Saturday, 8 August 2015

No 11468, Saturday 08 Aug 2015, Scintillator

A good deal from Scintillator :-) Though I'm stumped in the NE corner.

1   No other way to refer to these agricultural tools (6) SPADES [C&DD]
4   Fleece of an animal - jackal or fox, maybe (8) ?O?F???N (Addendum - WOLFSKIN - {WOLFS}{KIN} - See comments)
9   A diplomat needs skills to get to the bottom lines (6) HEARTS {HE}{ARTS}
10 See Barbie girl playing a game (8) CRIBBAGE {C+BARBIE+G}*
12 Little son goes for exam without strength (8) MEAGRELY MEA{-s+gre}GRELY
13 Some leaders seen to be drunk after quarter (6) ?U???S (Addendum - QUEENS - {QU}{SEEN*} - See comments}
15 Platform to knock someone with a punch (4) DOCK [DD] (Correction - DECK [DD] - See comments)
16 A letter from the skies? (10) AEROGRAMME [CD]
19 Dine at one? It's detrimental, they would say (10) DIETITIANS {DINE+AT+1+ITS}* Semi&lit
20 Leader's begging when not required (4) KING asKING
23 Miserable afternoon - cloudy, then blacks out (6) ABJECT Anno pending (Addendumm - {A}{B}{JE{C}T} - See comments)
25 Thoroughly examine everyone entering/ turning up at European city (8) VALLETTA {V{ALL}ET}{TA<=}
27 Plants that could yield rose teak (3,5) OAK TREES*
28 To some extent, westbound trade never reached level terms (6) EVENED Anno pending [T<=] See comments
29 Beloved hugging king in dim light (8) DARKLING {DAR{K}LING}
30 Reach across hill range on second level (6) BRIDGE {B}{RIDGE}

1   Disadvantaged people taking heed to earn money hatched a plan (7) SCHEMED {SC}{HE{M}ED}
2   Landslip can have a large fallout (9) AVALANCHE {CAN+HAVE+A+L}*
3   Gain by violence — formerly a wrongful act (6) EXTORT {EX}{TORT}
5   Wicked one is somewhat retrogressive (4) OGRE [T]
6   By far, rue being broke in this time of the year (8) FEBRUARY*
7   Church centre reports a dishonest person (5) ??A?? (Addendum - KNAVE (~nave) - See comments)
8   Massages said to remain as requirements (5-2) NEEDS-BE (~kneads){NEEDS}-{BE}
11 Reformation necessary in a large independent country (7) ALGERIA {A+LARGE+I}*
14 Talk at length about deplorable thugs (7) GOONDAS {GO ON}{DAS<=}
17 Doctor paid attention, peeled skin and applied some water (9) MOISTENED {MO}{lISTENED}
18 Hosting is very structured, clear and intuitive (8) VISCERAL VISCERAL {V}{IS}{CLEAR*}
19 It's hard to crack degree papers held on a Monday (7) DIAMOND {D}{I{A}{MON}D}
21 Nobleman in Greece and Eastern Spain (7) GRANDEE {GR}{AND}{E}{E}
22 College sweetheart brings prosperity (6) CLOVER {C}{LOVER}
24 Comedian is not quite an idiot? All right, accepted (5) JOKER {J{OK}ERk}
26 Eager to continue changing signs (4) KEEN Anno pending (Addendum - KEE(-p+n)N - See comments)



  1. Waiting for Sandhya to fill in the blanks

    1. I didn't complete the crossword. :( Going out - no time.

  2. Happy Birthday to Crossword Unclued on entering the Eighth year. Great going Shuchi

  3. 26 Eager to continue changing signs (4) KEEN Anno pending
    P (sign for 'parking') in KEEP (continue) changed to N (don't know what sign' this one is)

    1. I took it signs +ve & -ve ( so p & n)

    2. Thanks. I was wondering about what N meant if P was parking. Positive and Negative make sense though I don't know where they are used as such.

  4. 28 To some extent, westbound trade never reached level terms (6) EVENED Anno pending
    It is telescopic reversal from TRAde neveR

  5. 23 Miserable afternoon - cloudy, then blacks out (6) ABJECT Anno pending

    This took me a little while.
    B is black.
    JET is also black.
    Both B and JET are outside of something.
    A is afternoon, I think, though this abbr. may not be accepted by some editors.

    1. I did get as far as B and JET and then left it at that

  6. C for cloudy as in weather maps. Remember the time when The Hindu used to publish weather map with C for cloudy, S for sunny, R for rain?

  7. 13 Some leaders // seen to be drunk / after quarter (6) ?U???S

  8. I think 15A is DECK - Collins defines to deck as "to knock (someone) to the floor or ground." And it does mean platform, too.

    1. Deck is also a theme word & fits better. So no samosas today :(

  9. This was hard work. I can't say honestly that I enjoyed all of it, but was left feeling very happy once all the answers went in! I liked many clues, with 1a, 27a, and 24d standing out for the surface treatment.

    I couldn't parse MEAGRELY at all - great job on that, DG!

    Re. KEEN - the only context I can remember in which I can remember P and N as signs is in the indicators on an automatic car.

    Thanks to Scintillator and DG!
    - In

  10. Seems that cards are on the cards ....

    1. I was about to comment that the theme is CARDS when I saw your comment and understood what you meant... Rounding off in a roundabout way...

    2. I thought that is what the Col. pointed to in his comment "A good deal from Scintillator"

    3. Yes, Ramesh... I did note Deepak's comment ....more on yhis later

  11. Thanks Col. for standing in for me. Liked this one from Scintillator. Was a bit of a struggle to get to the other side, but enjoyable nevertheless.

  12. Clover is also a theme word

  13. Tough one and very nice surfaces.

  14. AD , taking one more step today :-)

  15. Best wishes to Shuchi on completion of seven years of CU.

  16. Beaten square & dry by Scintillator...could get only extort & hearts in NW corner..was beaten by Goondas(!)& many more in the SE corner..saving graces for me were the NE & SW corners...
    Which shows I have a long way to go...