Tuesday, 13 June 2017

No 12032, Tuesday 13 Jun 2017, The Phantom

8   Complained vehicle’s speed crossed safe limits (6) CARPED {CAR}{sPEeD}
9   A group of East Europeans carries black tumblers (8) ACROBATS {A}{CRO{B}ATS}
10 Ran around corner beaten (8) STRAPPED {S{TRAP}PED}
11 Small evergreen shrub providing cover (6) SHEATH {S}{HEATH}
12 Undergarments made from fibres (6) BRIEFS*
13 Bitter drink brought back son's misery (8) SOURPUSS {SOUR}{SUP<=}{S}
15 Cafeteria's temperature gets cooler before evening (7) CANTEEN {CAN}{T}{EEN}
17 Discarding the old rule at cricket ground for dismissal? (7) REMOVAL {theoREM}{OVAL}
20 Quiet place by shed to the left, for recreation break (8) PLAYTIME {P}{LAY}{EMIT<=}
22 Determined to train overcoming resistance (6) STURDY {STU{R}DY}
23 Hotel’s serving tea to native (6) INNATE {INN}{TEA*}
25 Hear test is conducted for auditoriums (8) THEATRES*
26 Engaged partners to attract new sponsors (8) FINANCES {FI{N}ANCES}
27 Plan reflects reporter's shortcoming (6) DEVICE {ED<=}{VICE}

1   Bugs Bunny's first production broadcast endlessly all around (8) BACTERIA {Bu..y}{ACT}{AIREd<=}
2   Pane partly damaged on the outside (10) APPARENTLY*
3   Chooses fizzy soda over port (6) ADOPTS {ADO{PT}S*}
4   Extremely difficult for bowler to save runs when basic skill's absent (7) HARDEST {HA{RiDES}T} Anno not clear With help from Ramesh
5   Parcels regularly tested for heaviness (8) PRESSURE {PaRcElS}{SURE}
6   Experienced guy scores century (4) ABLE cABLE
7   Position Indians immediately on top (6) STATUS {STAT}{US}
14 Document describes channel one as being profitable… (10) PRODUCTIVE {PRO{DUCT}{1}VE}
16 …therefore not hard to receive fund from bank (8) EMINENCE {hE{MINE}NCE}
18 Interview spectators (8) AUDIENCE [DD]
19 Liberal's inclination to carry English daily (7) LEFTIST {L{E}{FT}IST}
21 Pulse is fast and at fifty-one rising (6) LENTIL {LENT}{LI<=}
22 Small returns, yet Bill's invested in firm (6) STEADY {S}{TE{AD}Y<=}
24 Partly open letters Maharajah's got back (4) AJAR <=



  1. Another neat CW by Phantom.
    A few doubts though-
    27A- Is reporter same as editor?- one who reports?
    15A- 'Een' for evening?
    20A- Time from 'shed to the left'? Is shed not emitted?
    Liked the surface of 1A & oval.

    1. Shed..shed...shed I believe the three forms of verb..

  2. Replies
    1. I must say YES to your queries on 27A and 15A

  3. Phantom is easier today, surprisingly!

  4. Phantom is easier but thoroughly entertaining...some awesome surface stories.
    Thanks Mr. Walker

  5. I liked Interview spectators (18D) the most. How two apparently unconnected words come to have a common meaning! That is one thing that amazes me in crosswords and makes me realise the beauty of the language.

  6. Nice one. My COD 1dn BACTERIA.

    I was needlessly googling for Bugs Bunny's first production. Later got 'bacteria' but couldn't parse it!

  7. Enjoyed solving, especially acrobats for tumblers!

  8. Nice crossword with many enjoyable, smooth clues (ABLE, STRAPPED, LENTIL etc.)
    A couple of doubts:
    7D: US = Indians?
    4D: "Basic" indicates middle character? I thought "essential" would be middle letter(s) and basic refers to the first character.

    1. 7D: Indians=Us(We)
      4D: I think so too

    2. Re 4d, it's best to refer to a dic.


      central, inherent, intrinsic (essential also is a synonym). Basic can be used as you put for the first character also.

    3. Then how to decide if it is first or middle for 'basic'- according to situation?

  9. Paddy,
    Clarifications supported by Chambers Thesaurus for:
    15A:publisher, director, journalist, writer, reporter, correspondent, reviewer, newspaperman/woman, newsman/woman, newscaster
    even2 /ēˈvn/ or e'en /ēn/ (obsolete, poetic or dialect)

  10. I found Phantom's to be very unspectacular what with many clues that were convoluted ; maybe, my mind was noodled up with the Chinese food at lunch combined with the cue fluttering and hanging and constant bombing of the screen by ads and hence undesirable diversions. Online solving of the Hindu crossword takes away all the fun !

    1. Add Adblock plus plugin onto your browsers

    2. All the ads stop with the main TH page. Nothing appears on the CW page when it opens. I do it on line when the print edition is delivered late.

    3. Unspectacular?convoluted clues?

    4. Or shall I say: Unspectluted Clues ?

      Deepak & Paddy. Thanks. I have now adblocked & plugged in.