALDERDASH {BALD}{ER}{DASH}
21 Novelise a legend involving circus performer (4) SEAL [T]
22 Setter's cereal, say, causes cranial anguish (8) MIGRAINE (~ my grain)
23 Mystics saw barbaric woman murdering son (6) SWAMIS {WAS*}{MISs}
24 Mild-manneredly mannish? (6) GENTLE [CD]
25 New Journalist's long overcoat (6) CAPOTE [DD]

1   Soul mate to bewail terrible tennis score after tournament final (4-4) TRUE-LOVE  {To...t}{RUE}-{LOVE}
2   Preserved content: describes libraries chiefly (6) SALTED {SA{Li...s}TED}
3   Aged prior beginning to go crazy in English prison (8) PORRIDGE {aGED+PRIOR}*
4   Relinquish in favour of the 'I' principle (6) FOREGO {FOR}{EGO}
5   Pip stashed Jack in Davy Jones’ locker (6) SEABED {SE{AB}ED}
7   Not the first test attempt by every second ardent Yankee (6) RETAKE {aRdEnT yAnKeE}
8   What wallpaper might give way to? (6,5) SCREEN SAVER [CD]
14 Clarinet composition missing note succeeds piano fragment (8) PARTICLE {P}{CLARInET*}
15 Where there's a will, there's a —— (8) TESTATOR [CD]
16 Cookery chief not committed to supporting cake-making (6) BAKING BAcKING
17 Sheltered by Oxfam in extremely lean period (6) FAMINE [T] &lit
19 Bold prosecutor discovers gang of criminals (6) DARING {DA}{RING}
20 American slashes revolutionary, impetuous Hungarian horseman (6) HUSSAR {H{US}SAR<=}



  1. O/track:

    Satya Nadella at the helm of Microsoft
    Shiv Nadar at HCL
    and now Sundar Pichai at Google

    Satyam Shivam Sundaram! A tribute to South!

  2. Thank you for an enjoyable puzzle, Skulldugger. Very nice clueing - 14 and 18 are my CsOD.

    Needed to come to the blog to understand the parsing of 16. Thank you, DG!

  3. Had a very satisfying solve though missed Hussar & capote..loved schrondinger's cat(black cat in a black room); corvette..dreadlocks..respondents..recent blog in CU made Porridge easier..

  4. The name of Schrodinger'cat was Felix & is the protoganist of one of the most famous thought experiments in Physics..

  5. The experiment was: A sealed box contains a radioactive source, a bottle of poison gas , a detector that releases the gas when the source decays & Felix..when the probability of decay reaches 50%, Is Felix alive or dead?

  6. Thanks for posting.. Very helpful..