Saturday, 29 August 2015

No 11486, Saturday 29 Aug 2015, Gridman

1  Spirit of recklessness making a station master follow a primarily dangerous tube (11) ADVENTURISM {A}{Da...s}{VENTURI}{SM}
9  Mother's brew might be in it retaining warmth (7) THERMOS*
10 Sort of computer depot's disposed of, getting 1000 (7) DESKTOP {DEPOT'S}* around K
11 Low joint to get one's goat as entrance's broken (5) ANKLE rANKLE
12 Not keen to run at Celt, fallen and trembling (9) RELUCTANT*
13 The same said in French by transport officer (5) DITTO {DIT}{T}{O}
15 Might my soup end up with a fictitious name (9) PSEUDONYM*
18 Dancer's leap has teacher worried over new student's foot (9) ENTRECHAT {E{N}TRECHA*}{s...nT}
21 Seductress' emergency signal (5) SIREN [DD]
22 Woodworker to knock and go in (9) CARPENTER {CARP}{ENTER}
24 University president gets group ruffled (5) UPSET {U}{P}{SET}
26 Performance not quite right in extra game (7) PLAYOFF {PLAY}{OFF}
27 More strange, son, after daughter, walks shakily (7) DODDERS {D}{ODDER}{S}
28 Sis, sis, sis... (4-7) HALF-SISTERS [CD]

1  Alert dads moved, with legs wide apart (9) ASTRADDLE*
2  You and I told to touch type of jumper (1,4) V NECK {~we}{V} {NECK}
3  A big hit for the earliest anaesthetized individual (6,3) NUMBER ONE {NUMBER} {ONE}
4  Release from peacekeepers' bind (7) UNSTRAP {UN}{STRAP}
5  Humour eluding in different ways (7) INDULGE*
6  Strains Mylaporeans uploaded serenading Indian cheerleaders (5)  MUSIC Acrostic
7  Saint on a mount lost one kitchen gadget (8) STRAINER {ST}{RAINiER}
8  Catch sight of blemish (4) SPOT [DD]
14 Disapproval voiced by one involved in test in a how-to programme (8) TUTORIAL {TUT}{OR{1}AL}
16 Argues against boy going back to get reportedly soft leathers (9) DISSUADES {DIS<=}{SUADES}(~suedes)
17 Mints endless rupees with well-designed sites (9) MONETISES {MONEy}{SITES*}
19 Detestable! Headwear falls on spilt fuel (7) HATEFUL {HAT}{FUEL*}
20 Rants by one involved in barters (7) TIRADES {T{1}RADES}
22 Deal with Commissioner of Police with extreme patience... (4) COPE {COP}{p...cE}
23 ...His Excellency holds him up for a considerable period (5) EPOCH {E{POC}H}<=
25 South Indian woman's kitchen gadget (5) SIEVE {SI}{EVE}



  1. Nice crossword. I entered unclasp for 4 down and was stuck for quite some time.

  2. 15 minutes of pure joy..loved the cluing of half sisters...spent a few minutes with my crossword dictionary came handy...under leap..dancer's leap..the solution leapt at me!

  3. Delightful, Gridman - thank you! The clues for PLAYOFF, MONETISES, and ENTRECHAT are masterpieces, but "Sis, sis, sis..." is my COD because, apart from being an ingenious clue, it made me laugh out loud! Thanks to DG for the blog.

  4. Enjoyable CW today. Entrechat - a new word for me. Got stuck for sometime with Monetises. Thank you Chaturvasi Sir.

  5. Enjoyable crossword. Missed just one...17Dn MONETISES.

  6. Missed a few due to lack of concentration on Avani Avittam day. Enjoyed nonetheless.
    If a poll is conducted, sis...sis...sis would win hands down. I am sure everyone would have smiled/ laughed/ guffawed. Thank you Gridman.

  7. Half sister cluing is brilliant ..thanks gridman ji

  8. 28A was just awesome. I kept smiling for long after I finished today's crossword. Missed just one. Lovely crossword.

  9. Good crossword today.

    Now then, where were we yesterday?

    @ CV and Paddy: You are right. Pardon me for using the Devanagri script to elucidate the point.

    I used the word asaadhyam असाध्यम​ to mean 'impossible' (the opposite of possible).

    The Onam meal Sadhya is perhaps pronounced ​साद्या.
    ​ In both the above words the first syllable is longer.

    In Kannada, 'Sadya' - ​सद्य​ ಸದ್ಯ as CV pointed out - means 'for the nonce' or 'for the time being' and its both syllables are short.

    1. Good analysis Richard. Perhaps you felt too heavy yesterday after 'sadhya' to have such lucid thinking! Today. everything falls in place.

  10. Enjoyable Crossword, CV sir. "Sis-sis-sis" was especially apt on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan!