Tuesday, 18 August 2015

No 11476, Tuesday 18 Aug 2015, xChequer

Couldn't get 11A.

7   Lady without capacity to change with time (6) EVOLVE {E{VOL}VE}
8   Prisons, cops and robbers (8) BRIGANDS {BRIG{AND}S}
9   Income tax during previous year is the main issue (8) PRIORITY {PRIOR}{IT}{Y}
10 Cold days preventing elderly getting sponged (6) CADGED {C{A{D}GED}
11 This pigeon sometimes nods? (5) ?O?E? (Addendum - HOMER [CD] - See comments)
12 Imprison trainee (6) INTERN [DD]
14 Hypothetical big bang theory describing nothing at depth, hence getting ignored (5,2,3,5) GOING BY THE BOARD {BIG+BANG+THEORY}* around {O} plus {D}
17 Instrument in my bag (6) CORNET {COR}{NET}
18 Guide one through scheme (5) PILOT {P{1}LOT}
22 Letters getting torn in post office right away (6) PRONTO {TORN}* in {PO} Anind not clear? See comments
23 Detectives in a spot? That's sweet (4,4) ACID DROP {A}{CID} {DROP}
24 Wild rush characterised by Ecstasy (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{E}
25 Legendary setter's almost stupid (6) MYTHIC {MY}{THICk}

1   It's the solver's responsibility now (4,2,3) OVER TO YOU [CD]
2   A delight in securing key niche (6) ALCOVE {A}{L{C}OVE}
3   Scheduled to return and resign (5) DEMIT <=
4   Distinct creed is developed over time (8) DISCRETE {CREED+IS}* over {T}
5   Cool twist and turn in dance (8) FANDANGO {FAN}{AND*}{GO}
6   Artful dodger making grand exit with stranger (5) ODDER DODgER*
8   Outrageous hype, belated hustling carries on (6,3,4) BEYOND THE PALE {HYPE+BELATED}* around {ON}
13 Ore coming out is related to efficiency in operation (9) ERGONOMIC*
15 Prison label or tag (8) NICKNAME {NICK}{NAME}
16 Donkey, hitched, gets bored (8) BURROWED {BURRO}{WED}
19 Say charge to write in olden days (6) INDITE (~ indict)
20 Gas price framework for furnace (5) GRATE {G}{RATE} G for Gas?
21 Transparent coating close to epoxy (5) FILMY {FILM}{e..xY}


  1. 11 This pigeon sometimes nods? (5) HOMER

    Even Homer nods: Not even the most vigilant and expert are immune to error. (WIKI)

  2. 22 Letters getting torn in post office right away (6) PRONTO {TORN}* in {PO} Anind not clear?

    R O N Tare letters 'used' for getting TORN

    1. R O N T are letters 'used' for getting TORN

    2. 8A and this one are the best I feel.

  3. Could complete just in time :) quite a race though

  4. 10 Cold days preventing elderly getting sponged (6) CADGED {C{A{D}GED}

    D for day (singular) in Chambers. Is it OK for the plural. In the same way can ERS be used for Queens and RS for kings/ royals and FS for fellows/ females and so on?

    1. Usually when DAYS is used, DD is implied.

    2. That's why I was stuck on this clue trying to get the answer.

    3. d = day(s)

      Source Oxford Dictionary


      d 1

      See definition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
      Line breaks: d
      Pronunciation: /diː/


      1(In genealogies) daughter:
      ‘Henry m. Georgina 1957, 1s 2d’

      ‘orbital period (Mars): 687.0 d’

    4. Think in future will apply this dic for abbr. Chambers is very restrictive.

      Tks Bhala

    5. The online versions are never complete or exhaustive Raghu, one needs to look at multiple sources (credible ones) I feel. Chambers online doesn't even give r=run or t=time

  5. 6 Artful dodger making grand exit with stranger (5) ODDER DODgER*

    Clever use of Dicken's character. :)

  6. I am only able to solve for 4-5 clues.. Any suggestions on how to be able to solve Complete crosswords ?

    1. Keep at it! Visit this site daily...join in the discussion...
      Also read crossword unclued..link is given in the side bar...
      A few years ago I could also solve only 4-5 clues now.. I almost solve & on tough days I miss out on 4-5..

  7. Could someone explain 17A please? I didn't understand how COR came about. Thanks.

    1. Both are exclamations of surprise.

    2. But without the ! it's not an exclamation of surprise. So not too convinced.

      That being said, 8A is really nice. Very clever use of cops as an indicator

  8. Many blanks today...missed..HOMER...FANDANGO...CORNET...BURROWED...INDITE
    Extremely good clues...nice learning experience for me...

    1. You are not alone, Vasanth! Me too sailing in the same boat!!

  9. This was the toughest : got just six , you guys are great