Saturday, 3 September 2016

No 11794, Saturday 03 Sep 2016, Scintillator

There seems to be a theme, but I am not able to put a finger on it. 


1 Husband enters subsequently in a state of agitation (6) LATHER {LAT{H}ER}
4 Weapon to mark a bird of prey (8) TOMAHAWK {TO}M}{A}{HAWK}

9 A river running through, for example, Uttarakhand primarily (6) SARAYU {S{A}{R}AY}{Uttarakhand} &lit
10 Steamy vessel bottomed out like a sponge (8) VAPOROUS {VAt}{POROUS}
12 Lies you'd regularly find featuring in epic with many events (8) EPISODIC {EPI{lIeS}{yOuD}C}
13 European assemblies retrospectively showing regard (6) ESTEEM {E}{MEETS<=}
15 Motivation to place your odds at first (4) SPUR {SP}{UR} Thanks Col.
16 Notice one blocking cathedral — take charge (10) ADMINISTER {AD}{MIN{I}STER}
19 CERN pieces together the power to foresee future (10) PRESCIENCE {CERN+PIECES}*
20 Double-face, as first person becomes second (4) DUAL {D(-i+U}AL}
23 Where a dozen is one more? (6) BAKERY (CD)
25 Give way to expose minor incident (8) SIDESHOW {SIDE}{SHOW}
27 Networks of cords interspersed by knittings in the middle (8) LATTICES {LA{kniTTIngs}CES}
28 Kudos for solving high-class puzzle (6) SUDOKU {KUDOS*}{U}
29 Religious school suggests revoking a denial by an amateur (8) MAHAYANA {A}{NAY}{A}{HAM}<=
30 Expert wordplay putting one in extremes of delight (6) PUNDIT {PUN}{Deligh{I}T}


1 Silent son, during play, is attentive (7) LISTENS {SILENT+S}*
2 Wearing tutu with pride? It's a disgrace! (9) TURPITUDE {TUTU+PRIDE}* Is defn correct?
3 True origin of my note needs to be reviewed (6) ETYMON {MY+NOTE}*
5 Festival going ahead in the morning (4) ONAM {ON}{AM}

6 No answer about accusations relating to hearing (8) ACOUSTIC {{ACCUSATIONS}-{ANS}}*
7 An omen for home (5) ABODE {A}{BODE}
8 Mark his passes on Northern state (7) KASHMIR {MARK+HIS}*
11 Placed at centre — did not take the edge (7) MIDDLED (DD)
14 Piece of butternut is one in a slice in cookie (7) BISCUIT {Butternut}{IS}{CU{I}T}
17 Signature would reportedly protect against bad luck (5,4) TOUCH WOOD {TOUCH}{~WOULD}
18 Painfully beat — I cry with bitterness (8) ACERBITY {BEAT+I+CRY}*
19 Fruit outside a bun mostly is edible (7) PABULUM {P{A}{BUn}LUM}
21 Order dress case (7) LAWSUIT {LAW}{SUIT}
22 Tongue of workers bearing Oriental pull (6) TELUGU {T{E}{LUG}U}
24 Ticket checker boards a sailing vessel (5) KETCH (T)

26 Plant of the River Son picked from eastern banks (4)  FERN {oF}{thE}{riveR}{soN}

Husband=H, Mark=M, River=R, European =E, Place=Ur, Your odds=SP (Starting Price), Notice=Ad, One=I, First person=I, Second person=U, High-class=U
Son=S, Morning=AM, Answer=Ans, Workers=TU, Oriental=E

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  1. 15AC is beyond guess. Really motivating!

  2. A typical Scintillator Puzzle.
    Coming back after a two day hiatus ftom crossword..did the last two days puzzle as well..

    1. I will be taking a break for four days from tomorrow morning to visit Tirupati and Chennai. Will miss all the fun.

  3. 2D- Depravity/ base act is the def. for turpitude as per Free dic. and this seems to fit in.
    3D- Needs to be reviewed is also dark. It is actually an indicator. Def. is 'True Origin'.

    1. Fixed 3D. I don't think disgrace is a synonym for turpitude

  4. 8D. How come Kashmir is a state?

  5. 8D. Correction: How come Kashmir (alone) is a state by itself?

  6. May be taken as short form of J&K,as it is generally referred to.

  7. pabulum !! new new.. if the word play werent so bang on would never have guessed it :) also Etymon .. what with the onam clue reminded me of Rainmon :) nice one from scintillator ..

  8. Idn't the Onam sadhya leaf wrongly placed? Traditionally, the sharp end should be on the left? Or is it a mirror image?

    1. The picture has been taken from the serving side that's why it looks wrong to you.

  9. It's ok, if I am at the receiving end, in such situations!

  10. In the picture, chips and banana which are normally served on the banana leaf in Onasadya are missing ! May be the picture is taken before they are served😄

  11. How does a c/c indicator work?. Thanks