Wednesday, 28 September 2016

No 11812, Wednesday 28 Sep 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha on time :-) today unlike some others who've gone missing.

7   Indian queen in retreat shelters Lawrence, heartlessly cold, between major battles (8) INTERWAR {TE}{RaW} in {RANI<=}
9   Her missing hand-held electric blower shows the purpose of a clothesline (3-3) AIR-DRY {hAIR-DRYer}
10 Quality of some foods revealed by a fat tester at sea (10) AFTERTASTE*
11 Are greedy shopkeepers paid through this? (4) NOSE [CD]
12 Impulsive king gets rid of Democrat in strike (4) RASH (-d+r)RASH
13 First class environment for a shoot with Henry and a sailor in the capital (3,5) ABU DHABI {BUD}{H}{AB} in {A1}
16 Toy, half damaged, in the barn area (7) HAYLOFT*
18 Contribute to cutting short the underdog's transformation (7) REDOUND UNDERDOg*
20 Fit priest, well-built, upset by the French (8) ELIGIBLE {ELI}{BIG<=}{LE}
21 Protein-rich vegetable found in the Valparaiso yachts (4) SOYA [T]
23 Special and memorable time relating to us for the auditor (4) HOUR (~our)
24 Pliable, mild cheese (10) MOZZARELLA [CD] (Correction - [E/GK] - See comments)
25 An easy undertaking in the gentle wind (6) BREEZE [DD]
26 Notice story about a part of an optical instrument (8) EYEPIECE {EYE}{PIECE}

1   Powdered tobacco from the brush has carbon exchanged for nitrogen (5) SNUFF S(-c+n)NUFF
2   Green badge valet composted for a source of home produce (9,6) VEGETABLE GARDEN*
3   Formal glassware with resin sent up to attract a good man following the lines (7) CRYSTAL {RY}{ST} in {LAC<=}
4   Oriental moving to the top in the coffee shop rises to get a look (4) FACE {+e)ECAF(-e) <=
5   Befuddled chaperones fly in to a part of the South Pacific (6,9) FRENCH POLYNESIA*
6   Bracelet with the bard's twin was deformed (9) WRISTBAND*
8   Discarded the top sample piece of cloth with the timepiece (5) WATCH sWATCH
14 Caught female sheep for a function (3) USE (~ewes)
15 Upset about the single apprentice with a tusked mammal getting equipment for windsurfing (9) SAILBOARD {1}{L}{BOAR} in {SAD}
17 Electronic tab for controlling access to an extract from the Book of Obadiah (3) FOB [T]
19 Fabricated steel container for Arizona herbs (7) TEAZLES {AZ} in {STEEL}*
21 Model's profile (5) SHAPE [DD]
22 Captain left officer Charlie's kit initially to get a timepiece (5) CLOCK Acrostic
24 Matthew's blessed ones? (4) MEEK [GK]
Blessed are the meek: for they will inherit the earth. (5:5)



  1. Nice one by Neyartha
    Thanks Col for a super blog which began with a bye line that referenced today's theme & also rubbed it in to the awry scheduling of the puzzles!

  2. The interactive crossword online works good for me,I am 100% for past 10 days.keep going THC

  3. I had to do it on line today. Got some help along the way. Not sure if the red letters are a boon or bane. Otherwise it works fine- on the days it appears!

  4. 4D- 'rises' is the reversal indicator?

  5. 24A How is it a CD? I thought it was a non-cryptic clue or so-called easy type clue. A clue which should not figure in a cryptic crossword at all.

    1. I think Suresh was referring to 21 Across and not 21 Down.

    2. Yup 24A should have been GK or E and not CD, Suresh is right

    3. Can anyone attempt a cryptic clue for the word Mozzarella?

    4. Trying "all country ounce are mixed produce by pasta filata". does it fit.

    5. Most of the dengue menace are all ruining dairy produce (10)

    6. After a second return to deride her pizza ingredient (10) {MO}{RAZZ<=}{ELLA}

    7. Mr.Oz laze around Los Angeles for cheese (10)

    8. In Rome all pizzas essentially baked with this one? (10)

      This one is an ingredient in more/ all pizzas essentially (10)

  6. For 24 Down I filled in POOR based on this : “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (5:3)
    And naturally had trouble in getting the other answers!

  7. MB has been missing for a while.

  8. 4 ZZZZ..... with a WATCH and a CLOCK and an EYEPIECE, WRISTBAND and an HOUR how can anyone go for a SNOOzE ? nice one from Neyartha !