Saturday, 15 August 2015

No 11474, Saturday 15 Aug 2015, Anon

Happy independence day to all


1 Initially, was this place a fight’s location? (11) WHEREABOUTS {Was}{HERE}{A}{BOUT}{S}
9 Eat with railway official in small room (7) DINETTE {DINE}{TTE}
10 Come forward with headless puppets that are broken (4,2) STEP UP {pUPPETS}*
11 Trap, in the near future, returning Oriental (5) NOOSE {NOOS<=}{E}
12 Emergency Room antic, somehow, is inevitable (7) CERTAIN {ER+ANTIC}*
15 Cut off the head, provoke with effortlessness (4) EASE {tEASE}
16 Notice official’s conduct (10) ADMINISTER {AD}{MINISTER}
18 The haughty, injected with leading vaccine, unmoved (10) IMPERVIOUS {IMPER{Vaccine}IOUS}
20 Once more, lose a yield (4) GAIN {aGAIN}
23 Disagrees with, but achieves always (7) GAINSAY {GAIN S}{AY}
24 Tree lanky, at first, to bend (5) LARCH {Lanky}{ARCH}

26 Western Indian dish in new style (6) SINDHI {DISH IN}*
27 Overuse edited bodies of work (7) OEUVRES {OVERUSE}* 
28 Embodied by individual — one learner — who left meadow (11) PERSONIFIED {PERSON}{I}{FIElD}


2 Dictator left out for leading hero at this place (6) HITHER {HIT(-l+H)ER}
3 Look back, stare, stumble! (4) REEL {LEER<=}
4 Self-disciplined sailor, wise man, return to me promissory notes (10) ABSTEMIOUS {AB}{ST}{EM<=}{IOUS}
5 Excessively cut visible edge (8) OVERTRIM {OVERT}{RIM}
6 Well-organized tutors receive one globetrotter (7)  TOURIST {TOUR{I}ST*}
7 I’m trained to cook temporarily (2,7) AD INTERIM {IM TRAINED}*
8 Associations pushing son to the end at concert (6) UNIONS {UNI(-s)ON(+S)}
13 Respect Indian man’s share (10) ADMIRATION {ADMI}{RATION}
14 Estate is protected by, at first, federally enforceable warrant (9) FRANCHISE {F}{RANCH}{IS}{E}
17 Renegades lose second leg, destroyed by bombs (8) GRENADES {RENEGADeS}*
19 Public Relations by disoriented alien for candy? (7) PRALINE {PR}{ALIEN*}
21 Gold in atmosphere at dawn (6) AURORA {AUR{OR}A}

22 Condition for creator to protect first liberty (6) CLAUSE {C{L}AUSE}
25 Game where, initially, gentlemen only, ladies forbidden (4) GOLF {G}{O}{L}{F}

Reference list

Oriental=E, Emergency Room=ER, Notice=AD, Always=Ay, One=I, Learner=L 
Left=L, Sailor=AB, Wise man=ST, Promissory notes=IOUs, Son=S, Public Relations=PR, Gold=Or

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator



  1. Samosas from Anon too! Thanks for the offering, Anon. It was quite delicious. :-)))

  2. Happy Independence day.
    Was expecting an out of turn Gridman special ..

  3. 1 Initially, was this place a fight’s location? (11) WHEREABOUTS {Was}{HERE}{A}{BOUT}{S}

    Initially I read it as "a FLIGHT's location" and was scratching my head for a while!

  4. Smooth ride overall with a couple of potholes, at least one of them of my own creation: I misspelt OEUVRES while putting it in and was left with E instead of U featuring in 22d - it was only some painstaking checking that revealed the error and allowed me to complete it.

    I am not sure what "stare" is doing in 3d - I can't see it as either wordplay or definition, and it is not required for the surface. Am I missing something?

    I liked the clues for WHEREABOUTS and OEUVRES - I think they have the best surfaces of the lot.

    Thank you to Anon and to Ramesh!

    1. Look back is the reversal indicator for Stare = LEER

    2. Since look could be leer too, I assumed "Look back" summed up the wordplay. "Look back" preceding the fodder doesn't seem to sit right, but perhaps that's just me.

  5. Incidentally, in 23, shouldn't the definition for GAINSAY be "Disagree with..." rather than "Disagrees with..."?

  6. Really a colorful presentation by Anon on I-Day. Simple but leading clues. 9,11&28A & 8D. we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Anon.

  7. Happy Independence day all....