Monday, 26 September 2016

No 11810, Monday 26 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Censor in coarse comeback as teacher (8) EDUCATOR {EDU{CATO}R<=}
6   It takes beating by great many. Strange (4) DRUM {D}{RUM}
9   Old British administration positioned Hindu warrior (6) RAJPUT {RAJ}{PUT}
10 Ma shaky about face veil (7) YASHMAK*
13 Male sovereign (not ultimately noble) corrupt enough to administer badly (9) MISGOVERN {M}{SOVeREIGN}*
14 Solemn in final resting place (5) GRAVE [DD]
15 Reportedly put down by memory (4) ROTE (~wrote)
16 Inbred enough not to be on the edge of a chair (4-6) DEEP-SEATED [DD]
19 Comrade, fellow, worker pass over dead officer (10) COMMANDANT {COM}{MAN}{D}{ANT}
21 Girl, on edge, is serious (4) GRIM {G}{RIM}
24 Comes close to bearing appendages (5) NEARS {N}{EARS}
25 Resolve to stop explosive device (9) DETERMINE {DETER}{MINE}
26 Lift carries man and graduate with old complaint (7) LUMBAGO {LU{M}{BA}G}{O}
27 Order to secure the woman in the closet (6) LOCKER {LOCK}{'ER}
28 Girl has suffered deep cut (4) GASH {G}{HAS}*
29 Appropriate, extremely trendy home (8) PROPERTY {PROPER}{Tr..dY}

2   Late group is quite determined (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}
3   Cover, on a hill, one who's taken a prisoner (6) CAPTOR {CAP}{TOR}
4   Document establishing ownership? Deleted it by mistake (5,4) TITLE DEED*
5   Light old and new material (5) RAYON {RAY}{O}{N}
7   Shout about men breaking scrap (7) REMNANT {{R{MEN*}ANT}
8   What tunnellers do to get by financially (4,4,4) MAKE ENDS MEET [C&DD]
11 Autograph on paper and seal (6) SIGNET {SIGN}{ET}
12 Uncle Sam's standard (8,4) AMERICAN FLAG [CD]
17 Joke and muse, taking it up in scrupulous ceremony (9) PUNCTILIO {PUN}{C{IT<=}LIO}
18 Revulsion caused by wicked sena over gold (6) NAUSEA {SENA}* over {AU}
20 One taken in by double post-graduates in bad atmospheric conditions (7) MIASMAS {M{1}A'S}{MA'S}
22 Rani dances around setter with primarily turquoise clothing (7) RAIMENT {RAI{ME}N*}{Tu...e}
23 Tablet from model healthcare company (6) TROCHE {T}{ROCHE}
25 Department head's poor rise and decline (5) DROOP {De...t}{POOR<=}


  1. Easy & interesting.
    Is there a typo in 24A? Should it be 'hearing' in stead of 'bearing'?
    Loved to make ends meet.

    1. No typo. Bearing is used for North, South, East & West

    2. Thank you Col. & Sp for the clarification.

    3. Had this in 1A a few days back for Make Ends Meet
      Bare survival by me?(4,4,4)

  2. Gridman dishes out an easy fare in this 12 letter grid..easy but enjoyable

  3. Nice and rather elegant one :)