Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 25 Sep 2016

1   Pretend to be in charge in training (8) PRACTICE {PR{ACT}ICE}
5   Bird fluttering to cave (6) AVOCET*
9   Strike and call for riot (7) RAMPAGE {RAM}{PAGE}
10 Revel in constant cause (7) CAROUSE {C}{AROUSE}
11 Mark from piano teacher (4) NOTE [T]
12 Supporter's complaint about name used by player (10) BENEFACTOR {BE{N}EF}{ACTOR}
14 Left lusty one rambling forebodingly (12) PORTENTOUSLY {PORT}{LUSTY+ONE}*
17 Silent comedian in tank sure to be in trouble (6,6) BUSTER KEATON*
20 Panic resolved by old boy with a cocktail (4,6) PINA COLADA {PINA C}*}{O}{LAD}{A}
21 Shrill greeting heard (4) HIGH (~ hi)
23 Study source behind revolutionary scrap (7) EXAMINE {AXE<=}{MINE}
24 Pal idly tossed leaf on pond (4,3) LILY PAD*
25 Present extremes of sadly unorthodox doctrine (6) HERESY {HERE}{SadlY}
26 Unaware, I admit, about drama (8) IGNORANT {I}{G{NO}RANT}

1   Standard cuts in vegetables (8) PARSNIPS {PAR}{SNIPS}
2   Artist coming up with sensible framework (8) ARMATURE {RA<=}{MATURE}
3   Rush meal and run (4) TEAR {TEA}{R}
4   Prime minister's people gossip in shelter after start of campaign (7,6) CLEMENT ATTLEE   {Ca...n}{LE{MEN}{T ATTLE}E}
6   Parts of poem about a ruinous palace (10) VERSAILLES {VERS{A}{ILL}ES}
7   Bad-tempered cur damaged enclosure (6) CRUSTY {CUR*}{STY}
8   Attempt to engage man with love for idea (6) THEORY {T{HE}{O}RY}
10 Signal at end of race varied following delay (9,4) CHEQUERED FLAG {CHEQUERED} {F}{LAG}
13 United in hunting mostly small marine creatures (3,7) SEA URCHINS {SEA {U}RCHINg}{S}
15 Sad poet I hail, missing lake in country (8) ETHIOPIA {POET+I+HAIl}*
16 Not wildly popular, cut by editor promptly (2,3,3) ON THE DOT {ON T}*{H{E D}OT}
18 Talk quietly in spot in front of church (6) SPEECH {S{P}EE}{CH}
19 Fun playing tune out of order (6) UNFAIR {FUN*}{AIR}
22 Singer in national tournament (4) ALTO [T]


  1. It was a cake walk. Is it because clues are tailored to suit septuagenarians.

  2. Or is it that a septuagenarian set it?

  3. 20AC - New cocktail. Never tasted before!

    1. Remember having this one when I was in Silvassa...quite exotic..

  4. Bhavan is going to be in India between 4th and 13th Oct and he will be at Hyderabad between 4th to 7th, Madras 10th and 11th and Bangalore on 12th and 13th.
    Get in touch with Raghunath at Hyderabad, Bhala at Chennai to meet up, dates can be ascertained from them.
    As far as Bangalore is concerned we will meet on 12th Oct evening those interested to join may get in touch with me. We will be meeting at RSI on MG Road.

    1. Good to know that Bhavan will be in Hyd. I will be happy to meet.
      Raghunath, keep me in mind. I am available on mobile 8374882418

  5. O/T
    IXL 2016 .... 18Dn Square raised place, a marshy spot (4) SPEW
    I was a victim of SPEW :(
    How do you annotate it please?

    1. KKR had said yesterday that he found spew in Chambers meaning marshy spot. (Def.)
      Word play- S (PEW) S for square. Pew for a bench in church. I hope I am right. Wise after the event since I am also a victim.

    2. S = Square, PEW = raised place, SPEW = A marshy spot

  6. KKR,
    I have tasted it many times- in the CW's of course! I think it came up recently too.

    1. Maybe you are right about its appearance. I was tipsy then!

  7. By what time the CW is expected to be up in IXL?

  8. At 12 Noon, as usual, Paddy

    This was the message posted by them @ 10:00 am!

  10. Billions of blue blistering barnacles!
    Had almost solved well..that too quite quickly by my standard but submitted without filling one answer..once mistake is ok but repeated mistakes just sheer carelessness..

  11. Take it easy Vasant,
    We are not anyway playing for the top TEN. At least for me.
    It's the fun involved in facing it.

    1. Right KKR..but having done quite well especially on the harder part of SW corner missing out on an easier one without attempting was quite frustrating..
      Of course we are playing for fun & also to guage where we stand vi a vis the outstanding solvers

  12. I too submitted with one error. Plenty of time wasted on another clue which I felt was misleading due to the wording

    1. How sad Raghunath,
      I felt you will be running the race on behalf of Hyderabadis!

    2. The match is not over till the last ball is bowled!

  13. That's cricket- and probably CW competition too!
    I am aiming higher (not contending for top 50) - for the top 100!

  14. Vasant: Sorry again ! We were all taught to run through the answers once before submitting the papers to the invigilator. Have you forgotten? What's your hurry since we are not competing but are only completing? I finished mine using one left finger, holding a recalcitrant and crabby baby on the other! A few clues are indeed offbeat, whilst all others are cakewalk. My time zone permits me to only go at it after 10am NY time . SAVE button should be our saviour .

    Raghu: Pole saana in swahili-- ( means take it easy !)

    1. Right Raju..what you are saying I said to myself number of times..Shuchi gave a step by step procedure two seasons ago..I guess some people never learn..I am one of them

    2. Ur description of grand parenting is awesome...keep going!

  15. Col: Vdery many new participants in the IXL 2016, as can be seen from the Leaderboard. Is there a way to rope in all these to our blog ? A bit of a brag about our blog doesn't hurt?