Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 18 Sep 2016

1   Silver in swamp? It's an illusion (6) MIRAGE {MIR{AG}E}
4   Sun, great comfort (6) SOLACE {SOL}{ACE}
8   Deduction about anger with me for loss of confidence (14) DISCOURAGEMENT {DISCOU{RAGE}{ME}NT}
10 Defeats with swords (5) FOILS [DD]
11 Soldier on exercises, singular in honour (9) PERSEVERE {PE}{R{S}EVERE|}
12 Smuggled goods in car not uncommonly used by group (10) CONTRABAND {CAR+NOT}*{BAND}
14 Bishop with insolence causing deviation (4) BLIP {B}{LIP}
16 Hard, ignoring front row (4) TIFF sTIFF
18 Slim script I revised with no right to be glib (10) SIMPLISTIC {SLIM+SCrIPT+I}*
21 Expenses from past masters (9) OVERHEADS {OVER}{HEADS}
23 Absolutely excellent in speech (5) PLUMB (~plum)
24 Disorder of noisy bar held up piece by Gershwin (8,2,4) RHAPSODY IN BLUE*

25 Carbon, material for pencil (6) CRAYON {C}{RAYON}
26 Interfere with sound of gong (6) MEDDLE {~medal}

1   Second inspector going over story containing a change (12) MODIFICATION {MO}{DI}{FIC{A}TION}
2   Unfinished matter raised in controlled language (7) RUSSIAN  {R{ISSUe<=}AN}
3   List of words and tips from author in magazine (8) GLOSSARY {GLOSS{AuthoR}Y}
4   Pea soup, as gran ordered, lacking nothing (5,4) SUGAR SNAP {SoUP+AS+GRAN}*
5   Walk heavily with burden (6) LUMBER [DD]
6   Opening of cinema formerly with a large screen (7) CONCEAL {Ci...a}{ONCE}{A}{L}
7   Abandon work to follow doctor (4) DROP {DR}{OP}
9   Claimed beeps ruined animated film (10,2) DESPICABLE ME*
13 Musical benefit about gear with plug (9) BRIGADOON {B{RIG}{AD}OON}
15 Internet provider in stupid deal (8) DISPENSE {D{ISP}ENSE}
17 Say nothing to stop more uninhibited student (7) FRESHER {SH} in {FREER}
19 Riotous set, loud and untidy (7) TOUSLED*
20 Carpenter easily upset (6) CHIPPY [DD]
22 Beginning to struggle, artist lacking good protein (4) SOYA {St...e}{gOYA}



  1. 24AC and 13D have taken enough time. Needed googling.

  2. Yes, I was nowhere near them. Tougher than usual, rather off beat words.
    IXL on today? What time is the CW expected to be up?

  3. Col.,
    Thank you for the informative link on peas.

  4. It is 12 noon Paddy, as detailed by Col in Facebook

  5. Defeated by the slow internet.With 1 remaining mistakenly pressed submit instead of save.
    That's how the cookie crumbles,I guess

  6. It is 930 in the morning here in NY. Managed to complete the ICL, after waking up to the whimpering of the twin grandkids who are brought home., after three days. Filled in the answers literally holding the baby who is a bit restless, as opposed to her brother . Let the parents sleep a bit.

    The cluing is a bit odd, I should say, especially on the four letter words.

    Good luck to all the other participants. Let the best win !

  7. Vasant: Aw ! sorry ! take heart ! It happened to me twice before ! I am sure, the organizers can make the solving process more convenient, as each letter has to be filled in , one by one, instead of auto-move to the next ! Ugh !!

    1. Happy grand parenting Raju!
      Thanks KKR, MB & Raju for the sympathies..
      Actually after completion when I submitted Network failed..
      Had to retype all the answers(more than half of them after saving)..then after hitting save again then i was totally frustrated..& wrongly keyed in submit instead of save
      The NW..BSNL broadband..really frustrates.
      With this NW one cant compete in speed test

    2. Very valid point indeed! The Acrosslite normally allows autojump to the next cell. But here, one has to physically do it. If this is obviated, a significant numbers of minutes' time could reflect in the performance and ranking of non-computer-savvies like us!

    3. Vasant, I know how horrible bsnl networks are!