Saturday, 3 June 2017

No 12024, Saturday 03 Jun 2017, Incognito

A surprise D-Day landing from Incognito (3 days ahead of schedule?)


8 A medal for the top position or ... (4) GOLD (DD)
9 ... Indian found in Tacoma harbour? (5) OMAHA (T)
10 I left celestial beauty for some time (4) HOUR {HOURi}
11 British church has rings and bejewelled clasp (6) BROOCH {BR}{O}{O}{CH}
12 Magician's argument against legal panellist (8) CONJUROR  {CON}{JUROR}
13 Feudal superior's famous operation (8) OVERLORD  (DD)

15 Encounter 6 (6) ATTACK (DD)
17 Littoral road's covered with a coal compound (7) COASTAL {A+COAL}* around {ST}
19 Return pen and musical composition to Jupiter's brother (7) NEPTUNE {PEN<=}{TUNE}
22 Apply aromatic substance to minced lamb carried by setter on return (6) EMBALM {M  {LAMB*}E<=}
24 Make merry around intoxicated tailless bull's tree (8) MULBERRY {M{BULl}ERRY}
26 Capable of being cheated with manipulated glue bill (8) GULLIBLE {GLUE+BILL}*
28 Take a dekko into the corpse ... it's gory (6) BLOODY {B{LO}ODY}
30 Walk in water in Washington delta/estuary initially (4) WADE {WA}{Delta}{Estuary}
31 Bad words may become a weapon (5) SWORD {WORDS*}
32 Internet link about a mountain range (4) URAL {UR{A}L}


1 Low on king's wasteland (4) MOOR {MOO}{R}
2 Small advertisement by loveless journos moves (8) ADJOURNS {AD}{JOURNoS}
3 Baloo, after dropping criminal at hospital, loves to cry loudly (6) BOOHOO {BalOO}{H}{O}{O}
4 Bottles in the tavern may possibly carry these rules to be followed there (3,4) BAR CODE (D&CD)
5 Irate and arranged an alternative time in America (4,4) RAIN DATE {IRATE+AND}*
6 Lunge and lift (6) THRUST (DD)
7 Cajun observer revealed another name of Lucina (4) JUNO (T)
14 Rev engine and travel fast carrying little marsupial in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam (5) VROOM {VishakapatnaM} around{ROO}
16 One who beats Canadian queen (5) CANER {CAN}{ER}
18 Engineer beams ray to regimental centre, for example (4,4) ARMY BASE {BEAMS+RAY}*
20 Gambler's top golf accessory to tidy up mashies, for starters (8) TEETOTUM {TEE}{TO}Tidy}{Up}{Mashies}
21 Monarch's saving Private Ryan initially holding final bridge in Rome retreat (7) EMPEROR {ROME<=} around {{Private}{Ryan} around {bridgE}}
23 Albert misinformed and formed a coalition (6) ALLIED {AL}{LIED}
25 Look around in the same place and get desire for some flesh (6) LIBIDO {L{IBID}O}
27 State: "Everyone can see this article between the ends of The Daily Telegraph" (4) UTAH {U}{The daily}{A}{telegrapH}
29 T'time d'daddy released religious scholar (1-3) D-DAY {D' DAddY} T'Time=Stammerer's way of  uttering time = D-DAY?

Reference list

Or=Gold, British=Br, Church=Ch, Ring=O, Road=St, Setter=Me, Washington=Wa, Internet link=URL
King=R, Love=O, Criminal=Al, Hospital=H, Canadian=Can, Queen=ER, Albert=Al, Everyone can see this=U, Article=A, Religious scholar=DD

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Kishore is training me for the Olympics

  2. Ramesh, like yesterday was not a Bond theme, but a Roger Moore one, today's is not D'Day one per se, but some other peculiar events that happened before D'Day

    1. Though lot of themed words go beyond it to D'Day as you rightly noted

    2. Saving private Ryan,for example?

  3. You made my Day, Incognito!
    But, like Suresh says it was over too soon. I am asking for more.
    Is this or parts of it the same as your prized puzzle?

  4. Wow!So many themed words!That must have taken some working!

  5. CANER : Last minute accommodating entrant into the grid? I can understand the frustration while compiling, when all is done, the odd one out stands out like a sore thumb ! So the compiler decides, to complete the dosa making by pouring out the last ladle of dough !!!

    I always wonder, whether one finds it easier to solve all 'acrosses' first or all'downs 'first in a systematic way or go random and fill up the grid as the flow goes.

    I tried the first method and then went random when I don't know.

    What does a mind reader say about such wanadering thoughts ?

  6. If at all- I will put boohoo in that category. This situation is bound to arise while constructing a themed puzzle, esp. one with so many themed words.

  7. Good night, all. The initial objective was to have a puzzle including all the words involved in the DDay crossword scandal of 1944. These words had appeared across several puzzles before DDay and all of them appear in a single puzzle here. Having achieved that objective I put insome more words on the DDay theme

    1. What was the D-day crossword scandal?

    2. Thanks Gopinath Sir.
      Very interesting.I remember seeing one movie-don't remember the name-about the mathematician Alex Turin-how he is set a task by British intelligence-to crack cryptic codes, how he hires a group and gives a cryptic crossword to select them
      I guess my interest in cryptic crossword got kindled by this. I am 20 and studying dental..I stumbled onto this blog quite uncle who does crosswords had left it open in my computer.

  8. Newbie to crossword; but found this a lot easier than two days back-never thought there are puzzles with themes.Got to learn s lot , I guess