Wednesday, 7 September 2016

No 11796, Wednesday 07 Sep 2016, Incognito

At the Boxing ring after the Olympics

8   Family girl becomes head of state (4) KING {KIN}{G}
9   Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em — not this one (5) OTHER [T]
10 The Simpsons release the sons to demons (4) IMPS sIMPSons
11 Fire a mad gent having one ... (6) IGNITE {1}{GN{1}TE}
12 ... “fur crate restoration break” (8) FRACTURE*
13 Earl revs badly resulting in failure or setback (8) REVERSAL*
15 Formally dress English royal with honour (6) ENROBE {EN}{R}{OBE}
17 Have some policemen heading secret service (7) POSSESS {POSSE}{SS}
19 Spoilt tea (3,4) ATE AWAY [RA]
22 Close down to tighten clockwork spring (4,2) WIND UP [DD]
24 Royal heir has rhea and duck preparation (8) ARCHDUKE*
26 Conceals old boy's remedies (8) OBSCURES {OB'S}{CURES}
28 Fly sets in hollow thistle (6) TSETSE {SETS} in {Th...lE}
30 Chat, at first, to a student leader of Kampucheans (4) TALK {To}{A}{L}{Ka...s}
31 Entertain Indian university's chief of examinations (5) AMUSE {AMU'S}{Ex...n}
32 A type of earth containing chlorine and in the beginning, yellow to some extent (4) CLAY {CL}{And}{Ye...w}

1   Telephone for a piece of jewellery (4) RING [DD]
2   Place fruit on head? That leads to monstrosity (8) UGLINESS {UGLI}{NESS}
3   Goods packers' trunks for pugilists? (6) BOXERS [MD]
4   Dance around and mix cards (7) SHUFFLE [DD]
5   Graduate Record Examination: an assessment to become “All time best” (8) GREATEST {GRE}{A}{TEST}
6   Winner of first Valentine, on radio (6) VICTOR Va...e NATO Phonetic
7   Fight disparity to some extent (4) SPAR [T]
14 Collie wandered around without leash, initially, and got some bacteria (1,4) E COLI COLlIE*
16 Dark lawyer's brief acknowledgement (5) BLACK {BL}{ACK}
18 Clark Kent revises surname with some panache (8) SUPERMAN {SURNAME + Pa...e}*
20 Spectators' dance i.e. University dance (8) AUDIENCE {DANCE+IE+U}*
21 Person behind conspiracy to kill Caesar and an old Pope held by secret police? Quite the contrary (7) CASSIUS {SS} in {CAIUS}
23 Remove carbon from French drug (6) DECOKE {DE}{COKE}
25 Fast boat's trimming device (6) CUTTER [DD]
27 Attend and trounce (4) BEAT {BE}{AT}
29 To start with, some car accidents result in mark on the skin (4) SCAR Acrostic



  1. Another fast one and enjoyable as ever.
    Wonder how many still wind up their clocks. I do.

  2. 17A- I took secret service as SS (German) not just heading of Secret Service and 'Heading' as to be followed by.

  3. 19 Spoilt tea (3,4) ATE AWAY [RA]
    Think AWAY is the reverse anind here!?

  4. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee
    Boxing with Ali, Foreman, Tyson et al..thanks for bringing back memories Incognito

    1. Exactly, Vasanth, Black Superman is the theme. Some more theme words are to be marked ...

    2. The lyrics of the song might help :)

    3. King,Scar,Other. Any other words?

    4. Paddy has one more, but not from the song

  5. Replies
    1. First, definitely... Remember the wired jaw below the Loisville Lip. Second, iffy, as a slang word for an upper cut?

    2. Robe... I would have readily agreed, but enrobe I considered but left out. Rather, disrobe may be getting ready for the bout.
      Cutter.. exactly what I had in mind.
      Now I will have to look up the lyrics.

  6. Thanks for not making it a KO.. but an easy punch.. nice one Incog :)

  7. "There ain't no flies on Muhammad Ali", but the fly is in the clue not in the solution.

  8. Thanks to Deepak for giving a link to the song which became an iconic one long ago

  9. Incognito makes it easy for cc beginners to enjoy THC. Thank you Incognito!

  10. Thanks all. Manju, you've made my day!