Thursday, 22 September 2016

No 11807, Thursday 22 Sep 2016, Spinner

1   Construction profession involving hectic travelling certainly taking away a little sleep (12) ARCHITECTURE {AR{HECTIC*}T}{sURE}
10 Pal, or turned antagonistic? (5) POLAR*
11 Australia, for instance, is happy with India! (9) CONTINENT {CONT{IN}ENT}
12 Fact: Spinner beginning to love following extraordinary date (6) DETAIL {DATE}*{I}{Love}
13 Managed to tie in jittery decider (8) DIRECTED {T} in {DECIDER}*
15 Serene arrangement of cello by foreigner from the east recorded in CD (9) COLLECTED {CELLO}*{ET<=} in {CD}
16 Bird endlessly chirped, to get some water (4) SWAN {Wa..r} in {SANg}
20 Facility to convert sea's energy (4) EASE {SEA+E}*
21 Keane finally leaves Manchester, manipulated by agents (9) MERCHANTS MANCHeSTER*
24 Unloads Silicon in warehouses (8) DEPOSITS {DEPO{SI}TS}
26 Normally, carbohydrates leaving body are broken-down carbohydrates! (6) STARCH CarboHydRATeS*
28 Convinced revolutionary to return to unfinished round? Incredible! (9) WONDERFUL {WON}{RED<=}FULl}
29 Essentially, tooth decay's spread around by germs (5) ROOTS {toOth} in {ROTS}
30 Trust speaker to be one who spits things out (12) EXPECTORATOR {EXPECT}{ORATOR}

2   Unstable, so reliant on family members (9) RELATIONS*
3   Cavity around tip of Rider's bone? That's dreadful! (8) HORRIBLE {HO{Ri..r}{RIB}LE}
4   Check staff not wearing cap (4) TICK sTICK
5   Trust uninitiated kid to run through barricade in pursuit of criminal (10) CONFIDENCE {CON}{F{kID}ENCE}
6   Integrated squad has depth, with leading Englishmen in the mix (6) UNITED {UNIT}{En...n}{D}
7   Excerpt from seventieth episode (5) EVENT [T]
8   Identifying this tool by its name might make you blunt! (5) SPADE [CD]
9   Trick involving extremely deceptive schoolboy (7) STUDENT {De...vE} in {STUNT}
14 Methodical setter cracks trail provided by Spinner's opening to crossword (10) SCIENTIFIC {SC{I}ENT}{IF}{I}{Cr...d}
17 Contest involving a bit of throwing & egg-beating at swimming pool? (5,4) WATER POLO {WA{Th...g}{Egg}R} {POOL}* &lit

18 Grasslands mowed evenly with a scythe's edge (7) MEADOWS {MOWED+A}*{Sc..e}
19 Microbes exist with operation on recirculated air (8) BACTERIA {B{ACT}E}{AIR}*
22 As skin turns numb, ... (6) ASLEEP {AS}{PEEL<=}
23 ...hunt for jacket, to retain heat (5) CHASE {C{H}ASE}
25 Pound (English) = Hundred of 'em, basically (5) PENCE {P}{EN}{C}{Em} &lit
27 "Too confidential, some secrets!" (4) ALSO [T]


  1. Had doubt about 24AC - Unloads = Deposits? No support from Chambers dictionary. Can you substantiate?

    1. Deposit = To put down or leave something = Unload

    2. Had the same doubt, but imagined the depositing of a sediment in a chemical reaction or a simple tap water!

  2. 26 Normally, carbohydrates leaving body are broken-down carbohydrates! (6) STARCH CarboHydRATeS*

    I think 'broken down' is an anagrind, otherwise there is no ind to remove jumbled form of body+are, assuning 'normally is also an anagrind

    1. Leaving? (omitting 'body' & 'are')

    2. I took the 2 aninds as one for words to be removed and the other for the solution.

    3. Leaving is the deletion ind, I meant the anagram ind for bodyare*

    4. Yes, leaving is deletion ind.
      Normally is anind for body are* and broken down is anind for the remaining letters.

    5. I took broken down is part of def. presuming powdered form of starch

    6. Raghunath ji is right.

      Carbohydrates* - (body are)* with normally and broken down as anagrinds

  3. 29A- Roots. I could not get the meaning of roots as germs.
    Excellent CW. Very satisfying to have completed except the above doubt.
    Enjoyed the construction of architecture.
    Had a good laugh at the orator who expectorates!
    Thank you Spinner for an enjoyable start for the day.

  4. I could not find root as a germ in chambers or Free dic., but was able to get it in one of the CW solvers.

  5. Germ means root. It is a germ of an idea

    1. Thank you Suresh. I understand the usage, but the direct meaning of the word as such.

  6. Well bowled Spinner..nice mix of doosras, top spinners alongwith the stock ball of gentle off spinners.

  7. Is there a reason why the usual order of setters has gone for a toss?

  8. Congrats Spinner on completing 3 years of setting ! Happy birthday:) Long live Spinner :)

    1. Oh! Really!
      Many happy returns of the day Spinner. Today's CW is worthy of being an anniversary special. Keep spinning them.

  9. I enjoyed thisone from Spinner.. Architecture esp.. the one that is most intriguing is Spade.. now calling this item by its name is obviously a reference to the phrase "call a spade a spade" but .. where does the "makes you blunt" bit come in.. spades are normally sharp edged tools .. someone please explain :)

    1. Someone who is 'blunt' in their assessments is someone who 'calls a spade a spade'.

      The surface itself was constructed with an idea to invoke the sharp-blunt imagery. Happy someone caught it.

    2. As you rightly said-"To call a spade a spade" is to put it bluntly.

    3. ah.. its quite a brilliant clue :) isnt it always the blunt instrument that does one in.. :)

  10. Very nice, enjoyed the crossie. Thank you Spinner

  11. Spinner having spun has won as a winner in spinning inner pins. He's a ONER ! ne'er another ! Inspire and spin another again !

  12. Very nice crossword Spinner - and congrats on the anniversary!
    One doubt - in 18D, is "evenly" the anagrind?