Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2854), Sunday 16 Aug 2015

1   Sign in front of camera in broadcast is poor (7) SCORPIO {Ca...a} in {IS+POOR}*
5   Noah's arranged new start for animals, getting cry of praise (7) HOSANNA {NOAHS*}{N}{An...s}
9   Reportedly studies water plants (5) REEDS (~reads)
10 Game and drink after hard work (9) HOPSCOTCH {H}{OP}{SCOTCH} I'm sure all the ladies young and old, who comment here have played this.
11 One absorbed by weird topic has to be a nut (9) PISTACHIO 1 in {TOPIC+HAS}*
12 Projection in line with advantage (5) LEDGE {L}{EDGE}
13 Unfolded letter, learning about a tense relationship (7,8) ETERNAL TRIANGLE {LETTER+LEARNING}* about A
16 Idol, notice, following heart, frequently extreme? Far from it (6-2-3-4) MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD {MIDDLE}-{OF-T}{HE-RO}{AD}
18 Metallic sound in futuristic language (5) CLANG [T]
20 Group of players in short race out of shape (9) ORCHESTRA*
22 Dancer having left Ireland settled in Welsh town (9) BALLERINA {L}{ERIN} in {BALA}
23 Brave saint no longer in prison (5) STOUT {ST}{OUT}
24 Unknown vessel with hundred captured by alien being wiped out (7) EXTINCT {E{X}{TIN}{C}T}
25 Little in note about primate (7) HOMINID {MINI} in {DOH<=}

1   Collapse, losing heart after second doubt (7) SCRUPLE {S}{CRUmPLE}
2   Finished dispatch admitting pressure and excessive outlay (9) OVERSPEND {OVER}{S{P}END}
3   Food made from dough by middle of day (5) PASTA {PAST}{dAy}
4   One caring for eyes unaccustomed to Soho lamplight (15) OPHTHALMOLOGIST*
5   Funny actor, one with company in trendy way giving promise of ethical treatment (11,4) HIPPOCRATIC OATH {HIP}{P{ACTOR*}{1}{C O}ATH}
6   Predicament, having no pence in store for time off when ill (4,5) SICK LEAVE {S{pICK LE}AVE}
7   Famous end to novel (5) NOTED*
8   Complete account on busy place filled with energy (7) ACHIEVE {AC}{HI{E}VE}
14 Colour, for example, about to be found in fresh linen (4,5) (9) NILEGREEN {EG}{RE} in {LINEN}*
15 Presenter, tousled initially in dress, deserted place (5,4) GHOST TOWN {G{HOST} {To...d}OWN}
16 Vehicle's driven into horse? Ghastly (7) MACABRE {MA{CAB}RE}
17 Selected for service, composed (7) DRAFTED [DD]
19 Dispense completely with part of Bible (5) ALLOT {ALL}{OT}
21 Be gloomy, upset about small location of course (5) EPSOM {EP{S}OM<=}



  1. Replies
    1. Frankly I too have had a go at it as a kid

    2. I used to love hopscotch. Nowadays, I don't see kids playing such games. :(

    3. Mobiles ke side-effects! ;-)

  2. Even though The Hindu has done away with numbering of the Sunday CW, I shall continue adding the same within brackets