Saturday, 10 June 2017

No 12030, Saturday 10 Jun 2017, Scinitillator


1 Some stories about Judge getting back neighbours' money (6) JATAKA {{A}{J}<=}{TAKA} A from about? See comments
4 Dark passage needs a scan and a search (8) CATACOMB {CAT}{A}{COMB}
9 Upset husband downed low-class quarter (6) GHETTO {G{H}ET TO}
10 Perform the role of // Asin? (8) FUNCTION (DD) This had me looking at a more interesting set of curves for some time
12 Killed a year posing to be genteel (8) LADYLIKE {KILLED+A+Y}*
13 Emergency drill (6) CRUNCH (DD)
15 Downpour to prevail, reports say (4) RAIN {~REIGN}
16 Apparently, old dissertation contains nothing ideal (10) APOTHEOSIS {AP}{O}{THE{O}SIS} AP from apparently? See comments
19 Dubious epic — it'll all mostly be obliterated (10) ELLIPTICAL {EPIC+IT'LL+ALl}* Defn is ok? See comments
20 Proud? That's pointless (4) VAIN (DD)
23 Carpet from either end (4,2) PULL UP <=>
25 Dense toll that's a feature at the gym (8) DUMBBELL {DUMB}{BELL}

27 Promoted at university with good education; Cool to be in ... (8) UPGRADED {UP}{G}{RAD}{ED}
28 … comp. sci. that admits clever guys (6) CABLES {C{ABLE}S}
29 Eg., Rukmini Devi's dancing eased us entertaining note... (8) DANSEUSE {EASED+US}* around {N}
30 ... with number showing impressiveness (6) WEIGHT {W}{EIGHT}


1 In the neck, vessel's once awhile fully airy (7) JUGULAR {JUG{{fUlLy AiRy}
2 I'll term obnoxious ad `boring drudgery' (9) TREADMILL {I'LL+TERM}* around {AD}

3 Container with same shortcomings as a pot? (6) KETTLE (CD)
5 Blue colour // water (4) AQUA (DD)
6 Take in suspect that's hated (8) ACCURSED {ACCU(R)SED}
7 Stripping one can be a tearful experience (5) ONION (CD)
8 Substitutes // groups of judges (7) BENCHES (DD)
11 American doubting sick pet has been beaten up (7) SKEPTIC {SICK+PET}*
14 Class skills to swirl on belly (7) STRATUM {ARTS<=}{TUM} Swirl is a rev ind?
17 Beer girl beneath Arab said to look lively (5,1,3) SHAKE A LEG {~SHEIK}{A LE}{G}
18 Rejected egos — a USP in matrimony (8) SPOUSEAGE {EGOS+A+USP}*
19 Dilate former currency in England (7) EXPOUND {EX}{POUND}
21 Cuckoo nest's full inside on becoming footloose it's empty (4,3) NULL SET {NEST}* around {fULL}
22 A jacket's short and brightly coloured (6) ABLAZE {A}{BLAZEr}
24 Function with functional access (3-2) LOG-ON{LOG}{ON}
26 Some muscles convalesce progressively during partial upturn (4) PECS (T<=)

Reference list

Judge=J, Husband=H, Year=Y, Old=O, Nothing=O, University=UP, Good=G, Education=Ed, Comp. Sci.=CS, Note=N, With=W
Take=R, Girl=G, Former=Ex 

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. 10 Perform the role of // Asin? (8) FUNCTION (DD) This had me looking at a more interesting set of curves for some time"
    ***If you had done that, it would have been a sin.

    1. An asinine sin ? Asin is a sin to die for, sine die !

  2. Thanks to Ramesh for an excellent blog.
    Is it supposed to be read as "As in" to get DD? Then is it okay to put it as 'Asin'? I am talking apart from the curvaceous part.
    1A- Why getting back?
    14D- Can reversal be taken as a type of anagram? Then swirl is justified.

    1. asin is inverse sine function. Hence the DD
      1A works if About gives A. Then AJ is reversed to get JA
      14D - That would make it an indirect anagram.

  3. Elliptical = Devious = Dubious ??

  4. 14D Swirl = Turn . I find it OK

  5. Nice workout any which way :)

  6. 1Across --I was not aware of it myself but on checking, The Chamber's Crossword Dictionary lists the following abbrevs for "About" -- a, c, ca, on, re

    19A Similarly it lists the following synonyms for Elliptical-- oval, ovoid, terse, concise, cryptic, "DUBIOUS", laconic, oblique, obscure, oviform, ovoidal,abtruse, succint, ambiguous, condensed, egg-shaped, recondite, concentrated, unfathomable, comprehensive...

    16A "Apparently" abbrev is listed as ap

    14D "Swirl" is listed as anagram indicator

    1. The online one did not have the abbreviations listed.
      Fixed 19A
      An anagram would make it an indirect one

    2. True Ramesh.. The online version does not have Dubious in its list of synonyms for 'elliptical' either. Only there in the print version.

    3. Swirl: spin, revolve, circulate from

  7. 'asin' inverse sine function? I don't get it.

    1. Click on Asin in the clue to explore more about Asin ;)

    2. Sorry Ramesh. Normally I do that before asking a question. I don't know how I missed. BTW I am more familiar with sin(-1) etc, which it seems has been replaced by 'asin'. Have to learn new (to me) modifications

  8. Scintillator commits a sin using Asin as a sine indicator !

    JATAKA just took to my jugular.

  9. Recent puzzles have me wondering : Are the clues becoming increasingly obscure? Or am I just losing my touch? I am finding myself often on the thin edge between frustrating and challenging. What do you folks think?

    1. I don't think any clues are obscure, it's just that so.e are a wee bit more difficult than others

  10. Scintillator does a Sunnet. A themed pangram!