Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2856), Sunday 30 Aug 2015

1   Toy rattled, interrupting father with a variable routine (3-2-3) DAY-TO-DAY {DA{Y-TO*}D}{A}{Y}
6   Revolutionary plans for unwanted messages (4) SPAM <=
10 Five hundred wander in herd (5) DROVE {D}{ROVE}
11 Great round left for fan (9) SUPPORTER {SUP{PORT}ER}
12 Spot temperature after dance party (5,3) POLKA DOT {POLKA} {DO}{T}
13 Dark colour in strand (6) MAROON [DD]
15 Study, keen, or cry desperately for calculation aid (5,8) READY RECKONER {READ}{KEEN+OR+CRY}*
18 Dull name carried by blend not working (13) UNINTERESTING {UNI{N}TE}{RESTING}
20 Cook accepting fish willingly (6) FREELY {FR{EEL}Y}
21 Element in mobile ringtone (8) NITROGEN*
24 Go too far across section of river (9) OVERREACH {OVER}{REACH}
25 Carnivore has endlessly consuming hunger (5) HYENA {H{YEN}As} &lit
26 Responsibility for tax (4) DUTY [DD]
27 Botched raid's set to be calamity (8) DISASTER* &lit

2   Chain of islands completely enthralling first pair of tourists (5) ATOLL {A{TOu...s}LL}
3   Film in which Alec Guinness appeared sinister in dark style he developed (3,11) THE LADYKILLERS {ILL} in {DARK+STYLE+HE}*
4   Single saint taken in by attractive fraud (10) DISHONESTY {DISH{ONE}{ST}Y}
5   During party a psychiatrist talks annoyingly (4) YAPS [T]
7   Worked up prior to producing medley (9) POTPOURRI*
8   Start of research into state of the sea (6) MARINE {MA{Re...h}INE}
9   Composer having bad manners has job capturing hearts (8,6) JOHANNES BRAHMS {H} in {MANNERS+HAS+JOB}*
10 Go and catch editor up (6) DEPART {DE}{PART}<=
14 Encounters room on island, quiet in upper regions (10) SKIRMISHES {SKI{RM}{I}{SH}ES}
16 Purpose in elevated novel, not heartless fun (9) AMUSEMENT {AM{USE}ME<=}{NoT}
17 Old article about northern programme (6) AGENDA {AGE{N}D}{A}
19 Give answer following crossing (6) AFFORD {A}{F}{FORD}
22 Understanding finally about live bird (5) GREBE {u...nG}{RE}{BE}
23 Settled softly with relief (4) PAID {P}{AID}


  1. Replies
    1. As the Colonel has made no announcement, we have to wait until 10-30 a.m. to decide whether we have a special or not.
      Not always does a tinkle come before an elephant does. Many innocent villagers have been trampled upon by pachyderms in our forests without their getting any warning.

  2. Strange bedfellows?